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" AURA goes deep into what is needed to be cleansed and freed from any attachments and goes deep into your inner knowledge that we think is lost and hidden. Clare has a way of making you comfortable and confident through the process. She's highly professional and has the ability to make you feel secure and loved throughout the session"

Dalila, London.

"I found out some critical information about an event from my childhood that I had blocked as a protection mechanism. During the session, Clare helped me to release the blocks that where created as a result of this. Clare was very supportive & guided me through the whole experience. She's also very intuitive & her energy healing worked wonders on me"

Emily, London

"Clare has a lovely hypnotic voice, which i connected to easily during the session, and she made me feel really safe. I enjoyed the whole session, particularly talking to Clare after the hypnosis about what we discovered about myself. Clare is a beautiful soul, very caring about her clients, their healing and well being."

Nicola. Staffordshire UK

"I visited two past life's and Clare helped take me through physical and emotional healing. I came away with a completely changed view of my life, positive reinforcement which was never a possibility for me before"

Dominque, Notts UK

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A voyage of the 144,000 light warriors. Circle of light healer on YouTube

Circle of Light Healer on Youtube

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Clare offers online via zoom or In-person sessions

Sessions are available online via Zoom or in the Nottinghamshire area of the UK. Both are as effective as each other as energy is multidimensional & unlimited, therefore it can be felt on the other side of the world at the exact same time. This is working within the quantum field. Your soul/higher self takes care of you from beginning to the end.

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