20th-21st June the pink energy and creation point

20th-21st June the pink energy and creation point

22 June 2022



There is so much happened on these 3 days, and I'm not sure I can do it justice. Some can't be shared, some can.. I will do my best!

20th June 2022

"It has begun!"

"The energy flows, we all prepare for the celebrations"

I see a long table with people all around, flowers on heads in rings, flowers and food on the table, festivities, elementals and joy.

Is the energy flowing at Glastonbury?

"Yes! The pink energy flows like pure liquid love light. Cleaning the Tor for your arrival.All will be pure love for all that step foot on the tor. All was prepared for this day, it concludes tomorrow.Aas Clare and Jeffery arrive this is the feast and celebration time..

We have already crossed the bridge, passed the point of no return, all is flowing, the final energy release will shine and resonate as they arrive... but we have reached completion.

The time is now."

I was told to be at the Tor for 10:13 Solstice point tomorrow, to meditate to give codes.

11:11 Give love to the earth. Be in the orchard at the base of the Tor for this. With the fae.

11:30 Chalice gardens, 12:30 meet Clare and Jeffery at the White lady spring.

13:14 the procession back up the Tor.https://www.whitespring.org.uk" rel="" target="">
It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow

21st June 2022 solstice

My main role was to be water cleansing of the white spring, and under the Tor.

So we couldn’t go to the abbey at glastonbury first for codes (I was called to go to the grave of King Arthur between the two pillars which were once an arch so this spot was significant.) as it didn’t open till 10am. Was this ok?

“Yes. There were further king codes here for you to aid with your ability to cleanse and clear the space at the Tor. These were additional but not essential.”

The dragon energy was your main tool. At 10:13 when you connected your energy to the Tor, an orange fire dragon was birthed. The egg created energetically at Carn Les Boel for this precise day, specifically to eradicate the dark serpent hiding under the Tor, infecting the White spring with black serpent snake AI clone identities. Your role here today was all centred on clearing and transmuting these energies. 

I did not find this out until I was in the car driving home. I asked was all complete and did it go to plan, and I was told no. So I shielded as I drove and investigated, asking questions and found out my son (who had swam in the white lady well) and myself who had paddled, were both infringed with AI black snake / serpents. (I saw them as small and there were many and they looked identical to one another, as if they had replicated) I ‘saw’ them in the the well. I did a clearing for my son, myself and proceeded to cleanse and clear the water, using Phoenix fire from source to transmute. The element of fire is a powerful transmuter. They were transformed to source white light and removed from this universe through all time and space with the aid of the Arch Angels and my higher self. 

I was told, “It was not necessary to do it in person at the conception point. It was actually more effective to allow the codes and energies you were carrying to be exchanged with the land and to do this work once you had left.”

I then realised that the source of this dark energy in the water came from under the Tor. I saw a black dragon, hiding there. I felt it had successfully hidden for a very long time infringing the waters and infecting all who came to bathe and drink them ( as they felt they were holy, which in fact them once were, linked to the Mary /Jeshua energy.) this was when I realised that the dragon egg that was created as a conception point of energy at Cern Les Boel, which I delivered to the Tor at 10:13 solstice point, had birthed an orange dragon. The purpose for this dragon was to transmute the black AI infringed dragon. I asked for the black dragon to be surrounded by a ring of fire, and Arch Angels to isolate. It did not wish to positively polarise and ascend so it was transmuted by the orange fire dragon energy, harming no one, it’s energy was turned back to source light with the Arch Angels aid.

Through all time and space this clearing was complete. The clone serpents in the water were eradicated through out infinity. This infringement has been eradicated for all. The spring is now clear. Heavy energy will dissipate. 

It will need clearing from time to time as the area attracts a heavily infringed populace. The alternative community tend to dabble in drugs which allow attachments. They may allow visions of alternative perspectives to be born but with this is born a gateway for the dark to enter. These doors need to be closed.

So at 11:11 I was told we would send love to the earth and I was directed to the go to the orchard at the base of the Tor. I met up with Hanah an old friend just before and we went together. We left Amanda Lorence at the west on top of the Tor tower doing her group meditations.

Why was I directed to the orchard?

You were a balance for the energy at the Tor. Her energy is powerful and you were not needed in this space, hers was sufficient. As a counter balance, together, yourself and Hanah had the perfect opposite force. She (Amanda) was East you were West. She cleansed the earth, you cleansed the water. The elementals aided you. You exchanged codes with the elementals here in the orchard which you collected at the stone circle a few days ago. They were so happy and excited to see you all. They were in so much joy for the beautiful day you all created. I was told the Fae love all equally, every man, woman and child, regardless of their level of spiritual awakening or development, all are loved equally. They see the pure potential of each soul to excel. 

What clearing did Amanda do? She energetically purified the land for Clare and Jeffry's arrival. Her team aided this.

How did Hanah aid? 

She is of the 144,000 and is now on the ship. She is a beautiful soul and is much loved by all the celestial energies who watch over you all. We have been aiding her for a long time now. It hasn’t been easy but she has come so far. She is a part of the core team. She will aid you and vicer versa. All will be well. You will each have your contacts and these contacts their own and like a web the 1000 all connect and aid all. 

When Clare and Jeffery arrived and went ahead up the Tor, they supplied the final codes and energetic transactions. Their work was the creational energetic work of beginning the gateway opening. The pink energy of Fire water and the birthing of the new gateway. You cleared the way for them to anchor in their codes and all was complete. Their role is complex and must for the main remain private as it does not all need to be shared. When all is activated in the future and we are past the point of no return then we can share more. 

Is it possible things could be hijacked? 

Yes. This would result in delay. Not an ending merely a slowing. It cannot be stopped. They can only prolong their own agony as they know now they are to be eradicated if they do not positively polarise. This much is clear to all. They are very much aware now of their choice point. Many do not have any conception of what it means to be light so will not be able to comprehend making this choice. For them starting again as a fresh source light or soul would be far more be effective. Nothing is lost. Light is always omnipresent and is just re formed. 

So what stage are we at now? 

We are complete with this stage of the activation.

Are there 144 spheres to collect?

Yes. They will be sent. Even if those aiding are not consciously aware. They will be sent and integrated. The elementals aid all to weave these intricate cords to create the geometry. To be in the right space at the right time is all that is required to collect and activate these spheres. They are then energetically sent through the aether in Dreamtime to where they are needed. 

So when or how does this connect to the 144,000?

The 144 all link to an additional 1000. They have a resonant energy and activate them. These codes are transmitted via the aether or the pink energy which now flows. The fire water carries the codes of awakening. It seeps and ignites minds. It is a gradual awakening of sorts. A remembering of why we came. It will begin gradually and escalate. Many have experienced this already for the remaining few this will amplify now. It is more accessible and unavoidable. You have made this possible now. They are a resonance match for the frequency due to the power of the divine fire water. It ignites the soul. It is like a spark of remembrance in the heart and third eye. Pituitary gland. 

So are all these 144,000 now linked in to this link energy? And what is the role of the 144,000?

They are the chosen ones to elevate the collective. They volunteered to steer the ship of ascension if you will. You now have their help and aid for all that you do. You are now all connect. The 144 are in the crows nest of the ships and can see ahead as to what is to come a little more and see the way with their vision. The 144,000 are in the boat rowing and working as a team to make sure humanity reaches their destination. It is team work. The boats are packed with supplies and you have now set sail. You will connect in dream times and transfer codes and skill share. This is a huge team effort. You will become more and more United as you find one another. You find so much more reserves of energy and personal power when you assist each other and hence the collective. This is the next stage which you have now entered. 🥰❤️🌈🌟💙💜💚

Quote from the Cats that lived (worth a read). These guys have been my inspiration for many years. 


“Mass meditations won’t do what you are doing, because they are transient events. It has to be your own constant personal dedication within your own life, to support and light the chain in perpetuity, no matter what. You either came here for this, or you nominated yourself for the job. It is time to do the work, day and night, without rest. This requires a commitment and dedication by the few, for the many. This is how you do it, from the inside-out. As you say, time to ‘grind it out for the win.’ What you are creating has no equal”

And this my friends, is what we shall continue to do. Until we all reach the higher celestial realms. 

And now I’m listening to Magenta’s new post and just as always she links in to what we are doing! The magic continues!! She even mentions the Magna Carta; we were told the wax seals made on this document inverted much. it was a document which also inverted the king who made the seal. Some energy work was done surrounding this. 


Meanwhile, as I did a small bit of preparation in glastonbury, another friend along with Clare and Jeffery worked at the ‘gateway of Avalon’.

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