30th May King Codes and Core Fear release.

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As my higher-self occasionally gives me a message for the collective, I decided to begin a blog to document these messages. This will be backdated to include the earliest relevant information I have been given. Going forward it will evolve to include guidance and news on earth energies and where we are as a collective in our ascension journey. It is such a challenging but extremely exciting time to be alive! I am so glad I chose to be here for this time, to awaken and assist.

30th May King Codes and Core Fear release.

Around the end 30th May 2022 my friend Clare was on her way to Ireland, to perform yet more energy work. I was linked in to this mission, energetically and asked to assist.

On this day I was told to link in to Clare to assist them with my energy.

I was told to go to Tintagel myself with crystals and collect codes, which would be taken to Glastonbury Tor on the summer solstice.

30/05/22 collect king codes tintagel

Is there a reason for us to go to tintagel today?

You can collect codes here which will be useful on the summer solstic. Activation codes are now released here today and very strong. 

 At the cave? Or the castle?

Both the whole area has codes now. Perhaps go to the castle and collect them today. Swim in the sea if you wish. 

Were these released by Clare? 

Yes. Key places now have these codes for the divine masculine.

Where are they in my area? 

Points of male power and former suppression now lifted. 

What happened at tintagel castle? Was king aurther actual there?

He was.

Was he of the light? 

Yes. A powerful healer and warrior. 

He left his codes here to be released on this day.

Collect king codes.

After this I was given the following information on what it was that occurred that day....

30th may activations Ra core masculine template correction (Golden gateway)

Was Clare and Jeffery trip to Skellig Micheal linked to the golden gateway activation?

No. Not directly. Although this is the end result of what we work towards. 

Clare and jeffery facilitated a masculine template overlay reversal correction. This enabled a masculine re Centre point activation in the solar plexus area. 

Is this the Ra Centre Lisa Rene talks about?

Yes. This central core is the Ra Centre. The masculine template is part of this central configuration which will facilitated the entire activation of this Centre. It is one stage of the activation.

What is the next stage for this to be complete?

The template has been reset allowing all to access the Center to work towards completion if they so choose. Each person has to do this work consciously by choosing to work on themselves now. Working through core fear removal.

This is what we require you to do now.

Core fear removal is an essential part of the ascension process. 

You need to quit vaping to allow these core fears to surface for transmutation. This requires self belief. 

You have between now and the Solstice to complete this stage of evolution. Core fear transmutation. 

Is June 14th somehow linked?

Yes. For many the next two weeks is the time periods set aside to go within and work on releasing all negative emotions and limiting beliefs. 

What will happen on this date?

This depends on how much effort is put in by each. This is a trigger event for some who have done the work.

What is a trigger event?

A trigger energetically for further spiritual enlightenment. Higher timelines. The freewill choice is yours. 

Will there be a timeline shift?

Only for those who do the work to reach the next level of activation. All choose their own path. Timelines will begin to diverge further as each chooses their individual path of ascension. All in divine timing. It is not a race. But to be of the greatest assistance to others at this time we would encourage you to complete your own work as soon as possible. 

You have been aided by Aurora, you have been given the tools. Now you have to do the work. We cannot climb the mountain for you. Each must walk the path alone. With support and guidance by by their own effort and will.

Is the date 21st June going to be significant with codes taken to the Tor?

Yes. Sending love to the earth on this date will aid the energy of the planet rising and a new phase will begin. 

Further work was completed by Clare over the coronation weekend.

2nd June

Anything further I can tell Clare and Jeffery please?

Uisneach is the catalyst to clear all remaining royal inversions connected to Ireland, which can be cleared today. Much has been done. This will be a sphere of light (seen as a disco ball) All will connect and be cleansed and transmuted. 

There is nothing further to do on this day. The jubilee celebration is a fraud and holds little power now. 

Was the work around Lough, the Sun God  important?

Yes doing the work on transmuting the sorrows was helpful. This ran deeper than you realised and had black magic associated with it. This has lifted the area . 

Is the energy set 1:45?

Yes. All is set in motion. Now we wait. ❤️

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