Energy Work Glastonbury 07-05-22

Myself, Jeffrey & Cora work together on energy work. She has written some of the work we can share into short blogs. Please have a read to see a little of what we've been up to. 

A message from Cora

As my higher-self occasionally gives me a message for the collective, I decided to begin a blog to document these messages. This will be backdated to include the earliest relevant information I have been given. Going forward it will evolve to include guidance and news on earth energies and where we are as a collective in our ascension journey. It is such a challenging but extremely exciting time to be alive! I am so glad I chose to be here for this time, to awaken and assist.

07-05-2022 Energy work

12 June 2022|ascension, energy work, new earth



During April, I was told we were to participate in energy work on Glastonbury Tor. I was told there were 4 of us required to be there. We were to represent the 4 pillars or corners of the universe, North, South East and West. (4 sacred directions)

I was told "you represent the 4 directions of the universes inline with the energies of the land."

We were guided to place crystals representing Earth, Water, Fire and Air in the appropriate directions on the Tor, in line with the Leyline movement and node point. Not all of us were there in person on that day. But it is my belief we all sent our energy there to connect, some from the new earth. And All was complete. 

"This day is Historically important. You chose to assist with the rebirth of Gaia. She is being purified and healed. This is aid for her soul. She thanks you with love, honour and respect, as she thanks all souls for sharing her journey. She transitions into peace now. It is time to end the game of war. She is done. You all choose to end these games now, and move onto a different experience. Thos who chose to ascend would get no further soul growth from this clouding and confusion. Your time here (in this density) is complete."

On doing research into the let lines, I read the tor is a place where the male and female energies of the Micheal and Mary line were rituals meeting. There is a point of fusion at the site of the old alter the old church (which is now a orientation marker) 

4th May message for the collective

We are preparing, within the higher realms and dimensions for the winds of change. Much negativity will soon be banished from your realm or plain of existence. The coming week will be a cause for celebration. Know in your hearts we are one step closer to salvation and peace. Inner peace and outer peace. Macro and micro. All will be well. Hold this knowing close. For however your outer world may appear in times ahead, within your inner world you will find renewed peace and a safe haven. Enjoy this time of spring and rebirth. We may have more challenging times ahead in the future, but do not forget to sit in the sun and just be with the natural world. It is so beautiful and full of wonder. Against all odds it blooms and grows and provides. Cherish these memories. This is why you came, to experience this one last time. Your world is changing. The transition may appear chaotic to some, but you will know in your hearts and welcome this as it marks the end of times and the birth of the new. Remember you chose to be here for this and you chose how you would experience it all. We love each and ever one of you and thank you all for your service. Go in peace. So be it. 

8th may 2022

The collective energy of all 4 of you together at this location birthed or brought forth the energetic egg. ‘Eggs’ are creational points of conception in time and space. 

Why eggs? They crack open if you will they split as they expand it is a birthing point. You lay the foundations from which something is birthed. 

What is birthed from these eggs. They are almost node points the pillars brought forth. To each of your collectives .vertical energy lines. Part of the structure and diamond grid matrix rebirthing. 

What happens with the pentagram from each hill. You create a vortex here. A pentagram is the vortex points. 

The whole process is far too complex to explain and understand. 

Know your intentions were good and only good shall come of it. All is well. 

So the whole structure will come online on Friday 13th? 

Yes and no.

How yes?

The pillar structure will be birthed then. Other aspects will be built upon this at later dates. There is still more work to be done. This is all work in progress. Why is Friday so significant if it’s only part complete?

The connections to there’s constellations brings forth assistance to raise the frequency. 

Is this part of the 4 grid of man?

Yes and no. It will connect into this grid. You are creating a whole new grid system. This has never been done it is a work in progress. Hence we can not tell you all the details as it is sacred work.

And so I will leave this post here. We had no idea what it was that truly occurred that day, only that it was the birthing of the new, and it was connected to dismantling the false alien architecture grids, and birthing a whole new diamond grid, which in turn would support the 'creation' of new earth. Amazing times to be alive, and a deep, deep honour to be a part of this energetic work for Gaia. 

Huge love and thanks to Clare Bailey for her role. She is the daughter of all creation, Mother Sophia, her energy is the first daughter. She holds the energy of Isis, Aurora,  Mary Magdalene , and so many more. Her role is huge. ~It is an honour to work with her and support her and her twin flame Jeffery at this time. 

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