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Pearl Activation

The pearl activation happened over the 30th May and the queens Coronation weekend. Much of this was facilitated by Clare Bailey and her twin flame Jeffery in Ireland. They did an awesome job. It was linked to the ancient stone circles and the Micheal Mary line at Skelig Micheal, and the heart of Ireland, Uisneach, the sacred centre of Ireland.

After the central point was reached (pearl activation) people fractured away from this point. 

What does this mean?

All were given their individual tasks and missions. This was the download, you have all been receiving now. (The codes I was told to listen for the tone /sound as this was the codes and set an intent to receive them, for my highest good)

We are giving you instruction sets for the great awakening and divine intervention! this is how you can assist. It will be remembered when it is needed. This is all.  

When you say people fractured what do you mean?

They each found their own path.(image of a sphere with radiating lines like a 3d sun many rays). Each now had their own path to walk and their own mission. So they were in Unity working from this central point. But all work on their own unique way to bring about the awakening.

The awakening comes from the people and through the people. 

The pearl activation makes each one of you a pearl and an Activated mission worker. You each now are being downloaded your tasks for the divine intervention. 

You are the divine intervention. you are source. The divine intervention will come about through each of you. 

You will we be the voice of god. You are god. You speak as god .you are the word. Each of you. 

Share what you know. 

Find a platform. You must share. (Hence the Blog! ha ha)

All this information forms a picture. Each piece of the puzzle will come together to form an undeniable whole. All of you work together. It can not be denied all of you are receiving the same information but a small part which melds and flows with all others. 

It is a miracle. Like a dream remembered.

All of you together are the miracle. 

You are divine intervention. 

You are the word.

The word is out only when you speak and it is heard. 

We were hoping for something a bit more god like and dramatic? Like actual god speaking?

You are god. Each one of you. What will be dramatic is when you all speak and people see the picture you create together. 

It must now be seen. Share your information. 

It is not a secret to be kept hidden. It is a miracle to share.

Yes it may seem Insane. 

People need to see.

They will not comprehend untill it happens en mass from every angle.

We are giving out our instructions to many now at this time.

Many will participate. This will be dramatic. 

That is all.

The voice of god speaks now. Codes are downloaded. This is the instructions all were waiting for. The starseeds will unite as one. On summer solstice the word will be heard. Moving from the unconscious to the conscious mind. A dawning or clarity and a knowing will happen for all. 

This sounds like brain washing en mass?  

Not at all. All will be well. It is your connection to the divine. There can be nothing sinister when the divine speaks it is with love. There is always free choice. You will be asked for your aid and you will decide if you will give this freely. There is no mind control or brain washing. This is a knowing. An understanding and a clarity. This is a sharing of information. What you wish to do with this is entirely your own free will. Because of who you are and the contracts you made before you came we assume and know in our hearts, the vast majority will wish to aid ascention. As you do now. You are getting used to the idea people think you are crazy. And this is ok. You understand why. You are learning not too mind. 

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