Meet Intelia, from The Pleiades

Hello my name is Intelia, I am a starsteed younger being like you. I live on a star system called the Pleiades, within your galaxy.

I have a light body which you may call (crystalline) I know some of you like wearing crystal jewellery as do I. You may be drawn to a certain crystal; this is because you feel the vibrations within. In the Pleiades we all wear crystals which are a match to the soul energy vibration we are. My crystal is a Turquoise blue colour, you have many similar on Earth to the one I wear.

As Earth ascends as does the whole universe and beyond. Many Starseed Children on Earth are from The Pleiades and also many other star systems, planets and other universes. One planet in another Universe is called Mainland, some planets have a vibrational frequency rather than a name. On Earth you like to name things as its harder to work solely on energy.

I would like to talk about ascension and how this may be affecting you on Earth.

Ascension meaning – the action of rising to a higher level.

What does this mean for Earth (Mother Gaia)?

Earth and the whole Universe is ascending, Earth is ascending from 3rd dimension to 4th and finally will reach the 5th dimension. Earths inner crust is vibrating at a higher frequency, which in turn sends out higher vibrations.  

What does this mean for you?

Physical Symptoms are:

Dizziness, headaches, ear ringing, third eye sensations, strange dreams and energy running through your body which is clearing the vessel of negative feelings, you are bringing up emotions to be cleared.

Now you understand a little more about ascension I will carry on.

Over the next few years individually you will start awakening remembering who you are as your higher self. You will feel a sense of self. Your higher self may be a galactic being like me, or you may be part of the angelic realm, magical creature realm, Earth realm or you may be from another Universe.  Know that who ever you are we are all one there is no separation.

Some of you may find you start to see, hear, know and feel energy. This may come in colours or looking into different realms, sounds or voices, you will know new knowledge or you may pick up on other people’s emotions.

In the Pleiades we connect telepathically, you may already do this in a small way, you pick up the phone to your friend and they were just ringing you etc. With Earths ascension you may notice you use telepathy more.

We can teleport around our star system; we mainly do this for our evolution/learning.

You may not realise but your higher self is using LOVE LIGHT energy from source within you, it is helping in the shift of Earths vibrational frequency. You are helping without even realising!! If you don’t have a gift like above it means you focus your energy on LOVE, this is your special gift.

The main purpose is LOVE – self-love, giving love and receiving love. Your vibrational frequency is very high you have been helping those around you to lift their vibration. Embrace this special gift as starseed children and emanate LOVE.

How do you fit in with the New Age of Aquarius?

You are Teachers, doers, makers and shakers This is the New Age of Aquarius.

You are all connected however some specialise in different areas. This may be: -

  • LOVE
  • The elements- Earth, Air, Fire & Water
  • Human evolution
  • Mother Earth & Nature
  • Magical creatures
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Healers
  • Space & the Multiverse

What ever you specialise in you are all here for a certain reason which in the Circle of Light is the evolution of LOVE.

A message to my soul family on Earth: - “You incarnated at this crux in time, around the corner we all do rise” Love Intelia  

Message from Clare

What a great message from the beautiful Intelia, when she spoke to me, she looked very similar to the image here, apart from she had her hair in braids, she felt like a 20/21-year-old.

2020 has been a very different year to what we have ever known during this incarnation. However, our higher selves have at times been through many tougher times. We do have a shift coming up in March & April, you will need to be strong, but know everything is building to a greater Earth. We have to go through darker times to see the light coming in May/June time which then leads to a beautiful future.

I have created this section for starseed Children to help guide you  through ascension. You will start to regain knowledge of special gifts and access them, like Intelia said, as Gaia lifts in frequency over the next few years. Blogs will be available each month for guidance, from either myself, Intelia or starseed young beings on Earth going through ascension. As starseeds we came here to play our role, hopefully these blogs will give some insights to why and what we see, sense or feel. Never feel lonely know there is no separation we are all connected. 

 Love Clare xx


Starseed-  Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings from other planets and realms, who possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that date back hundreds of thousands of years. It seems that most Starseeds are benevolent beings who seek to help all living beings throughout all of the realms and universes.

Crystalline- There’s 3 parts to the crystalline body.

  1. Soul- Connection to the heart through LOVE
  2. Balance of the Masculine & Feminine polarity within you, Self-Love being the focus
  3. Purification of the physical body, being conscious about eating healthy food and drinking water, healing current and past lives. This unresolved emotional trauma blocks the flow of love at a cellular level in the body, diminishing the vibratory rate, promoting density in the physical and often leading to illness. As we clear these barriers, the flow of love and connection.

Humanity is being summoned to radically purify itself Heart(soul), Mind and Body.

Ascension meaningthe action of rising to a higher level, it’s the accelerated spiritual evolution currently unfolding in all planetary life forms at this time.

Higher Self -This is an extension of yourself that is part of you in the form of energy. This energy links us to everyone and everything. We are all interconnected through shared energy. This Universal energy is our higher consciousness.  

Incarnated- The higher self incarnates into a physical body, this happens through many life's, everyone has their own individual soul journey.

Polarity- Two opposites Yin & Yang, example Masculine/Feminine, Light/dark, Sun/Moon.


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