S.C.H.H. Soul Center Healing Hypnosis

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There’s 15% off sessions in November for SCHH as this is the most recent modality I have learnt.

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SCHH is past life regression & quantum healing  hypnosis created by the UK based Laura Whitworth. 

The session lasts in between 3.5- 4 hours

During this session we will have an in-depth chat & hopes for the session.

We then use progressive relaxation to enable the client to fully let go & relax the mind, so they drift beautifully in to the Theta State of hypnosis. 

This certain technique I would recommend if it’s your first hypnosis experience or you struggle to quiet the mind. 

You will spend an hour traveling through the quantum into one or two past or future life’s. Many clients hold trauma from past life experience. This can come out in illness, pain or disease. By  traveling into the Theta brain wave we can acknowledge the trauma & pull it up for healing. This trauma will then be released from the body. You could also go into a galactic life or a magical realm as another aspect of you. This is an excellent experience. 

After the quantum travel we go to a Body Scan where the higher self conducts a scan with the aid of myself & the Archangels. 
I connect to AA Micheal telepathically can he guides me through the scan along with your higher self speaking through you in hypnosis. 

During the scan negative energy will be found & removed. 
This includes:- Trauma from current & past life’s  entities, AI technology, chords from past relationships, old contracts removed, aura cleanse & rebuild. 

We then go to higher self questions, where you can ask up to 10 questions. 

Such as -

Whats my Soul purpose

How many past life’s have I had

Why do I have a certain phobia or recurring dream 

This can include also body scan on your children or connecting to a loved one who’s passed over. 

You will receive the recording of the session & aftercare recommendations after. 

Please Note-It is a requirement of SCHH to use a headset with microphone for this session