Pleiadian Starseeds


Pleiadian Starseeds are known for being imaginative, peaceful, nonconformist and natural healers & teachers  They can also be playful and rebellious, while having a keen eye for analysing most parts of life. They tend to be highly sensitive beings to the energies on earth.

Pleiades is a star cluster in the Taurus constellation otherwise known as the seven Sisters. This star is system is one of the oldest in creation. 

Main colour representations are deep purple/ blue & white diamond light. 

This star system is a nurturing and nourishing planet that embodies feminine energy. Many divine mothers incarnate here as phoenix fractals. It is important to maintain the purity of this star system. As this star system is a base to many other universes. Many starseeds from other universes will travel through portals, to their universe. Being a feminine star system you could find that you're very in touch with your feminine side. 


The star system also has huge temples of light for healing, they provide healing for other galactic races, this can be either via spaceships or within the star system. You can connect to these via your higher self. (Always through your higher self and Pleiadian benevolent aspect either in mediation or dreamtime) Ask for this healing these temples have baths of sacred plasmic liquid which can heal the multidimensional aspects of you. 

 If you are a natural healer by profession you can also connect to your aspect within the Pleiades to the temples of diamond white light and to heal within and even assist your clients with your pleiadan aspect. 

 As there are many dimensions within all star systems your aspects can look different. You could have a humanoid aspect in the 6th Dimension for example, or in the 8th dimension within the star system they look more avatar crystalline When you go further up to 10th and beyond they are more ethereal beings of light. 

Alcyone is known as the the central sun, this central sun is also the reason many travel from other universes through this sun to this universe known as universe 1. 

Pleiadian Attributes 

If you're a pleiadian starseed, you may find joy in creative pursuits, such as writing books, comics, or screenplays. Immerse yourself in the world of fantasy and remember the endless possibilities of the multidimensional universe. 

You may have created other magical realities as a child and daydream. 

As the peace keeper, you are the fun, quirky, and playful friend who may also have a rebellious side, understanding that life on Earth can be tough at times. Your empathic and intuitive nature adds to your healing abilities.

You may notice you like to analyse everything, your very inquisitive, and your mind and physical body always on the go.. 

As an old Pleiadian soul, you will possess great wisdom that can be channeled into teaching others.

I was given this phase by the beautiful pleiadian I was communicating with which may resonate with “The magic is always there, as long as we keep looking for it” 

You may have a fascination with astronomy, as the pleiadians and Orion starseeds are known for their strong connections to the stars. It's almost as if you've always felt like you don't belong on Earth.

As a healer and empathetic individual, it's crucial to prioritise your own healing when you take on the role of healing others. Otherwise you can become overwhelmed. 

Crystals connected - 

White Diamond Crystal Light 

Purple & Blue Crystals 

 You may find that you embody qualities of these galactic beings, indicating multiple aspects. Begin connecting with those aspects that resonate with you.

Channeled by Clare - Circle of Light healer as part of the Starseed revelations workshop they offer at Tranquil Waters Retreat, Nottinghamshire. UK. 

Clare & Jeffrey offer Quantum Galactic Akashic Readings online via zoom or in person if you would like to know more about other aspects of yourself.