Remembering Ancient Celebrations, The Winter Solstice V's Celebrations of Christmas


Remembering Ancient Celebrations, The Winter Solstice V's Celebrations of Christmas  


During the lead up to the winter solstice, the earth becomes dark and cold as the sun disappears, prompting us to reflect on our inner shadow. Starting from December 18th, these energies gradually intensify until the solstice on December 21st/22nd, marking the longest night of the year. When the North Pole is farthest from the sun in the northern hemisphere. This is when ancient traditions believe the sun stands still or goes into the underworld then on the 23rd/25th, depending on the tradition, it is reborn into a new cycle of energies.


The Winter Solstice held great importance long before Christmas traditions were even considered. Embracing our true essence, we reconnect with these powerful energies and experience their significance once again.


Throughout ancient times, people worshipped the rebirth and return of the Sun and its light. Special sacred sites were constructed for the winter and summer solstice energies.

One sacred site Newgrange, in Ireland is called a passage tomb, however through this blog I will explain how this mound is actually a sacred womb before it became a tomb. It is said to be constructed about 5200 years ago, which makes it older than the Giza Pyramid's of Egypt.

Newgrange womb

In Irish Newgrange means "the cave of the sun" The sun is pure source/god energy 

This megalithic mound according to ancient tradition was built by Dagda,(Daghdha) the sun god, and chief of Tuatha Dé Danann. He was god of the earth, life & death, seasons, agriculture, fertility, & magic. He is also known as the horned God, he is the Divine Father & Sun God/king incarnated on earth.

The ancient tales tell of many different stories about Dagda, some filled with magic and beauty while others portray him in a negative light. I have connected with his powerful energy, which is centered around unconditional love and protection for his magically gifted offspring. He a god of earth he also saw all children as his own, a divine protector of all. 

Bóann known as a water goddess & cow white goddess, Divine Mother incarnated on Earth was the mother of one of Dagda's children Aengus óg, a god of Love, youth and poetry. Conceived & born (in 1 day) during the Winter solstice, this legendary figure was born into the light, symbolising a source of pure energy, a child of promise. 

This River Boyne or Bóinne River is named after this water goddess, this is within the large bend in the river where Newgrange is located. 

Bóinne River

What a perfect time for this source baby to be conceived, as the power of a sun god can renew and replenish the earth. In those times 5200 years ago this would have been a powerful time for source babies to be concieved or birthed. Dagda had many source babies with other earth goddess energies these all played a part in the ancient stories of the gods/goddesses. 

Like in the times of yeshua (Jesus) as he was baby birthed from source Divine mother and Father, I feel he wasn't alone there was other source babies birthed to assist him lift the vibration and assist him with his teachings. 

I believe the time as come for the Source babies to arrive once more, not 1 single one but many born to those Earth gods & goddess, Divine Mother & Father fractals ready to birth these source babies. All to assist each other, they will all have a connection and a mission for the ascension of Gaia & the collective. We've been preparing the energies ready for these babies to arrive.

Now is the time once more whether we use these old ancient sites or create new sites in the quantum realm to conceive and birth these source babies. 

Detailed information about the Sacred Sites

These sacred sites such as Newgrange were built to capture the Winter solstice sun the mound covers an area of over one acre with 97 kerbstones once covered in clear quartz crystal, some decorated with artwork such as the triple spiral or triscal found in three places within the womb.

On the portal stone/ entrance stone there are 3 spirals within the one stone, the spirals rotate clockwise on the way to the centre and anti clockwise moving away from the centre, with diamond engravings (divine mother symbol ) on the left side. The stone is divided by a vertical groove which marks the entrance position of the sunrise on the winter solstice. This being the first area to touch the sun before penetrating the womb.

Portal stone Newgrange

Does the left side diamonds represent the creation? I was shown the organic matrix which is a diamond structure. The diamond is also divine mothers symbol she being the first creator being, creating divine father from her womb then followed by their sacred union bringing forth the first child of creation, the daughter of the flame.

The clockwise spiral would be the drawing in of creation the ascension of humankind ... then something happened to create the groove .. was this the fall when the cycle changes to an anti clockwise pushing away of source energy.. the separation from divine mother and father, the de- ascension of Earth & the collective?

I believe we now return to the spiral of clockwise pulling in source energy once more remembering who we are during this ascension of Mother Earth and the collective. These solar flares & activations from the divine assisting as we go through this next faze of remembering once more. 

All energy moves in a spiral motion, something to think about when we talk about energy and think about the meaning of these symbols..

Inside the womb theres then 1 spiral on the wall of the passage way and on the wall of the chamber in the womb. 

Tri- spiral

Each is slightly different & none are a complete labyrinth. What does this tell us?

When these triple spirals were created was the labyrinth cycle complete? Did they know there were more cycles to come did they leave these as clues for us in the future? Maybe we could add more spirals and grooves such as during yeshua/Jesus times & now again our ascension process? I wonder what the labyrinth would look like in the now times? How many spirals would be within the stone? 

The Triple spiral or Triscal has many representations:

  • The trinity Mother, Father & child.
  • The cycle of life birth, life and death. 
  • The sky, land & sea. 

These Sun gods and goddesses were seers and were in a higher dimension, which is obvious to the fact they built this womb to capture the exact moment the sun god penates the womb ( winter solstice) 

Sun penetrates the womb, Newgrange, IrelandRoof box Newgrange

Below shows the roof box which is covered in quartz crystal, this can be found in every county on earth and is known for its super frequency, and acts as an amplifier of vibrations. This is also found on many pyramid cap stones. 

The opening of the roof box is where the sun comes through like the above photo and travels through the vulva into the passage way into the womb of the chamber on the sunrise of the winter solstice or around 17 minutes on the 18th-23rd of December. 

Newgrange roof box

Our trip to Newgrange in 2023 

circle of light healer Newgrange


Newgrange is but one example of scared sites built for the winter solstice, many sacred stone circles have solstice stones. 

Chaco, Canyon, New Mexico has a petroglyph called the sun dagger because of how the suns wedge beams strike on midday on the solstices. 

Machua Picchu has a monument called the "cave of the sun" also the sun shines onto the back wall of the monument for 10 days before and after the solstice. 

Mnajdra megalithic temple in Malta built between 4000 BC & 3000 BC also built for the solstice. 

Many more sacred sites celebrated the solstice energy. 

Other celebrations around the Winter Solstice 

Norsemen, Scandinavian & Germanic people thousands of years ago celebrated the winter solstice with "Yule" they saw the sun and a wheel a cycle a season, a rebirth of a cycle, starting a 3 day feast beginning on the eve of the winter solstice they celebrated yule. 

Soyal is the winter solstice celebration of the Hopi Indians of northern Arizona. Ceremonies and rituals include purification, dancing, and sometimes gift-giving. At the time of the solstice, Hopi welcome the kachinas, protective spirits from the mountains. Prayer sticks are crafted and used for various blessings and other rituals.

The ancient Romans also held a solstice festival at this time, called Saturnalia, to celebrate the rebirth of the year. This was a time when the ordinary rules were turned upside down. Grudges and quarrels were forgotten while businesses, courts and schools were closed. Wars were interrupted or postponed and slaves were served by their masters.

The Persian festival Yalda, or Shab-e Yalda is a celebration of the winter solstice in Iran that started in ancient times. It marks the last day of the Persian month of Azar. Yalda is viewed traditionally as the victory of light over dark, and the birthday of the sun god Mithra. Families celebrate together with special foods like nuts and pomegranates and some stay awake all night long to welcome the morning sun.

In Scotland, before the arrival of Christianity, on the solstice, Celtic priests would cut the mistletoe that grew on the oak tree and give it as a blessing. Oaks were seen as sacred and the winter fruit of the mistletoe was a symbol of life in the dark winter months.

It was also the Druidic priests who maintained the tradition of the yule log. The ancient Celtic people believed that the sun stood still for twelve days in the middle of winter and during this time a log was lit, using the remains of the previous year’s fire. It was believed it would conquer the darkness, banish evil spirits and bring luck for the coming year.

How did Christmas it come about

The 25th of December is not the date given for the day of Yeshua/Jesus birth. Within the 1st and 2nd century Scriptures there are no mentions of birth celebrations. It was actually the Roman Pope Julius I who, during the fourth century, chose December 25 as the official date to celebrate Jesus’s birth.

Christians believe that Yeshua/Jesus Is the light of the world and he is our beautiful Brother of light, his energy brings me to tears he is that divinely beautiful. Due to his energy love and pure light, christians thought that it was the right time to celebrate his birth. Which made sense if they weren't sure when his birth was, as they knew the energies of the rebirth from the winter solstice traditions around the world. They also took some old traditions such as the Yule log and mistletoe within there new  Christmas traditions. 

So when was he actually born?

There doesn't appear to be much evidence in ancient scriptures, hence why Christians chose 25th December.

We believe that 9/11 is his actual birth channeled by Rising Phoenix Aurora.

On looking at other evidence many say its unlikely he was born in the winter months, more likely spring or autumn. During spring there's a jewish festival called passover when the feast remembers when the jews escaped from slavery in Egypt about 1500 years before yeshua/Jesus was born. Lots of lambs would of been needed for the passover festival to be sacrificed. ( An inversion of energies) Jews from all over the Roman Empire traveled to Jerusalem to the passover festival so it would have been a good idea for the romans to take a census. This shows Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem for the census. 

In the Autumn September time there's a jewish festival of "Sukkot" or "the feast of the tabernacles" It is the festival thats most mentioned within the bible.

For Mother Mary & Joseph and all their belief being jewish it is likely that Yeshua/Jesus would have been birthed around a festival sacred to them.While we may not have total control over the conception or birth of our children, every moment is meticulously planned by our higher selves and divine team during these extraordinary times. There fore it is highly likely and I do feel in my heart Yeshua/Jesus was born in September on 9/11 which has been a sacred day ever since his birth. 

Christmas in the now times 

Each year Christmas seems to become more of a secular and cultural holiday rather than a religious one and you will even find Christmas lights, trees and decorations throughout Asia and other non-predominant Christian countries. 

We and many others who are remembering the truth who are waking from the slumbers of the 3D have started to come away from the Christmas traditions, only using these days to connect with family rather than in the sacred ways of yeshua's birth. Learning to creative gifts to share your love rather than spending hundreds of pounds on gifts. 

Has the energy of this time of year (Winter solstice/ Christmas) which was  a time for inner reflection to go within to look deeply with the darker parts of yourself ready to be rebirth into a new cycle .. For many people been hijacked, by consuming a huge amount of food & alcohol, going into fear about paying for gifts, following the Father Christmas rather than the true story of St Nicolas which has been inverted. 

Yes Christmas holds such magic for children the bright lights, the memories of coming together, but these soon become inverted through the gift buying and children believing Christmas is just a time to receive presents. 

Christmas also holding a time to remember yeshua/Jesus is also a positive energy whether its been a created story or not. Those who believe use this time to celebrate his life, which is important!

What is the true meaning of this time of year to you, your ancestors or past fractals of self? How can we use new knowledge gained as we awaken, to bring about positive change?

We do know above all for thousands of years this is a time to celebrate the birth of the sun within the earth, a new cycle of Mother Earth and her children, spending time with loved ones in love vibration & remembering the true magic of love & life. 

Maybe we start bringing magical creatures into our new traditions, 2024 is the year of the dragon, lets celebrate the dragons & the magical creatures, the source babies to come, our love for the earth & one another.

What would we like to create within this rebirth in this next cycle of Mother Earth? 

Set your manifestations into flow, send out your spirals of manifestations for 2024 and perhaps next year explore new traditions during the winter solstice & Christmas time. 

2024 year the dragon

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