Changed My Outlook On Life

I went into Clare's AURA session not knowing what to expect as i had never heard of AURA before, however i was amazed at the outcome!! which involved 2 past life's, healing physical & emotional problems. I came away with a total changed view of my life, complete positive re-enforcement which i feel wasn't possible before. Highly recommend!!

Dominique, Nottinghamshire UK Jan 2021 

Fantastic And Insightful Session

What an amazing journey. I highly recommend doing an AURA session as it really goes in depth into what is needed to be cleansed and freed from any attachments and goes deep into your inner knowledge that we think is lost and hidden. Clare has a way of making you comfortable and confident through the process. She's highly professional and has the ability to make you feel secure and loved throughout the session. Thank you soul sister, many blessings, love and light.

Dalila, London UK, Feb 2021 


Life Changing!

I had an AURA session with Clare and I was blown away by the impact it had on me. With Clare's support, I found out some critical information about an event from my childhood that I had blocked as a protection mechanism. During the session, Clare helped me to release the blocks that had been created as a result of this. Clare was very supportive and guided me through the whole experience with such loving kindness. She is also very intuitive and her energy healing worked wonders on me. I would highly recommend a session with Clare.

Emily, London UK. Feb 2021


I Was In The Moment, Mentally,Visually, & Spiritually

I was taken into my future as I felt I didn’t need to visit the past. I found out who my higher self is, which was really interesting and made sense. During the body scan I felt the negative energy leaving my body! I feel revitalised. Clare made me feel comfortable & really allowed to let my spiritual aspect through.

Dylan, Nottinghamshire UK. Feb 2021


Brilliant Session, Clare Is A Beautiful Soul!

The AURA regression session I had with Clare was amazing, she made me feel at ease and relaxed very quickly. She has a lovely hypnosis voice, which I connected to easily during the session and she made me feel very safe. I enjoyed the whole session, particularly talking to Clare after the hypnosis about what we discovered about myself. I would highly recommend Clare for an AURA regression session, she is a beautiful soul and is very caring about her clients, their healing and their wellbeing.

Nicola, Staffordshire UK. Feb 2021


Instant Healing And Energy Rising

What surprised me greatly was immediate improvement in my daily experience and correction of vision and understanding during and after the session performed by Clare. She was able to guide me to connect with higher frequency with ease even though I'm typically a tough subject for practitioners working with hypnotherapy. Her connection and understanding of energy and individual cause is absolutely clear and precise which results in well conducted session as well as energy work being done on the body. I highly recommend Clare's services.

Monika, Poland. March 2021


Incredible Experience

Clare is professional, caring, and has a soothing voice that invites you to go deep into your history as a spiritual being living many lives. I highly recommend her t anyone that wants to experience healing and wants to understand more about themselves.

Natalie, Puerto Rico. March 2021 


Definitely Recommend!

Made me feel very relaxed before the session, explained in great detail what the session would consist of and the session itself was very good, I discovered new things about my self and would definitely recommend!

Adriana, London UK. March 2021


Incredible Experience

Clare is sensitive, alert, energizing, and so supportive in working with you. Her approach ensures that you have a powerful experience. The energy she brings is excellent and this helps you in your healing process and throughout the experience. I highly recommend Clare!!!!!

Rob, Vietnam. March 2021



Life Changing

Clare did a beautiful job of guiding me through various lifetimes and scenes. She took the time prior to the session to understand me and my life, which came through in the questions she was able to ask as different situations came up. In the end I felt I had made contact and communicated with my highest truth. I have clarity on a new direction to take in my life, moving forward into my highest purpose. I am so grateful for her loving care in creating this beautiful life changing experience.

Tina, Arizona USA, March 2021



Nice and relaxing and very professionally done 

Danny, Nottinghamshire UK March 2021


Beautiful Soul 

Clare is caring beautiful soul who not only helped me but somehow helped people close to me too. I felt safe & relaxed throughout both sessions & hours passed by like minutes! I felt negative energy being removed from my body, saw my own Aura which has enabled me to understand myself more & travelled to different places in my mind. The experience was extraordinary & I left the session feeling blessed to know Clare, energised & positive ; I felt like I’d had a good nights sleep. I would highly recommend Clare 

Liz, Nottinghamshire UK March 2021 


Extremely Gifted

Claire is an amazingly gifted women,i felt so relaxed and at ease the whole time. Ive never experienced anything like this before ... Claire has so much time love and care for her clients,i would totally recomend her.

Helen, Nottinghamshire UK March 2021


Definitely recommended 

I want to thank you so much for holding & facilitating this healing space with me, Clare. Your professionalism and passion for this special work are evident! I know I will be processing this beautiful session for the next several days and maybe weeks...I look forward to the journey. Today’s session definitely helped me to invite grace into my life! 

Kevin, London UK March 2021



The True Essence Of Your Soul

I have never done a hypnosis session before, little did I know about the journey I was about to embark on, Clare is an amazing healer, she is indeed a brave warrior of light!! Suddenly everything started to make more sense in my life, even the little pieces I never understood about myself; negative energy was removed, I had instant healing and a great sense of renewal, Clare will help you discover the true essence of your soul and heal those that are the most dear to you, she will also leave you completely empowered as the sovereign being that we all are.

M. April 2021 


Mind Blowing

This is my first experience of anything like this as it was bought as a gift for me. It was easily the most thought-provoking, surreal and mind boggling experience of my life. Clare is kind, supportive, clear and professional throughout the session which really helps you feel steady and looked after. I would and have recommended her and would happily rebook. An event that must be experienced by all at least once!

GLC May 2021 




I had a session with Clare and it was the most wonderful experience I've ever had and at my age this is something I've never thought I'd experience. She has a beautiful personality, and was very knowledgeable . I believe Clare is angel inside of a human body.

Icilda, UK June 2021


Magical journey of discovery and deep healing

My deepest gratitude to Clare for facilitating an immensely transformative A.U.R.A session. Through her expert care and gentle guidance, I was able to travel through time and space to different dimensional levels and experience profound healing. From beginning to end, the session was filled with meaningful messages for me and my children, and there was a sense of magic and wonder as I was able to connect with my unborn daughter and learn more about her energy. I experienced some intense integration and clearing for a good few weeks post-session as a result of the body scan and release of blockages, but after that came a clarity and strength that I never expected. This was to prove much needed as some painful challenges soon arose in my life, but I was fortified with the internal resources to cope. The combined energy work was deeply powerful as I felt my entire body vibrating at various points and I’m forever changed through finally getting to know my higher self. Clare gets a 5 star rating from me and I highly recommend an A.U.R.A session to anyone looking for important answers to both physical and metaphysical questions.

Melina Wirral, UK June 2021


Clarity and confidence from my session

5 STARS !  I had a session with Claire on Friday and already (Tuesday) I can feel huge differences in how I feel. I have more clarity, I feel lighter, I am less worried and no longer living in fear or ego. I am more able to make decisions and have come to see some glaringly obvious toxic people in my life. Change is happening and I am no longer feeling scared or overwhelmed by this. I cant thank you enough Claire and I highly recommend you.
Helen, Norfolk. UK July 2021