Group AURA Hypnosis Session

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Upcoming Event : Summer Solstice & Full Moon

Group A.U.R.A  22nd June 2024 !!

In- Person at Tranquil Waters Retreat, Upper Hexgrave, Nottinghamshire.  6th April : 11-1pm 

Online via Zoom 22nd June : 3.30-5.30pm UK /9.30-11.30am central time 

£35 per person 

A group A.U.R.A Hypnosis session can help explore past/parallel or future lives, connect with the higher self, gain a deeper understanding of oneself, and activate & cleanse your energy body. It can be an avenue to follow one's heart and begin a transformative journey.

Experience love, magical relaxation, and healing through a sound bath, sacred angelic alchemy energy work, and group regression with Circle of Light Healer, Clare & Jeffrey.

They will hold a sacred space of pure love, for you to self heal!! 

Experience the wonders of past life regression with others or friends/partners by your side, while remaining confidential and not needing to speak during the session.


The session will last approx 2 hours 

Available In - Person at Tranquil Waters Retreat, Upper hexgrave, Nottinghamshire 

Interested in booking a mindfulness session for your team or with a group of friends? Our sessions are available in person at Mondays and Saturdays between 10am and 8pm.

We also offer private online group sessions. Prices for private groups are £35 per person minimum of 4 people maximum 12 people 

With Group AURA Hypnosis Session, you can journey to past, parallel, or future lives for healing and soul expansion. Your body will also be scanned for current life trauma, which will be cleansed, balanced, and healed by your higher self. Let go of negative energy and illness by experiencing this transformative session.

Clare & Jeffrey are not licensed medical professionals. 

Please seek assistance from a licensed medical professional for any serious psychological/physical/emotional ailments that you have 

Healing and medicine are two separate disciplines. The modalities I use are the art of healing, not the practice of medicine.