Home & Land Angelic Reiki Cleansing

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We offer a Home and Land Angelic Reiki Cleansing

Both Clare & Jeffrey with facilitate the RAAH home cleansing. 

 Your home and land are sacred spaces, filled with the energy of your daily life. It's important to maintain a positive vibration in these areas. How do you feel when your home is physically cluttered? It's time to perform an energetic cleanse of your living space? 

 Especially once you've had an  A.U.R.A or R.A.A.H Reiki Session you want your home to match your vibration and not allow negative energies to effect all the self healing you've achieved in session. 

This can be performed on-site if in the Nottinghamshire area or through a remote distance healing. 

If a distance session this will take 50 - 1 hr including a 10 minutes zoom to have a chat about your home & land first. 

 To cleanse your home, you'll need to burn either white sage or palo santo and light two candles while we do the work.

You will be required to purchase:-

White Sage & 2 small thin candles in white & purple all can be easily purchased online. 

We will perform the cleanse/clearing via meditation in the form of astral travel. 

We will cleanse and remove any entities, dark portals, curses, negative magic, contracts, or negative energy with the aid of the Archangels.

After We've finished we will email you with any findings of the session, also providing you with aftercare information.

When purchasing this service you agree to have read these Terms & Conditions- click here

If wanting an in-person session if you live in Nottinghamshire please inbox me as £10 will be required for travel expenses this can be paid to my Paypal account clarebaileyowl55@gmail.com This will take 1 hour for the session

Please email once purchased to arrange a suitable time, I will send client preparation information

A few reviews from Home & Land Reiki below, more reviews available under main menu/ reviews 

"I felt pulled to do a Reiki for my home before my self healing session and Clare was getting that same message too, all for good reason. They each were able to remove infringements not just surface level, but go into the Akashic and tap into infringments that were placed eons ago! Clare is highly intuitive at really getting to the seed point of where it all started and Jeffrey has an immaculate third eye. It was truly incredible all the things we uncovered, cleared, and aided"


Niabi, Thailand