A.U.R.A Hypnosis Healing Session

  • Where would my session be located if travelling to you for the session? I am based  in Nottinghamshire, UK. Details will be emailed upon booking. 
  • How can the session be online? Energy is multidimensional & unlimited, therefore it can be felt on the other side of the world at the exact same time. Your soul/higher self takes care of you from beginning to the end.
  • Do you have to visualize to be able to have an AURA session? No everyone is beautifully unique, therefore you may receive messages & answers from your higher self through sensing, feeling, knowing, hearing, viewing & emotions. 
  • What if i don't feel ready for hypnosis? I offer an option to have the RAAH energy work as a first session followed by the AURA as a 2nd session 1 -2 weeks later, I recommend this if you have any illnesses, diseases, heavy emotional trauma, or disorders. If your not ready to book for two sessions straight away simply book the RAAH session & email me if you do decide anytime you are ready for the AURA & i will give you a discount code for £55.00 off your AURA session. 
  • . Who is the Higher Self? It is that little voice inside your mind and heart, that has been trying to guide you all your life. That voice that tries to warn you, steer you a certain path that is for your highest good, that sounds like your voice, that knows things that you don’t understand how it knows. At the beginning of our Creation, the Creator fractlized into many, from that connection those fractals became the Higher Self/Over Souls. Therefore the Higher Self is the YOU that is connected to the ALL in oneness, your soul that holds all the answers, wisdom, Healing, knowledge you have been in search for all your life
  • Do I have control once I am hypnotized? Absolutely! Your higher self/soul is in charge from beginning to end. They decide what past life they will be showing you for your highest healing. They protect you with love light energy conducted during the induction. You are here because your Higher Self in the Spirit realm has already contacted my Higher Self, that you would come to me, and we would aid you through hypnosis healing. We are now just bringing it into fruition physically, for it has already been created spiritually and energetically by you/your higher self. 

  •  What is the biggest significance, that sets A.U.R.A. apart from other hypnosis techniques? Before the induction begins in order to enter hypnosis, we conduct energy work in union with your higher self to release the access negative energy that is not needed, that might be causing blockages. Therefore there is less interference from your ego, and there is a higher self, energetic bridge connection from the beginning of the session. This equals a deeper connection, and Quantum Healing.

  • Can I or someone else be a surrogate for a session? Yes, absolutely. The Higher Self will connect to the persons Higher Self in need of healing. There we ask for permission for the conducting of the healing. The Higher Self of the person receiving healing has to agree to it.

R.A.A.H Healing Session 

  • Who/what can RAAH be performed on? Clients of all ages, all animals, the land, homes. Examples, our own children, our spouses who are not or are partially awakened, our animals who have illnesses, those in Hospice to aid their transition...
  • Do you offer a discount for young people, Animals, land & Home? Yes, young people 18 years old or under, animals, land and home clearing can receive a £22 discount from the £77 price for the R.A.A.H. Please enter #STARSEEDCHILDREN, #ANIMAL, #LAND/HOME in the discount section at the checkout.