Recalibrating & Cleansing Gaia & her Divine Waters || Mexico & Angel Falls Venezuela

Our divine team called upon us to embark on a journey across Mexico, Venezuela, and Nashville. This transformative trip spanned 19 days and brought us to 11 unique airports.

We assisted in clearing, cleansing, and recalibrating Gaia's organic blueprint, with more to be revealed. Yet, I feel compelled to share this aspect of our work with those drawn to this message.

Our journey began with a channeling session with Nostradamus, where he revealed the destinations we are destined to explore in the upcoming year.

One of those destinations happened to be Angel Falls (Salto Angel) in Venezuela. I was completely clueless about how we would arrive, but I remained confident that the divine team would offer their assistance. 

We were already planning to travel to Nashville, USA for an A.U.R.A Practitioner reunion and had already been guided to visit Mexico before this reunion, so it was just a matter of incorporating it into our travel plans.

Our Journey began in Manchester, UK with a flight at 10:10am to Cancun, Mexico We hired a car so we could explore Playa del Carman, Chichen Itza, Centoes, & the Tulum Ruins within 4 days. 

Our first stop was an amazing Vegan organic restaurant, after a 10 hour flight we were ready for food ! The restaurant was in Playa del Carmen called Tierra Verde Their menu first reads

"May all the begins in the world be happy & free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and that freedom for all"

Tierra Verde, Playa Del CarmenVegan Organic Zucchini

While searching for an Airbnb location back In the Uk, I heard the name Sebastian, I didn't know why and, true to form, the owner of this Tree house we booked  is indeed called Sebastian !! 

The energy here was amazing, like you'd had a full night's sleep in just 2 hours! The sacral chakra energy was vibrant and fiery, fitting for South America as the location of Gaia's Sacral Chakra. Sebastian and his family are beautiful pure hearted souls deeply connected to their culture & sacred energy of the lands. 

Tree house living, Playa del CarmenCircle of light healer, Jeffrey MexicoCircle of Light healer, Clare Mexico


Sebastian gave us a Roasted Ramón seed hot drink which looked & tasted just like coffee but without the caffeine! The seed comes from a tree called Brosimum alicastrum of the Moraceae family. The seed is considered to be a superfood due to it's high content of fiber, vitamins, minerals, folic acid and essential amino acids such as tryptophan. This seed was essential for daily nutrition during the times of the mayans. It was mixed with corn during a drought to ensure food for all. Not only is it a superfood, but it has also reportedly saved communities from hunger. This seed is particularly beneficial for pregnant women looking to enhance their nutrition. It's known as the original Mayan coffee, and makes for a delicious hot drink. We brought home a kilo bag, mixed with homemade walnut or cashew milk this is delicious. 

Ramon seed ancient Mayan treeRamon Seed - superfood which was of great importance to the mayan communities

On Day 2, we booked a Cenotes water activity with Xcaret tours.

We visited 4 different Cenotes in the Riviera Maya, which is known as one of the three entrances to the Mayan underworld.

The Yucatan Peninsula is home to over 5,000 Cenotes, which were crucial for the Mayan communities, providing fresh water, fish, and clay for pottery.

In the later Mayan period, as many turned to false gods, they began using human sacrifices in temples and a sacred Cenote's such as at Chichen Itza.

We each have our own unique light coding inside us, which I'll discuss later in the blog. But our goal here was to cleanse the energies with fun!! and activate our specific coding in the lands.

We certainly had fun kayaking, zip lining, jumping & swimming within the sacred  Cenotes 

circle of light healer cenote Yucatan PeninsulaCenote Zip lining

Jumping into Cenote, MexicoKayaking, Riviera Maya

That night I had a vision of adults & children being round up like they were being moved off their lands. I was told 100 years ago & I felt they were mayan communities.

Day 3 we checked of the Treehouse & set off to Tulum.. while driving we saw a sign for Tulum Mayan Ruins .. we knew in our heart thats a place we needed to go so we pulled in and before we knew it we had brought tickets for a boat & snorkelling trip as well as to see the ruins. 

Upon walking onto the ruins still remembering my vision during the night I knew then this vision was from within these ruins, We saw that many Mayan communities had been displaced from their lands by force, resulting many times in death. This has occurred multiple times in these ruins. The impact can be clearly felt. 

We like all of you reading this can call on the Archangels to assist ourselves,  the collective & the lands. 

So we picked a suitable spot to mediate under a tree and called forth the benevolent divine Archangels, & Source (Divine Mother & Divine Father) to start assisting any trapped soul essences which were fractured during these traumatic times  & started working together to lift the layers of trauma. As AURA & RAAH Practitioners, we prioritise the practice of daily intensive shielding,  to ensure our ability to safely perform this work.

We could feel the soul essence's lifting and even started connecting to a magical inner earth point here. When we work within the lands clearing, we always go straight to the seed point where the inversions began. Imagine the impact of the first battle causing bloodshed, a drought, a natural disaster, a negative person ruling over the lands and worshiping false gods. If you can connect in and find the seed point of lower vibrating energies within the land, then it will clear all through the ages (With much assistance from source and the divine team).

Sometimes the information boards also give you clues, such as this temple was build over a sacred Cenote for example. Then you can look within the cenote at the energy there. This particular site was next to the Caribbean ocean. 

This castle below..El Castillo was built like many sacred buildings to align with the summer and winter solstice.

Throughout our journeys, whether physical or through past life/parallel lives, we have discovered that temples and stone circles all over the world are built in alignment with the solstices or Equinoxes. Unfortunately, many have forgotten their true significance. Stay tuned for more in next month's blog.

Tulum ruinsTulum beach

Tulum Mayan RuinsJeffrey Snorkelling

The white sands and warm ocean was a divine treat before we went snorkelling,  what an experience seeing & feeling the coral reef vibrant energies with tropical fish, turtles and sting rays swimming under us ! well that set us off wanting to go diving !!

Day 4 Chichen Itza 

During the drive to Chichen Itza, my higher self downloaded to me some clearing work that needed to be done before we reached the sacred site. Often, when the energy of the site requires extensive cleansing, we journey in meditation together,  AURA sessions or receive downloads like the drive itself. This makes the energy work easier as many of the dense layers are then removed in the quantum before we even step foot on the land. Plus other people will have been cleansing the site with their energies, we  all a divine team. We also asked the benevolent dragons to go ahead and start cleansing the lands. 

As you become more attuned within yourself to the higher frequencies, you'll sense and understand the intensity of denseness or lightness of the area. It can feel overwhelming if you're not prepared, but our divine team will always guide us before working on the land. Only sending us on missions when we are fully ready!! 

The main pyramid at Chichen Itza is El Castillo || The castle || Pyramid of Kukulan This is one one the tallest and most sacred mayan sites. The temple has two columns representing serpents with open jaws, the serpent being an ancient symbol used in many cultures for many reasons.

For me personally the serpent energy connects me to the organic shadow, allowing for rebirth, transformation, and healing within the beautiful darkness of the divine mother's cave of creation. 

Jeffrey's connection to the serpent energy links him directly to Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec and Mayan deity known as the feathered serpent. During his temple visit, Jeffrey had incredible visions of the serpent and even captured a serpent like energy on camera.

Chicen Itza serpentcircle of light healer chicken itza

There was a collective activation for the Jaguar a sacred animal of the lands. We hadn't known what activation would come forth from the clearing and our energies connecting to the site. But in meditation next to the temple a new pure Source jaguar was birthed in the higher dimensions and after this happened 1000's of Jaguars energetically also appeared running all around and over the temple. We did then notice the sign: Temple of the jaguar, there's actually another pyramid within the large pyramid with the remains of a human, a jade studded Jaguar throne and a Choc Moon which is a Mayan sculpture of an abstract male figure. Then also another pyramid was discovered. 

You can see how deep this temple is compared to the ground we're standing on, within the photo below. This one pyramid contains multiple pyramids, which demonstrates the sacredness of this spot where various civilians built. This temple is also said to be blue, now we learnt recently that the colour blue is a lightening cosmic energy that protects from energy weapons. Its also a christ consciousness & Divine Father colour

This felt like a huge rebirth of energy within this site such a magical experience to witness in energy form. 

chicken itzaChichen itza

There are numerous sacred buildings near this pyramid and 4 sacred cenotes. Water is always present when they would have chosen the location of these sites. Not always present now as many times the waterways have been diverted such as at the Giza Pyramid. 

These buildings were built such as the pyramid above to connect to sacred days,  When a visual phenomenon called a light game would occur. This is the projection of triangles in light and others in  semi darkness, giving the impression of the decent of a rattlesnake, when the head gets united to the bottom of the stairs, during the Spring Equinox & Autumn Equinox. 

Look at the detail below! 

Chicen Itzalichen itza


This observatory, known as the Caracol, we feel was deeply connected to the christ consciousness of Venus. The Mayan people are renowned for their calendar and celestial connections. It is said that this observatory resembled the tree of life.

Such an honour to connect to the sacred energies here !

observatory in chicen itzaTree of life within the observatory Chichen Itza

We stopped off in Valladolid on the way back to Tulum, for food as we found a fantastic vegan cafe in a beautiful Mexican building and over the road was the church pictured below, dedicated to Saint Bernardine. Now Jeffrey had been hearing the song linking to san Francisco all day.. we then read the information sign and this church was built by the order of Francisco de la Torre so we knew we were meant to visit! 

valladolid  Vegan food Valladolid

What became more interesting as we walked into their museum, is that it turns out Valladolid was built on top of a Maya town called Zaci and much of the stone used for these building is from the town. It was also a centre for many Spanish settler disputes with mayan so you can imagine the dense energy here. The museum shows guns found in the Sisal Cenote within the church grounds. These were from the Caste War around 1847 a key point in time we are finding a larger group of negative polarised people coming and taking over lands killing many people in the fight for land and power. According to the census there were 97,468 people living in Valladolid during the next census that number was only 23,066 people !! so that means 74,402 people were either killed, or taken as slaves! 

These traumas we hold on to over life times, Mother Earth holds the trauma within her (the lands) Many times black magic was used also in wars to harvest souls, which is why we find trapped soul essence's which were fractured. This causing us in the now time to not be whole. In the quantum that life is playing out, you were wounded in the stomach by a bullet.... this may come through in this life as stomach cancer, IBS or unexplained stomach pains. 

When you think about ascension, how can my soul ascend? You may start working though these organic stages of self healing..

  • Heal yourself , do the shadow work from current life
  • Remember who you are at soul level
  • Work on completing your current life mission
  • Complete your lessons for soul expansion 

All these mentioned are crucial to our soul evolution. But what else is required?

What about your other past life's (which are currently happening, I say past to understand) they are all part of your soul, to fully ascend you need to heal all aspects of you. 

How about taking your self healing to the next level, of past/parallel lives? how about your Galactic aspects, do they require healing? They are also part of your soul/higher self.

Returning to the Sisal Cenote, this was a profoundly sacred place connected to the Mayan community. There were also other ancient tribes associated with these lands. We assisted with source & The divine Archangels to cleanse the lands & assist the trapped souls .. many layers of trauma energetically were being transmuted as the souls left the lands to ascend.

We also use sacred alchemy taught by our beautiful Sister & mentor Rising Phoenix Aurora. She has gifted us these teachings used in Atlantis & the Essence's. Connecting to these symbols activated my energy. Honouring and respecting Aurora for all she is and does. You check check out her teachings at 

The right photo was an artefact found in the cenote. 

Sisal CenoteSisal CenoteMayan

Day 6 The Sunrise 

We had an early flight to Mexico City & wanted to catch the sunrise from Tulum beach.. what Sunrise it was connecting in to all the energies which assist us in our daily shields while staring at the source sun ! 

I then sat in the hammock and surrendered. Yeshua (Jesus) came through with a personal message & also explained to me how we all have a certain coding a signature blueprint code which when you connect your energy to the land, inner earth, the original blueprint of Gaia recognises. It also activates people when they are ready.  Now I did understand this already but not in the detail he showed me.

It's crucial to follow our intuition and connect with certain individuals. They might hold a code that can activate your next level of awakening. Alternatively, your energy could serve as a guardian for specific lands, and on a designated date, those lands will require the activation stored in your personal blueprint. 

He then shared our (Clare & Jeffrey) signature coding blueprint, and everything fell into place. One by one, organic light switches turned on, followed by tears of joy. We had a sense of knowing that we are truly on our highest organic timeline, guided by intuition and many other ways. Grasping the intricacies of our coding greatly aided in comprehending our mission as a whole

Tulum sunriseTulum beach


 Circle of Light Healer

Enchanting! Sunrise!

We then set off to the airport & flew to Mexico City, as we had been guided to travel to Teotihuacan Pyramids just outside of Mexico City. 

Driving in Mexico City was an experience to say the least haha ! Glad it was `Jeffrey i'm not sure how he didn't get stressed ! We had booked to stay in Coyoacán within the historic centre. The Spanish used this area as the headquarters during the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire and it was made the first capital of new Spain between 1521- 1523. It remained independent through the colonial period into the 19th century.

We expected the energy in Mexico City & Coyoacán to be different from Playa del Carmen & Tulum. But we really had to prepare for the change in vibration. By prepare, I mean understand the energies that may be causing lower energy, tiredness, heavy dreams. 

We chose to stay in an Airbnb that was a Spanish colonial house, within  the old library. It was perfect for us, and it had so much character.

That night was intense in the astral realm. Jeffrey fought battles all night as his higher self was purifying the lands of negative energies.   It's hard for us to fully grasp how much is accomplished during sleep/dream time. Quetzalcoatl was also in his dreams assisting the cleansing!! Jeffrey also saw a life we had together in this location so I feel he was assisting those aspects of us.

Day 7 Teotihuacan Sun/ Moon Pyramids! 

I woke up with a vision of a tree with pink berries, I wasn't sure what that meant but I find out later in the day. 

We set off early as we like to arrive before the crowds, while waiting to go inside we connected to a blue/white christ consciousness type of energy within the area. 

We got our tickets and headed to the Pyramid of the Sun with the help of a Golden dog who followed us around the entire site. Despite having a limp, he revealed that he is a Golden Sun dragon, a guardian of the Sun Pyramid, and that he is here to assist us.. We helped him with his limp energetically as his higher self agreed. He stayed with us and didn't mind what the other tourists were doing and simply walked and sat with us, while we took in the beauty & energy of the pyramid. 

Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

This Pyramid of Sun is the largest building in Teotihuacan, and one of the largest in Mesoamerica. Its believed to be constructed about 200 CE although I don't usually share dates as most of history is longer than we are told. 

This pyramid has a tunnel system which connects to the caves & surrounding mountain, these were here long before the Pyramid was built. 

We experienced the connection to the Divine Mother's Womb when connecting to  the cave, protected by the Pyramid of the Sun (Divine Father). We felt the high vibration energy and the sense of protection and purity around this pyramid including the guardian golden dragon. 

We all then walked the length the avenue of the dead, which was a later name for this space. (when civilisations had fallen to the false gods). Approaching the Pyramid of the Moon (Luna), the energy shifted. We learned from an information board that the avenue was used for sacrifices or slaves who had their heads chopped off and thrown over the side of the Pyramid of moon.

The guardian golden dog led us directly to a rock located in front of the pyramid. We both placed our hands on it, and that's when all the downloads started for us. Jeffrey discovered a magnificent blue/white moon dragon petrified within the rock, once serving as the guardian of the Pyramid of the Moon. We started to both connect in deeper and saw that she was also trapped within the dark side of moon. When the dark side of the Grandmother moons energy was infringed it made it easier for the negative false gods to capture the guardian dragon. Who is the counterpart to the golden dog dragon higher self and why he led us to assist his divine feminine partner. 

So we began, with the divine Archangels & benevolent galactics assisting this dragon to be freed from the rock and the moon. The blood spilled & trauma on the lands cleansed and Archangel Azrael assisted many trapped souls on the lands that wished to be assisted. All done with the collectives own free will. All negative contacts unknowingly created with these false gods removed throughout all time and space.

The clearing of energy allowed the mountain at the back of the pyramid to activate and form a protective dome over the entire site. It appears that the negative energy in the area was obstructing the connection of the organic blueprint to the site.

As we looked at the avenue of the dead, we saw a flowing energetic river of water flooding the site. We realised that this area was once surrounded by water, like an Avalon energy, with underwater life and other beings living in the lands and caves. WOW a moment never will we forget! It all made sense also where was the water? it didn't have the cenotes like at Chichen Itza. 

Pyramid of the moonPyramid of the moon

The entire area vividly blossomed in front of us, reconnecting to the crystalline grid that we've all been dedicated to restoring in the new divine blueprint.. 

To the left of the Pyramid of the Moon is a palace of Quetzalpapalotl which is built around a square courtyard. It was discovered in 1962 and named after the feathered butterfly. However many believe now this is the Teotihuacano owl rather than the butterfly.

 Next we walked around 15 minutes to The temple of the feathered serpent, known as Quetzalcoatl. The temple is the third largest pyramid at the site. Many sacrificed humans were found within this site also. Therefore much dense energy required to be lifted. 

There is 260 feathered serpent heads between the platforms! these are still in fabulous condition. Each serpent head has a hole within its mouth, some say this links to place markers & the Mayan calendar. 

You could walk on a platform built in front of the temple, this was said to be built to cover the temple when those in power didn't favour the feathered serpent. See photo below. 


From the platform we had a fantastic view of the Pyramid of the Sun & Moon 

Pyramid of Sun & Moon Mexico


 As we were walking back to the car I noticed many trees had pink berries, just like in my vision in the morning. These trees were also guardians of the site, all their roots connecting under ground. 

We then set off to Tula as I had been reading a book on Atlantis & found Tula had Atlantean columns on top of a pyramid in the form of Toltec warriors. We felt guided to visit as it was around 1 hour away and we had time before our evening flight. 

We were amazed at the size of the warriors, we could walk up this temple and stand next to them! 

The Atlantis book reads "The clairvoyant William Scott-Elliot adopted the term Toltec for Atlantis chief sub- race. Eight feet tall, his Toltecs were standard - bearers of Atlantean civilisation in America, Egypt & Britain, and had psychic and paranormal powers. The statues at Tula are however more recent than his Atlantis."

These statues would be more a dedication to those Atlantan times. 

The book goes onto say "The Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico. One of the American parallels with the old world which is said to point to Atlantis as a common source."

Tula Mexico

Tula Mexico

This was a much light energy here than The pyramids this was more of connecting our codes the the lands. Important to mention also we collect light codes within us and carry around from site to site, or to other people requiring those codes. Most of us do this without realising !!

That was our mission complete in Mexico, we drove to a vegan cafe and relaxed while waiting for our next flight. 

Since returning home we had a client who is a Divine Mother Guardian of lands within Mexico, within her session further work was done within the Quantum realm linking to the human sacrifice & trafficking of people throughout the ages within Mexico! Such an incredible session and honoured to hold the space of love for her to complete this part of her soul mission. 

Day 8 Traveling to Caracas, Venezuela, with a layover in Panama. 

Even though the UK Govt warns against traveling to Venezuela, we experienced nothing but kindness from the moment we arrived. It was evident that British people don't often visit Venezuela, as even the police approached our local guide who picked us up from the airport. He was showing us the Spanish colonial buildings and I thought, what have we done!? The local guide explained that the police wanted to thank us for visiting the country. 

Although we and the local guide said he would avoid certain areas on the borders with high instances of human & sex trafficking. Local towns are a safer option and we had booked with a tour to Angel falls so they organised everything. 

Day 9 The flight to Canaima, within the Parque Nacional Canaima. 

The flight was 1 hour into Venezuela and we were surprised with the fly by of Angel falls!!! 

Angel Falls

We stayed at Camp Morichal, a family-run camp that offers tours with Waku Lodge. We booked through Hike - Venezuela. The entire experience was truly amazing and couldn't have been better.

Camp morichal Angel fallsCanaima national park

The camps are situated near a lagoon with 5 waterfalls, including the Sapo & Hacha waterfalls where you can walk behind the cascade!


waku lodge

Behind a waterfall Canaima

After connecting with the sacred waters, I realised our purpose here and understood why Nostradamus believed we had a mission to fulfill... the downloads came through that day & night all ready for our trip the following day to Angel Falls 

Aspects of us within the 5D are Guardians connected to these ancient lands, I went into this aspect and looked through her eyes very similar to when we travel in a hypnosis session. I was looking through a circular window, the round temple much like Babylons Tower of Babel. 

Tower of Babel

I could feel the energy of the waterfall (Angel Falls) Now to remember the 3D is very different to the 5D the is the energy of Inner Earth or the original Earth is very high vibrational and magical lands and powers we can access. 

While strolling through the temple, I discovered a hidden path that led me to a central tower. There, I was amazed to find a majestic rock pillar connecting to Mother Earth's crystalline grid. 

I felt the sacred water energy connected to the waterfall, along with the Tower (the Rod) powering the crystalline grid. I heard the word "Hot Rod" Looking to the sky, I sensed a deep connection to the sun & moon, anchoring energy into Mother Earth. It's hard to put visions into words, but this just blew me away. This area had a strong connection & role within the  ancient energies in the 5th Dimension before the fall. This tower played a major role in powering the energy of the crystalline grid over a long distance.

The crystals beneath the tower, the waterfall & sacred river emitted a vibrant golden orange/yellow energy. It evoked a feeling similar to the Solar Plexus of South America, reflecting its powerful creative essence within these lands. A Battery of energy comes to mind. 

When I connected to my 5D essence, I discovered that I come from the Pleiades, a Star System in this Universe. Many of us have multiple aspects within the Pleiades, as they have been closely connected to Earth since its creation.Hence why our aspects are here in a higher dimension as guardians. 

We came here to assist within ascension and many of our clients find themselves as Guardians in locations on Earth or within the Multiverse. Are you a guardian of a certain area? Do you have a soul mission to activate the lands or assist the collective you are connected to ascend? What does your heart say? 

Day 10 Angel Falls (Salto Angel)

It was time to recalibrate & activate these lands to link to the New blueprint we'r        e all creating. 

We set off at 4am in jeeps to reach the motorised Indian boats. Approaching we were mesmerised by the purple sky and I immediately connected to St Germaine as he had been coming through a few days in preparation for this trip. His higher self is Archangel Metatron and I felt he was also linked to this area, so as the purple sky was so radiantly there I knew that was a sign from St Germaine.The violet ray is recognized for freeing, rejuvenating, and transforming. With each life, he progressively readied himself to collaborate with the aquarian age and the ascension process. We understood these were the ascension energies to assist us in activating this area, plus our trip was the dawn of a Full Moon !!! 

Purple skies

We set off on the 4-hour journey up the Churún River. 

There were many rapid on the way and even at one point we had to walk over land while the boat passed through the heavy rapids for safety. We did see a tribal village while walking, and on the way back the locals were offering things they had made to buy. We purchased a beautifully carved rain shaker to use for our sound baths. 

See photo building a new round hut. 

tribal hut

After stopping for breakfast and using the bathroom along the way, we arrived! I was a bit concerned about getting travel sickness, but being on a river is a whole different experience from the ocean, so I was perfectly fine! 

We walked for 90 minutes up to Angel Falls from the river, surrounded by trees, roots, and vines under our feet, connecting to the sacred lands. 

Arriving at the viewing point was truly awe-inspiring and definitely worth the journey!

Angel Falls

Angel Falls Venezuela is the world's tallest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 metres and a plunge of 807 metres. the waterfall drops over the edge of Auyán-Tepui Mountain in Canaima national park within the region of Bolívar State. 

We then walked down to the cold water pool at the bottom to have a dip 

Can you see the golden copper colour within the water? this was even brighter in person!!

A note - If you also do energy work on the lands.  There may be times when you don't receive messages or visions at a sacred site. But sometimes, all it takes is to connect to the land with your heart and trust that the activations are happening. Surrender relax & enjoy the moment, our divine team and higher selves are working away in the astral. Just ground into Gaia all will be done! 

As we were traveling back to camp, I was drifting in and out of sleep, even in the midst of rapids. This happens quite often during deep astral work - we are only what feels like 30% consciously present, which leaves us feeling tired. My higher self revealed things to me as I set intentions (half unconsciously) ... unable to write anything down or add on my phone as I was really quite unconscious. Upon returning to the camp, I found it hard to recall everything that occurred during the boat journey back. Certain aspects remain mysterious, i'm guessing beyond our comprehension. However, I had a clear understanding that the mission had been accomplished.

We came home to a delightful meal, and even though we're vegan, throughout the 4 days in camp they easily adjusted the food for us since it's all homemade and homegrown.

Day 11 We embarked on a journey to another waterfall accompanied by only our tour guide, who happens to be a member of the tribe and grew up in Canaima. He showed us one of his favorite spots, just an hour's walk away. We had the chance to stroll through the village and discover even more natural lands. Photo at the bottom of the page. 

This waterfall was especially sacred to this tribe, I was told our tour guide had a past life in the ancient tribe & would connect to the elders through the waters here which is why it was his favourite place. The rocks at the bottom had a majestic green & golden colour.  

After our outing, we took some time to relax before joining the villagers for a tribal dance and a visit to the chief's hut. The children of the tribe were dancing under the full moon, which moved us. I could feel the elders surrounding and protecting the tribe. The children are the guiding lights in this sacred space!! They connect with the lands & elders through dance & song! It makes me realize how many other parts of the world are disconnected from Source, the lands, and ancient ways. However, many are waking up and remembering that this is how we heal the lands and our ancestral lineage by honoring the ancient ways.

Heres the Octobers Full Moon over the lagoon 

Full moon Waku Lodge

The last 11 days have had a consistent theme... Sacred Waters of Gaia, these are a crucial aspect of the ascension cleansing & activating the sacred birthing waters.

Next we're off to Nashville from Caracas for a reunion of A.U.R.A Practitioners! Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog next week - there's a lot to read, so thought I would write in 2 parts!! 

I will add now as you may remember we set off at 10:10 am From Manchester Airport to embark on the journey. Well we landed at 10:10 am UK time 19 Days later! We were meant to land later but due to good winds apparently we landed earlier at 10:10 ! 

The number 10 meaning completion 

Our Infinite Love Clare & Jeffrey 











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Thank you for sharing the story of your travels and all the energy work you both were doing while travelling around. I found it so interesting and loved reading every word. Thank you both for all that you are doing for Gaia 🙏
You both are amazing people and I’m grateful for you both 😊.

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