About Clare


I AM Clare a Daughter, Mother, Partner, Creator, Teacher, Healer, Divine Feminine Bringer of Light working to fulfil my role here on Earth assisting myself and others through the ascension path here on Earth.

In my childhood, I had a strong intuition and was blessed to have loving and protective parents. However, at the age of 8, I couldn't maintain the higher frequency within me, a common experience for many.  
As a teenager, I began to explore the darker side of myself, & also the darker side within others. Something we all encounter at some point. It's a beautiful part of who we are, balancing the light and darkness within us - the Yin & Yang. Later on I  became a Mother my most important soul mission of all, I have three beautiful children. Then at 23, these energies reemerged online in my subconscious after a traumatic event. In 2019, my life underwent a transformative shift as I embarked on a intense yet magical spiritual awakening journey.

A profound stage of my journey when in 2020 I was guided to the founder of A.U.R.A, Rising Phoenix Aurora. I joined her 6-month mentorship programme A.U.R.A/R.A.A.H and ISIS Priestess Course. I am now a certified A.U.R.A & R.A.A.H practitioner and importantly a clear channel.

Through Aurora & Zen her husband I met my Twin flame, Jeffrey who is also a AURA & RAAH practitioner. We live in the heart of Sherwood Forest in the UK we love work with Mother Earth Gaia here on the lands & all over the world. You can follow our journey via our instagram circle of light healer. (See details about us) 

 When you look back on your life you may realize how various events, meeting a certain person or visiting an important place has had a profound purpose for your experience. We are all working on our soul journey in this current life. As you have been brought to my heart, you may feel ready to delve into your multi-dimensional soul journey and heal any negative energy effecting you in your life. We can carry this throughout our whole soul evolution. In many cases many over a period of many lifetimes. 

I have been shown my creation story & soul journey through my guides and through the aid of hypnosis. It is a truly empowering feeling. We can learn to recognise and flow with this guidance we receive. I am self healing & learning, remembering who I am every day it's a truly empowering journey. It would be my honour to be a bridge for you're self healing & awakening journey.