Дон - #2 AURA Session with Ruminokami The ALL

#2 AURA with The ALL 


Clare Bailey


Clare: Take a look all around you. What do you sense and see?

Me: There’s nothing I really see. But there is this persistent sensation in my energy field. Even before we started this session, this energy has been with me, and this has to be released in some way. This has to do with an Ukrainian contact of mine … I asked him about the situation in Ukraine. I sent him a video about civilians surviving in the ruins in cities affected by this war. And he said, “Well, that’s obviously what they like and they should thank Russia for that.” And then I asked him, How can this be? There [is a lot of] conflicting and interesting information what is really happening overthere. And he basically said, there is no Nazism in Ukraine, there are no Neo-Nazis, Ukrainian soldiers do not use Nazi symbols. But, I actually saw [watched] documentaries over the years, Western newspapers wrote about this openly, what these soldiers are up to. There is Nazism in Ukraine, there is a very deeply-embedded psychologically-conditioned self-destructive programing in the Ukrainian populace and the regime running Ukraine illegally, a regime that was installed into [sic] Ukraine in order to wage a massive, brutal war on Russia. They use Nazism. They use ultra-nationalism. They appeal to the very … lowest and intense emotional expression forms available in the Ukrainian soul collective. And he just denied that there is Nazism in his country. He denied that heroes of Ukraine were bad people for murdering two million people in the Second World War, all of whom were Nazis. He also said there is no war in Eastern Ukraine, this is all because of the Russian FSB, the Russian secret service. They are inciting the Eastern Ukrainians to wage war on Ukraine. So, in his view, they had it coming. And he says, “We Ukrainians really think … we wish death to all the Russians who come to our country.” Period. And I was shocked …


Clare: He wishes them to come?

Me: He says, “We Ukrainians want the Russians who come to Ukraine dead.” He wants to kill them.

Clare: Ah, I see.

Me: And this is this kind of ultra-nationalistic attitude powered by very low-vibrating intense emotions. And then, you add this factor, this split of Western Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine has been populated by Russians for, maybe, a thousand years. I mean, this is a very old country [land]. Ukraine is a very young country. There is, basically, no difference between Ukrainians and Russians, they used to be one people, but they were divided by geopolitics and ideologies. So now, they are pitching-pitting the Ukrainians in the West against the Ukrainians in the East. And of course, when we are in a war situation, then war is a major weapon of information, you know, information is a big weapon of mass-destruction. And both sides to this conflict, or three sides, or four sides, many sides involved in this conflict, this contract-and-conflict, you know, it’s a contract, they use information to confuse the people. And this energy of my Ukrainian contact, now it’s gone … I, personally, have no problems with the Russian people at all. I used to work in Russia for a while, I met very good-hearted people overthere. I have no qualms, no problems with the Russians at all, not with the Ukrainians, but I see that these people are being pitted against each other to kill [each other] for globalist agendas. These people believe to do the right thing. And you know, this idea about the Nazi ideology being used against Russia once again … in my view, this is on purpose. Who is controlling this narrative uses this Nazi ideology specifically to trigger the massive collective memories of the Russians who paid so high a blood price in the Second World War. No Russian leader would ever tolerate a Nazi regime or Nazi ideology next to his doorstep. And I suppose Putin has been watching this the whole time, observing what’s going on in Ukraine. Who are the usual players? The West. And he is a strategist with multi-facetted plans. And I think he knew what was coming, and he made preparations. The people in Donbass pay the price, as usual. They want to be free. They know they are Russians. They never had problems with Ukrainians either, they just wanna live in their own country, speak their own language, and that’s all. These people are not terrorists, these people are freedom fighters. But for whatever reason, this regime in Kyiv decided to go after them and suppress them, torture them, and to exclude them from Ukrainian society, to harrass them. These people who are in that region are not allowed to leave that region, that’s why there are no refugees from Donbass in Western Europe, they are not allowed to leave their own country because the Ukrainian military keeps them encircled. They shoot at them. They kill them. And so, the people in Donbass only have one way out – to emigrate to Russia. And then, the Ukrainian government points at the people going to Russia and says, “Look, we told you all along, those are traitors to our country. Now we have to kill them. They are just Russian spies.” The narrative works. And they whip up the people in Ukraine, the young conscripts, and they believe it. I don’t believe that everybody believes it because … Ukrainians know, “We live in a corrupt country ourselves. We know our leaders. We know this is not right, but what can we do about it?” Those are not nice people in the army, and when you step out of line they do things to you … make examples of you. That’s why they do things they don’t even want to do, while other are very committed to their cause, they enjoy what they do. They even boast about it and upload the videos and make it public, their crimes. They think that they get away with it. And so, the Russian military itself … they send them [their own soldiers] there and they tell them, “You know what you are fighting for – for [Holy] Russia and for your Russian comrades overthere in Ukraine because, you know, we are one people. But this regime in Kyiv is waging war against us now, against our people.” Of course – you can use all of this information, all of these issues, collective memories to manipulate people, and this is what secret services are for. Of course, Russians do this themselves. Everybody uses information to achieve their agendas. And I do not see how this situation can be resolved peacefully. Too intense emotions. These extremists are going to battle it out. And NATO, of course, is pouring more and more weapons into the country in order to heat up the war. They want the Big One, the major escalation because they have to get rid of us, you know. We are in the way. We are too many. They have to destroy Europe, they don’t care about Europe, they don’t care if they destroy Germany … They turn it into a nuclear wasteland, they don’t give a shit about that. They just want the New World Order. They have to kill as many of us as possible. This is what’s happening here. These are the energies in my fields.


Clare: These energies that you are feeling in your fields, do you feel as though they [have] anything to do with an overlay of false blueprints that the Nazis have placed over the land using contracts? Do you feel as though there is any link there with how you feel?

Me: Oh yes, there was a SS-division that was composed of Western Ukrainians in the Second World War. And this group was called Galicia, it’s the name of the region. [As for the Bandera movement …] In the eyes of many Ukrainians, this Bandera is a hero because he … defended Ukraine against the [Poles and] Russians. But, he fought for the Germans, the Nazis and he was [co-]responsible for murdering at least two million in his own country along with the Nazis, and they don’t talk about that – either. In some way, they seem to be proud of that because the same Bandera and his forces also murdered tens of thousands of Poles, and the Poles, to this day, have not forgotten about that. That’s why the entire situation in Ukraine is so volatile. It drags in the unresolved collective energies of the Poles and their megalomania, because the Poles themselves still keep dreaming of a major empire [Międzymorze]. They still want to destroy Russia. They want to control all the lands from Berlin to Moscow to this day, from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea. They had this empire in the past, and they want it back, they’ve never given up on their grand schemes, and that’s why they are collaborating with NATO. They WANT WAR WITH RUSSIA! They say it openly, “Yes we want this, we got your back, you got our back, right?” (chuckles) Look what happened in the Second World War. The French and the British promised them support when they went after the Nazis, the Germans, and what happened? They let them fall. The [Poles] are the fall guys, as usual. The Ukrainians are the fall guys. America is waging war against Russia [to the last Pole and Ukrainian]. (chuckles) So, they just give them weapons to kill each other off. So yes, there are heavy Nazi remnants especially energetically in … Western Ukraine and Poland and this regime installed in Kyiv. You know, this Nazi group that was involved in these … mass-murders, this Bandera movement, this entire army was never prosecuted. [Its members] were interned and moved to Italy after the Second World War, and then all of them emigrated – legally – to Canada. Canada took in this Nazi army from Ukraine, and their descendants came back after the Maidan Revolution, after the coup d’état 2014. And then, they implemented the plan along with NATO and decided, “We have to go after the people in Donbass in order to provoke a Russian reaction, and we keep pushing and pushing until we get Russia involved in a bloody conflict in our country so we can point fingers at them and tell, ‘Look, Russians are back! Same story, they wanna conquer us all!'” This works so well in the collective identities of all the peoples who were victims of Soviet oppression. This has not been resolved on purpose. And so, the Baltic peoples, they have so much suffering inside themselves, they suffered so much in the Soviet era – the deportations, the mass-murders, the torture, the destruction of their societies, the persecutions, the secret intelligence operations against them … These people have suffered so much, and they are, of course, willing vassals … to go against Russia. And they know what happens to them, they are so stubborn they go for it, anyway. So, we can say – all these countries, [including] Germany, and almost all countries between Germany and Russia and [Belarus], they are the new battlefield for WWIII in Europe. And all these peoples will have to be healed, really. All of them suffered from Nazism, all of them sufferered from Communism, and all keep suffering from globalism and neoliberalism.


Clare: This war, then, it’s … being forced on the Russians, basically, they’ve had to retaliate.

Me: Yes. No other way. They know when they allow NATO to move in officially – if they let Ukraine into the EU, into NATO, then they will have NATO armies, NATO bases at their doorstep. And then, they will install rocket systems. Within eight minutes, the rockets, nuclear warheads would reach Moscow. This is unacceptable. And then … we know what they keep saying about those secretive bio labs in Ukraine, underground facilities there they, supposedly, did things to people, to Ukrainians and to other peoples, women and children, secret experiments, all of them sponsored by the DoD, German bio labs, the Pentagon, Israel, organ-trade … This is a very ugly operation in Ukraine … Many dead bodies are there, not just bodies, so many mass-graves, not just from the First World War and Second World War, but to this day. This land is a giant mass-grave and a black box of evil to hide evil deeds. Think Clinton Foundation. Think what the Obamas did overthere, what the Bidens did overthere, STILL Biden is there, STILL involved with his son in this energy company, Burisma, and they were running investigations on them, and now, the Deep State Cabal is getting very nervous because [Special Counsel] Durham is uncovering it all. And who knows what Ukrainian prosecutors have uncovered and have already shared with him. I did see [watch] an interview by a Ukrainian prosecutor team and what they uncovered there, why should they keep it to themselves? Because at that time, Trump was still in charge, you know, so the information could be shared with the Trump Administration before it would have been rejected. Now, it would have been rejected. So I think, these four years Trump was of-fi-cial-ly in office were the right window of opportunity to install new measures in order to expose this Deep State system all around the world. And they knew, this could never be done within a four-year time span, this would [require] much more action.

Clare: And you talk about these mass-graves and of the bio labs that have been harvesting … souls, basically … I’m just wondering … can we give any aid to these souls in these mass-graves today?


Me: We would have to light up the entire post-Soviet space, that means everything including [from] Germany to Russia. We have to light up all these countries in-between … We would have to undo all these Communist and Nazi energies, all of it. We would have to light up all these countries. This is such a heavy lifter, especially Ukraine.

Clare: And so, this is really heavy to do this. Are there any contracts in place that … you are linked to, because you have this in your energy field?

Me: I know that there are connections to Russia. I did work in Moscow. And I grew up in a village, there’s a cemetery for people who were … let’s call them slave workers. These people were brought here during the Second World War from [Belarus], Russia and Ukraine [and Poland]. Most of them died young, both men and women. We had camps in [this area] … worker camps. These people perished and they were buried in this cemetery. And as a kid, I always had to go there, I dunno why. At one point, I had this impulse to teach myself Russian, and I was, I think, 14 years of age, and I learned the alphabet within one week or so. Then I got into the language. And then, there was a youth exchange program between this region and [a] region in Russia called Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is the region where my ancestors are from. East Prussia is Kaliningrad, Eastern Prussia. This is not Russia, but Prussia. A small enclave between Lithuania and Poland. This is where my ancestors come from, and I have a deep connection to my ancestors. And so, via this youth exchange program I travelled to that region twice, in 95, 97. It was a bit shocking experience to see how the situation was like for Russians back then. But, the strong link was there. Somehow, I had to be physically in that region to connect to it … In 2008, I moved to Moscow to teach languages … On the first day … I was strolling on the Red Square and saw the Kreml, that was such a big emotional [experience] … [This very precise voice and sensation in me] kept telling me, “Finally, you made it. And if you make it here, you’ll make it anywhere and everywhere.” And this energy connection to Russia has been going on and off, at times very intense. I feel this Russian soul in me, and I think I’m connected to the collective Russian soul embodying it at times. And the first time I felt this … was when Ukraine was being taken over by the Nazis, around 2014 and some time before that, this big Maidan coup d’état [color] revolution … false flag revolution. That was very strong when I saw how they were plundering the country … So, Ukraine and Russia are related, that’s the point here. Every now and then, I get connected to the Russian big soul in order to check up on it, to gauge the current state of its … I don’t wanna say evolution … awakening, probably, or just the state of integrity. And now, it’s very intense. I fully understand the Russian … view of the situation in Ukraine. Russia is fighting for its survival. It’s surrounded by enemies. Russia fully knows there’s only one shot at this, that’s why they have been modernizing their weapon systems. Russia doesn’t have so much money, so they have to invest and invent smartly. And they have been producing smart weapons, some of them are being tested in Ukraine. But others, you know, are under the radar, [such as] the nuclear attack boats, an insurance policy should NATO actually send a … nuclear warhead to Moscow … Doesn’t matter. The nuclear subs [submarines] are lying in wait under the sea to bring hell on [Russia’s] enemies. Nobody’s gonna get away from this war should push come to shove. And it seems to me the Deep State, of course, they are hell-bent on unleashing this war. They seem to be miscalculating that Russia might not do it, or they want Russia to do it in order to destroy humanity. You know, the real puppet masters from behind the scenes of visible reality. They wanna incinerate the planet.


Clare: Yes … If you take a deep look into this one … We’ve been told that if the nuclear weapons were to be released, they would go up and they would be intercepted and they would not be allowed to be destructive within our planet, it will not be allowed to happen. And they will wonder where they’ve gone, where these weapons of mass-destruction have gone. Can you see anything, any information about that?

Me: I heard about that … This has never been told to me directly, so we could ask this question to a higher intel source whether this would be allowed in order to play out Free Will … Because, you know, right now you are still connected to a higher-vibrating aspect of my human self. In order to acquire more higher-vibrating intelligence, we suggest to move to a higher-vibrating source detached from this human reality, from this human self.

Clare: Yes. Shall we move now?

Me: If the question has been answered?

Clare: Yes. I was wondering also, before we do move on, can we take a deeper look now into Leon’s connection with his ancestors, and why it is that he keeps going to Russia and specifically to this place, Kaliningrad, and the Red Square.

Me: First Russia. This is the big Russian soul which has been mistreated and misunderstood [and] vilified. This is a part of the human family. But obviously, some players [sic] of the human family want it this way because they need a bully to project their own evil intentions on. Because without a bully, you would have no need for wars and conflicts, you would have no need for a military industrial complex. You need the bully to project your own negative agendas, otherwise you would be bored. (chuckles) These insane people would be bored. They always need an enemy. Their sworn enemy is always Russia. And the other thing is – if you dare tell a psychopath, a sociopath, a narcissist the truth about himself, he will never forgive you. At that moment, the mask is fallen, and he will never forgive you and he wants to kill you, he wants to destroy everything that you are. And that is what Russia did to the banksters. They said, “We will never allow Russia to be taken over by the Deep State.” It had been partially taken over, the Russian Central Bank, the Yeltsin government after the fall of the Soviet Union. But then, Putin came around and changed things. He installed a new order. People in the West vilify Putin, they call him names, all kinds of things. But, if you consider Russian history, what Russia has gone through, what Russians have survived, no other people in the [world] is as tough as the Russians. No other people. And they still are here, and they still respect their culture, they live their culture, with all the stubbornness, with all the greatness, with all the flaws, with all the determination, with all the beauty. And so, few people seem to acknowledge, appreciate, and accept that Russia is a part of the human family. And I’m connected to that soul, and it hurts to feel the pain of the Russian soul that has never been acknowledged by others. The Russian soul is generous, it likes to share, it likes to improve the lives of fellow humans. It really likes to expand and bring civilization, knowledge, education, to bring progress, in a constructive sense. This is in the Russian soul genome, you could call it this way. They have this idea to be on a mission to bring something great to the world, but the world keeps … rejecting the gifts and keeps … attacking the Russian soul. They want to destroy the Russian soul. This cannot be allowed to happen, and this shall never allowed to happen. We make sure of that. No matter what the enemies of Russia try to do against Russia and with Russia, they all will be brought to their knees. We make sure of that.


Clare: Yes, and where are you feeling this energy coming through now, this human family of Russia, this soul energy? Where are you feeling it in your fields, all over?

Me: Usually … it is [the] strongest in my chest … it seems like the whole shape of Russia is running through my chest, from the heart space across the body to the right.

Clare: I want you to connect into that space now, deeper and deeper. See what you sense and see on a deeper level, a deeper perception what’s within your heart and around the area …

Me: As for your second question about Kaliningrad, the German name is Königsberg. It used to be the capital of Eastern Prussia. And Eastern Prussia was a part of the state of Prussia, a kingdom, a very powerful European kingdom which, again, was vilified by the Western powers. It was too powerful. They could never allow a powerful Prussia to compete with the European major powers. And to this day, they make sure that Prussia is a symbol of … militarism and aggressive expansionism … These people completely ignore the great gifts of civilization and progress and technological innovations and inventions which [were] brought to the world, which [were] created in Prussia. Prussia was a power source, a power house of public education, of technological engineering. They have that in common with the Russians. So, the interesting correlation is here the name – Prussia and Russia. A Russian historian pointed this out. Actually, in the past we were, at least in name, the same people. But [in fact], we have different languages, and [we] are not really the same people because the Prussians are descendants … of Baltic peoples that were subjugated … by the German invadors. They mixed with them, and I know that my ancestors are the survivors of the German onslaught, they were not Germans, they were Prussians who were Baltic people. And I sense this Baltic heritage in my being. I am not German. I have never been German. I don’t like Germany and Germans – not at all. I strongly resonate with Eastern Prussia. I’m Prussian by nature. This would be more my … national affiliation, if we wanna call it this way. (chuckles) Energetically, this is very present, and I also strongly resonate with the Russian soul collective. Both work hand-in-hand. It’s also about resurrecting this Baltic soul collective that lived in that area, and I know about that … This information was given to me some years ago. It was about resurrecting the Amber Soul Tree of the Baltic peoples that is present, energetically, in that area. The sacred grove, you know. The Baltic peoples had their sacred groves as well. They cherished the oak tree, they had their own rituals, their own religion [and] connection to the land, and the oak was sacred. And that took place especially in that area where my ancestors came from – Kaliningrad, Eastern Prussia.


Clare: And so, you’ve already done work on this Baltic soul collective with the Amber Tree, beautiful. And do you see that [coming to] fruition now?

Me: A neighboring country is Lithuania, and Lithuania itself was never conquered by the Germans. Lithuanians are officially Catholics, but they keep cherishing their Lithuanian pagan roots. They have their own religion called Romuvo and they do these ceremonies in Lithuania, live. These are staged ceremonies in ritual places and they broadcast this live on television. Many people gather there. This is a formal public religion in Lithuania.

Clare: And is this … positively polarized work they’re doing?

Me: They reconnect to their ancient roots, and that is positive in itself.

[Do the Devolution]

Clare: Beautiful … So, what we’re going to do now … we’re going to move to connect to the higher intel source now to speak through Leon. We’re going to move now, we’re moving, we’re moving … we are there. Greetings.

Me: Yes.

Clare: Hello. We love, honor, and respect you. May we ask you a few questions?

Me: Go ahead.

Clare: I just wondered if you had any more details on the … potential nuclear attack. If the nuclear weapons were sent off, would they actually be intercepted by Source?

Me: I suggest we focus the question on the prevailing geopolitical circumstances.


Clare: Yes.

Me: As explained, Russia finds itself in an existential threat, and it sees no other way but to take the initiative and to take down those destructive agents installed in the neighboring country called Ukraine. We do not see that Russia is intent on obliterating Ukraine and on murdering Ukrainians. We are suggesting that Russia itself is involved in a highly planned and highly precise military operation for the purpose of taking down control structures and weapon systems – covert and … openly visible from [by] satellite systems – which were installed by Ukrainians and by the … allies, the Hidden Hand, you know. (chuckles) Those Russian forces know exactly where they have to strike and how deep they have to go. Some Western military analysts keep stating that the Russian military is very weak and malnourished and badly organized and badly equipped, and they are too slow. They assume that Russia wants to conquer Ukraine, but it’s not the case. This Russian military operation is slow, very efficient … very methodical. They know what they’re doing, and they will do it right. This takes time. They root out all those places where the enemies of mankind, and Russia in particular, are hiding and doing things which certain involved players do not wish to come to the surface of public attention, which is why the role of Twitter-Instagram-Youtube-Facebook-Meta is so relevant. You know, these are controlled social network stations which is plainly visible [due to] Elon Musk’s actions right now in order to take over Twitter. Why are they pushing back? Why are they accepting massive financial losses only to keep him out of Twitter? Well, here’s the answer – Twitter, and its allies, is not about making money, it’s not about being a productive, neutral company. It’s about controlling worldwide opinion and about shaping global opinion-making processes. Anybody who is against the Western narrative, or better the Cabal’s narrative, has to be censored and excluded from public discourse, which is why [there is] this massive censorship … So, imagine somebody would take down the so-called bullhorn of the Deep State. Either they accept the offer to let Musk take over, but they won’t do it, which means they are destroying themselves financially, which means the shares drop in value, which means players, such as Musk or Trump via Truth Social, could buy them up as a bargain … at a discount price. (chuckles) So, in some way, they are allowing or forcing the hand of the Deep State players, forcing them to show their true colors, their true faces, their true intentions, and their true … puppet masters in the background. And so, they are forcing them to make very stupid, self-destructive moves in order to take them down in a very public way so that everyone can see what those organizations are really about. And if you take down the bullhorn, then you take away the ability of the Cabal to … spread further misinformation. Think about the potential. If Twitter-Facebook-and-so-on were truly free, in the hands of people who are actively engaged in defending public speech all over the world and making this accessible to all the people in the world, then think about the potential for worldwide revolution – a revolution in the sense of freeing humanity from control structures. And then, more information could be, and can be, and will be, and shall be, and is already going to be proliferated by these free light networks of public-global-worldwide information dissemination. Nobody can stop this. They would have to try to take down this entire digital infrastructure, a massive blackout. But where should it start, where should it end? You cannot take down the internet because of all the financial implications. All the financial networks are connected via the internet, satellite networks, all this public infrastructure. Some countries are totally dependent on digital infrastructure, they would not survive a global blackout, maybe a localized blackout that would [partially affect] certain areas of certain countries, certain cities … as a cover for black operations. But again, we are lighting up, and you know, it’s a military term, ‘to light something up,’ to light up a target. Make it visible, and then, you point the laser on it, and then, you sent a rocket to take it out. That’s what’s happening here, albeit – we’re not talking about destructive military way of intervention, we’re talking about making the truth apparent, and by this, we use truth in order to dissolve the lies and the deception. So – this is a multi-step process in order to liberate information systems in order to guarantee free information flows all around the world so that people can form their own opinions and can spread this information so that they can use this information in order to enact the change they wish to enact in the societies they find themselves in. It’s about freeing all countries on Earth. So, and now we have an awakened populace, and they know that Russia is waging a war overthere for its own survival, and that atrocities are being published via alternative news sources, and this information is being spread all over the world by whatever means. And people who are really interested [in] and open to this … they think logically and come to their own conclusions – that Russia is doing the right thing, and that Ukrainians are really the evil players here, and that they are just – the glove … being moved … by a Claw … that does not want to be seen because it is used to staying in the shadows and letting its minions do the dirty work. And you know what kind of self-expression collective we mean by ‘The Claw’ … And so, it becomes very apparent that NATO itself is pushing war with Russia because the Cabal wants war with Russia. But then, we are not talking about monolithic organizations where everybody is of the same mind and of the same political affiliation. We are talking about networks composed of human individuals. It’s not monolithic. NATO itself is not monolithic, those are people in charge. This is an organization composed of different militaries, and all those members are unique human self-expression forms … Of course, we have control structures … one commander gives an order and you have to comply, this is usually how it works. But, you cannot stop the Awakening in the army. What are military psychologists going to do about that when people decide, “What we’re doing here is the wrong call. Why should we get involved in a war with Russia?” And the other point is … when we’re talking about desires of certain groups to unleash a global conflagration by using weapons of nuclear mass-destruction … you always have to consider – who is in charge of those weapons and who got the keys? And the question is … when Biden formally took office, did he receive the nuclear keys from Trump? The other question is, does Biden really have the full support of leading U.S.-militaries? And this is the idea of Devolution. Are you familiar with that term?


Clare: I’m not. I see that … it’s one of his questions, “Is Devolution in effect?”

Me: Devolution, in short, means contingency-of-government in the United States after the government has been taken over by hostile forces. And there is documented evidence in Executive Orders and laws passed during the Trump Administration, you can read it all up. Somebody actually … looked through all these documents and came to the conclusion that Devolution must [have been] in effect since Trump left office the latest. And we know that Biden was installed, it was a regime change. So, the real commander-in-chief is still the real President. And so, under Devolution … leading U.S.-generals of all the [military branches] would be in charge of running the United States in order to keep it safe from enemies abroad and at home. So, no matter what lower-level generals, lower-level officers, or government officials do and say and intent and plan – those highest-ranking generals would not allow this to get out of hand … And what about the nuclear deterrant of the United States? Why should they hand over the keys to those weapons to these traitors? Of course, there is always the potential of a rogue nuclear submarine equipped with [ICBMs], which the CIA might have, those would have to be taken out. And I guess, the United States Navy knows where those can be located, which is where the satellite surveillance system comes into play. Those nuclear subs can only stay under the surface for a certain period, they have to appear somewhere on the globe, and then the 24/7 surveillance system will pick up the signature.


Clare: Do you think there are deeper layers to this, a lot of deeper layers that go to this whole plan, if we like? Now … I see the layers of the archonic forces that are in power … that are obviously trying to push Putin into this corner, and then he is reacting? Now, I also see Putin, he has a service-to-self element to him where he is linked to Reptilians, negatively-polarized Reptilians, so there is a link there, but he has been pushed. Now, obviously, he has light within him, so he can become positively-polarized whereas a lot of the other elite leaders that are archonic, they have no light within them. Is this correct?


Me: Are you familiar with the Farsight Institute?

Clare: No.

Me: This is about remote-viewing. They do this professionally. And recently, the Director of that institute stated that Putin, according to remote-viewing research, was nudged by those Reptilian or darker intelligence sources in order to make a move on Ukraine, and that includes his inner circle. This makes sense to me because, of course, the Draconians, and whoever they are, wish to control all the players and have always controlled all the players. They want the war. And of course, they know the Russian psychology, they know the Ukrainian psychology, and they use psychological warfare against those leaders. So, I suggest we remove all those archontic influences from those leaders and particularly the Russians … And we have to look at Poland. Poland is a firebrand. They only feel good and so cool because they think that NATO got their back. They’ll be in for a surprise, once again. Ukraine, like I said, this is a very special case. There is so much darkness, evil, and corruption in this country, it’s unbelievable, undescribable. I don’t know what we should do about that. This has to be done.

Clare: Yes. I feel as though, with the Ascension process that we are going through, that this … is another … phase, this is another element that comes into it. Yes, we’ve got all these different elements that are going on, but then we’ve also got the Ascension wave and the work that is being done from the Divine, from Source.

Me: I suggest we focus on Putin and his inner circle. These people are too important. They must not allowed to be corrupted. They must be fully protected and fully delivered from destructive-malevolent influences.

Clare: Okay. How do you suggest that we do that, is there something we can do?

Me: I suggest, first we have to retrieve those implants or subtle … constructs present in the consciousness field of those leading people. And then, when this has been dealt with, they should be lighted up by White Source Light. A permanent White Source Light protection should be … present around them, like a shield, like a sphere, an impenetrable sphere of White Source Light. Because Russia can lead the way into this new world, this is the destiny of this current, embodied Russian leadership. They are destined to move-transition this current world economic system into the new economic system. They are destined to do this and destined to lead the way.



Clare: Let’s have a look into Putin’s inner circle, then. Are there archons within the inner circle?

Me: I sense it in my chest, as if it were in my chest.

Clare: Yes, so let’s have a look into your chest now. Do you feel as though it has a consciousness within your chest?

Me: It’s so heavy and dark … almost like machine layers …

Two subtle metal ribbons are fused with the energy body and the physical body. One pulls from the right shoulder to the left hip, one from the left shoulder to the right hip, connected to forehead, throat, solar plexus. Inorganic energy pathways, overlying organic energy pathways, run through arms and legs to the tips of the fingers and toes. The whole complex probably doesn’t even have to do with me personally, I seem to embody it, it seems to be collective in nature. AA Michael appears and with him a golden rail nail just above the point where the two ribbons cross over the chest. As the nail enters the crossing point, the bands fall apart. Strong reptilian energy, warrior energy, intergalactic warrior currents, united in bundles of concentrated power – the very idea of fascia.

Me: This archon fascia is an organization of collectives, it’s not just one group. You know, the AI is older than the Reptilians. They control a specific kind of Reptilian, not all Reptilians are controlled by this AI … This AI fascia is … symbolic. You know, the ribbons around the body do not only represent physical restraints, but … intercosmic, intergalactic power lines meant to keep this intergalactic war machine running. This is about the galactic conquest ambitions of this AI fascia collective.

Clare: Does this link with the reptilian dragons that Leon’s experienced within previous sessions?


Me: I now see very black dragons with large wings, huge black dragons, not of the nice kind. Those are world-eaters. Planet-busters. They do it because they can.

Clare: Are they linked to the planet that is within Leon’s energy as well?

Me: A planet is moving into my consciousness now, connected to this enormous dragon. This dragon … looks like … the size of a [star] system. I’m not even sure what this is. Is this a giant ship, or is this a dragon merger? Let’s call it an organic dragon merged with technology, a semi-sentient life-form-plus-battleship.

Clare: Yes, I see, it’s half-and-half, like half AI, half organic. Do you feel, Michael brother, do you feel as though we could possibly positively polarize this?

Me: Let’s ask.

Clare: Let’s ask. Is it safe to connect to them now to speak to them?

Me: They wish to speak.

Clare: Okay. We wish to speak to this consciousness now … Greetings … [long pause] … Hello there?

Me: We see you.

Clare: Hello. May I ask you a few questions?

Me: Ask.

Clare: Okay. We are here to aid you today, if you would like to. Would you like to be positively polarized? Were you organic in the beginning and then you integrated the AI?


Me: What do you know about us?

Clare: I know already that you … I feel as though you are from the beginning of time. You are a huge collective consciousness, that’s what I feel like. And it feels as though … were you created for a certain purpose, and then you ended up being integrated into the archon system?

Me: I am a monument to what is possible. I am a monument to reptilian expansion, reptilian greatness, the reptilian right to rule. We are intimidation. Who could stop us? We’ve been here longer than most. Those who came before us, we do not fear, because they do not interfere. I am monument and testament to make sure that the whole of creation knows who we are and how great we are and what we are able to achieve and to accomplish. We are proud of who we are and what we are allowed to do, what we can do. We are a force to reckon with, and we are a sight to behold. When they see us coming, they know who is – truly – power. And I mean it – we are power, not just powerful. We are streaming-moving through this universe because we can, because we want to. Nobody can stop us. We are aware of the creative Source where all-that-is comes from. The question is – if we are so evil, why doesn’t It stop us in our tracks? Why does It keep us expanding-conquering-pillaging-murdering-incinerating-terrorizing-taking-over-manipulating? Why is this Source allowing us to do this? Some people question the nature of Free Will, rightly so. They would come to startling conclusions – that we are allowed to do all these things because God allows us to do these things. We are aware of setbacks and moments of intervention in our operations, and we have figured out what that means. We know certain things are so-called red lines, and we know not to cross these lines. We know when we approach them. We know how to move along them. We know not to overstep them. We are masters of the Free Will universe because we have been here for a very long time, and we have used this time to figure out how those laws operate. We know where new life-forms are being seeded, and we have a look in order to see if we can deceive them. We are allowed to do this, but we are not allowed to do everything. For instance, we are not allowed to destroy the Diamond and the Diamond Soul Emissaries, the Diamond Soul species, that means species that embody the Diamond Soul. We are not allowed to do that, but we can capture them, our greatest trophy. We can corrupt them, which would be our greatest achievement – to corrupt a Source spark, to corrupt Source spark life-forms, Source spark civilizations, Source spark galaxies. This is what we strive for. We seek to go as far as we can to test our limits. We know how to play this Game, and all those who come to this arena have to put up with that. Some know. Some really don’t understand what it’s like to be in this realm that we are allowed to control. Some are so high-vibrating in other dimensions, they have no idea what it is truly like to be embodied in a [three-]dimensional construct – until they get here. We give them hell. Because we can. Because we want to. Because we are allowed to. And in some way, those soul sparks who come into our arena, chose to come here. Those who want to know what it’s like to be in our midst – up in their home grounds, they still think it would be a very interesting experience, but as soon as they step their (chuckles) feet on our grounds, they change their minds quickly and wish to leave as soon as possible. We understand that. And we have to emphasize that we cannot trap those souls that wish to leave this realm. We cannot trap them in this realm if they decide, if they state to leave this realm and return back to where they came from. We cannot stop them. They have every right to leave. We cannot hold them back. And those materials, those energies that we twirl into the energy bodies of other self-expression form collectives, we insert them on purpose because we are allowed to do this. We are allowed to test our limits of manipulation. We insert this in DNA. We insert this via Birkeland Currents that connect the galaxies, that create galaxies and star systems. We are wherever there is energy. We are not tied to these bodies. We can move along the transgalactic power lines called Birkeland Currents, the cosmic space dragon lines. We are there as well. And we know of our lightful brothers out there who are not like us. They respect our ways, we respect their ways. So, if an embodied soul spark comes to realize that it is in our midst and wishes to leave, and is also aware that we have manipulated it with controlling devices, energy forms, then these energy forms and devices can simply be removed for this soul spark to expand its true vibration and energetic quality. We cannot stop that, we can only try to slow down the process, but there is nothing in the way of so-called organic Ascension. All those life-forms, soul sparks embodied in whatever shape, are free to accept this organic Ascension, and there is nothing we could do about it or would do about it. We can only slow down the process and try to hold them back as long as possible. If they make the inner choice, “We wish to ascend and we ask for assistance, we ask for all this stuff to be brought forward in order to release it!”, then we have to allow this process-liberation to unfold. In some way, we will even assist – figure that.


Clare: And would you not like to be part of the organic Ascension process?

Me: It is an option.

Clare: Because if you wish to expand your consciousness within the organic structure, which is the All, just imagine how you wouldn’t have to feed off others’ energy, you would have your own energy. You say you’re powerful, you have this powerful energy, but if you were fully organic, you would even have more energy than what you would have now.

Me: There seems to be a misunderstanding. I, or we, do not necessarily feed off other life-forms. Let’s speak about myself, I cannot talk about those of my vibration who are individualized reptilian self-expression forms, they are different than me. I am this specific construct. I do not need to control others. I do not need their life force. I don’t consume it. I just observe what’s happening. I observe the red lines. I observe the Game of Free Will. I observe the rules of the third dimension. I observe the rules of creation of the third dimension and beyond that. Yes, there is a very heavy energy about me because I am designed to be this way. I am a singular self-expression form of this self-expression collective called Reptilians. Few people, if any, have ever heard about me. I am here because I want to be. I know fully well of the light realms. I know where I am from. I know what it feels like to be this way. I have no need to be in this lower-vibrating space, I know about it. I know this Game. I know all self-expression experiments seeded here. There is [always] something new, but still, all the same-same. I know how the Game is to unfold. I don’t need to watch it. I was just waiting for someone to make contact and to open the channel, to open the opportunity to initiate a light sequence for me personally to leave this experience, this realm. Because I can do this myself. That was the deal.

Clare: I see. So, is this today? Do you hold a contract? Was there a contract created in the beginning for you to do this, the experiment?

Me: As you see, I am what you could call a hybrid construct. I am both a reptilian life-form and this energetic civilization which we created and which we keep creating. I embody all of it. I suggest we dissolve the technology in order to liberate my true being. And you might ask, don’t I have a soul, don’t I have a Diamond spark myself in order to lift myself up? Yes, I do, but then, you would not hear the story why I am here, what we are about. Now that the message has been passed on, I am free to move on. Thank you for that.


Clare: You are welcome. This Diamond spark within you – as you’re talking to us now, do you feel that Diamond spark?

Me: Oh yes, it’s lighting up, it’s Golden White Light lighting me up from within, as was meant and expected to be.

Clare: Was this meant to happen today, then? This is the point in time that you’ve been waiting for? Did you always know this was gonna happen?

Me: Yes, I knew.

Clare: Yes, okay. So, this was created, this hybrid contract, if you like? This was created in the beginning of time?

Me: As I said, I am a singular self-expression form in this realm. Nothing and nobody is like me. Nobody embodies this complexity. Nobody embodies this specific side of the Reptilian self-experience and self-expression. But, I am here to tell the story, a part of it, the gist, if you will.

Clare: Yes. Would you like to tell your story, please?

Me: It’s the story I’ve just told you.

Clare: Yes, you did tell me the story. I didn’t know if there was anything else that you would like to share upon your story.

Me: The most relevant information is just for all those self-expression forms wishing to move into a higher-vibrating self-expression realm to do what I’ve just suggested – to remove those low-vibrating control structures and to specifically state the intention to wish to move into a higher-vibrating self-expression reality.

Clare: Yes. So, in order to do this, we’ll be removing the AI-part within you today?


Me: Let’s do it.

AA Michael appears and begins to dissolve the AI-structure by means of Blue White Golden Light, which will take some time. Any change within this enormous network will have consequences for the entire network. Since AI is connected to all its components, regardless of their extent, this will affect all components and interwoven life-forms, even if some individual components are self-isolated.

[Hellfire Collective]

Clare: We’d like to speak back to the energy now … the black dragon energy there. Come through, come through, and speak … Hello again.

Me: We meet again.

Clare: Yes, we do, beautiful. So, do you feel and see and sense this Blue, White, and Golden Flame energy?

Me: A continuous, high-vibrating inner expansion, primarily White and Golden.

Clare: Is there anything else that you would like to share with us about this experience?

Me: That’s all for the time being.

Clare: Okay. This has been linked to Leon, how will this affect him today?

Me: I suggest to have a look at the so-called hellfire depressions. This hellfire energetic quality has to do with that planet. I see the hellfire stream now moving to that planet, it was incinerated. And people tend to confuse names, it’s easy to confuse. You know, in the past, some planets that were conquered and destroyed did not have [names] because we did not know them, they just appeared on our chart. We had no names for them. And we didn’t know the natives, but we destroyed them. We didn’t know the names they gave to those planets. And in the past, people gave different names to different planets, sometimes the same name to different planets. Some called it Maldek, some called it Marduk, some used different names. Some say this planet was incinerated, others say it was entirely destroyed [and turned into] asteroids. A confusing story is what happened, but the story has to be dealt with. This was an important event in the history of humanity and other involved species. And this has to do with the old Saturn order when Saturn was the god of the old age.


Clare: Now, is this the story that is to be told today?

Me: In order to release those hellfire energies, I suggest we have a look at that episode.

Clare: Yes, if we can. Could you connect to that, please, with the energy we need to speak to today?

Me: It’s here.

Clare: It’s here, so you are the energy, okay.

Me: Let’s say I’m the interpreter of that energy. I see it coursing through this human self-expression form, it’s a hellfire stream running first into the head, the left-brain hemisphere, then through the throat into the chest, something … in the center of the chest … then it moves on, solar plexus, tension, and through the right foot into the earth. A constant hellfire stream.

Clare: Okay, so that’s how it connects to Leon. Would you like to share this story with us?

Me: It enters, you know, through the left-brain hemisphere and leaves through the right foot into the earth … This is the masculine side … This has to do with the use of so-called masculine energy. Maybe we should follow the stream back to the event, or to the place where that energy is still connected to.

Clare: Yes … we’re gonna follow that now to where this began, where it’s connected to.

Me: In the last hypnosis session, the information was relayed that this energy could not be dissolved back then, that only the Diamond knows the answer, the Diamond which is in the center of that planet, symbolically, that created this planet, that gave shape to this self-expression form called planet. This information could not be retrieved back then, it was blocked. Let’s try and access it today.


Clare: Yes, please.

Me: I now see the same Diamond structure I saw at the onset of our session … Yes, it looks crystalline, but it is a diamond, White Light, Blue Light, like the original Lucifer Light, you know.

Clare: Ah yes, in the planet, in the star.

Me: Lucifer himself was misunderstood, vilifed.

Clare: Oh yes, definitely.

Me: So, the people don’t ask him how things really work, while the real magicians call on Lucifer. And it was suggested that this human self-expression form and his so-called twin flame would someday be in charge of [opening] an exit, a way-out for the Luciferian energy to leave this planet via the North Pole, and that both he and his twin flame would be in charge of re-aligning True North [sic], that means, re-aligning Earth with True North, re-aligning the polar axis with True North and the True North Star. Both are related to the North Star. She, among other things, is the Lady of the White Light, the Lady of the North Star. And he, in a sense, is the Blue Star … It has also been conveyed that, in a higher-vibrating realm, he is this Blue Star and she is this White Star and that Earth herself shall be a new star. (chuckles) And those colors, those energy colors, shall only be visible in this higher-vibrating realm which ties in with the prophecy of the Hopi of the Blue Star, the ancient promise given in ancient times [to] humanity in turmoil – a very long migration through the ages to reach this Heaven. Blue Star and White Star and Earth White Star Tara. So, what does this have to do with the planet called Maldek? This is where the journey began – not from the start, but an early transition stage of the human species. You might have heard that the human species was seeded on a water planet near Saturn. But that was in a time when Saturn formed its own [star] system without the interference of the Sun. It was a water planet, and certain engineering species, life-engineers were tasked to create life experiments in the depths of the oceans. And humanity, the true original source of the human self-expression genome, was seeded there and allowed to express itself in the safety and depths of the oceans. You know, the Saturn star system, nobody really knows what it looked like, how many planets there were. And then later, there was this so-called proto-Solar System before our current Solar System. What did the proto-Solar System look like back then? What planets were there? Were they all inhabited? What do we know about that? Nothing, really. But this is the ancient story of Worlds In Collision, how humanity’s long journey of evolution began. It began in the depths of a water planet. And then, those outside interferences … When we talk about interferences, there were many of them, both extraterrestrial and extrastellar. Extrastellar, by this we mean when both [star] systems met, and you know all about that – this long process of integrating planetary bodies in a new [coherent resonance field] because the Sun would become the new central star, Saturn would blow up, the Big Bang, you know, this is where this idea comes from, it’s a collective memory. The big bang – it was Saturn. The old sun exploded and the old god closed his eyes forever, or his One Big All-Seeing Eye. And this was a very traumatic passage for all those life-forms embodied on those planets in both [star] systems. Life-forms were present in both star systems, proto-Saturn and proto-Sol System. There were efforts by space-faring species in order to move the people from one planet to another, those were operations. And they figured out that they could no longer stay in one location on one planet because this planet would get into a very destructive orbit and … run into energy exchanges between those planetary bodies, the plasma eruptions. And so, those people had to be evacuated, both under the surface or to another planet. And some of your people, actually, have collective memories of moving on … this stink of falsehood, the deception (chuckles). No, these people think they actually experienced all of this on this planet, on Earth, but it did not happen here only, it happened on different planets. Those people forgot that they come from different planets. They were evacuated and brought to another planet, were allowed to have a breather overthere until that planet itself got destabilized. We also see now some kind of red planet, a dry planet. Life was possible, it had an atmosphere, but the entire [impression] is red. There was an atmosphere, life was possible there. I see lots of canyons, plateaus and canyons, a very arid desert-like climate. And yet, there was water in some [places], under the surface. In those canyons, life was possible. An echo is in the Southwest, United States, the canyon people, you know, the mesas. This is an echo, a collective memory of what happened on a different planet. People just moved there because it was safe. You could say that this entire Southwest in the United States is a replica of what happened, of [what] life was like on another planet. The ancestors were moved from there. So, we’re talking about moving through the ages, we’re not only talking about life experiences on one only planet. So, this specific planet now, this red desert planet, we see this canyon, we see a river, we see plants, we see vegetation, a micro-climate conducive to agriculture. And if you are a space-faring nation, ha, it’s easy to terraform, it’s easy to find out what kinds of crops can grow under those circumstances. And yes, people from different planets were seeded there, were brought there, and this was not a process which would take five years or hundred years. We don’t actually know how old the Solar System is and how many years it took for [star] systems to merge and become one. Thousands of years? Hundreds of thousands? We don’t know. We’re talking about long time spans. Humanity is much older than it thinks it is. And that was one group of people on that planet. And there were newcomers, differents groups of people, different entities from other star systems came to that planet. They had quite a reputation. They were open to contact with outer space because those people were still consciously in contact with their true selves and with all-that-is. They knew that others were out there, they know how to contact them, how to reach out to them. They also had technology and agreements, like trade agreements. They could live there with them. This took time, we’re talking generations here, different peoples, different species living closely together. Land on the planet was scarce, not so many canyons where you could set up shop and create a new civilization, it was not so easy. Resources were always … an issue. And some people took more, some people wanted more. In the end, there was not enough, and so … we had the different turfs. “Our people, our needs first.” And everybody had the same ideas. “We cannot share this any longer. Because if we share with others, then we will be at an disadvantage.” So, it turned out to be conflicts, alliances, shifting alliances, betrayal, descent into low-vibrating behavior patterns. And yes, there were emissaries from the stars, of a different order, there to oversee what was happening there, trying to mitigate, like mediators … This Council itself was corrupted by, you know whom. (chuckles) And then, the Council itself split. This is how the reptilian influence works, it can corrupt everyone, even the most high-vibrating ones. And then, decisions were made. The Council was no longer of the same mind. People were excluded, people left the planet, and the others who remained enacted their plan. Whatever they did, the final result was the destruction of that planet. And it was so violent that those life-forms embodied on that planet did not even know what was happening. And this is the reason why the hellfire reptilian energy streams are present around this planet and this self-expression form. You know, Reptilians do not need bodies. They don’t need space fleets to get where they want to go. People tend to believe that we need ships in order to cross space, but this is a very ancient self-expression collective not bound by time and space. It knows energy, it is energy, it can move in its energy form in the [three-]dimensional self-expression complex realm. It just moves via natural cosmic power lines called Birkeland Currents, over galaxies, through the cosmos, from one planet and [star] system to another. Of course, they can use fleets, some of them do use fleets, invasion fleets because they … like the very personal experience of warfare. But others of their species do not do that, they are more effective on the energy realm. Because if you are a so-called Thunderbolt of the Gods, then you can destroy a planet without losing a single soldier. This is what happened. A reptilian energy form consciously hit that planet, and those life-forms on that planet got hit by surprise. Now of course, all of them were affected by those hellfire energies which is why some of those soul sparks that chose to incarnate somewhere else brought that energy with them and they share this collective destructive behavior. This is the so-called Shadow of Maldek. You wish to be peaceful, but you can’t help yourself, you know, you can’t help it, the destruction, the rage takes over, you know it’s not you, you can’t control it, you don’t know what it is. It’s scary. This rage is overpowering violence. It’s not yours – it’s reptilian! It’s not your fault! You were affected by it, but you did not cause it! And I suggest we initiate a healing sequence for all those souls affected by that destruction. All those souls who chose to incarnate, and all those souls who chose to stay in this disembodied state. I suggest we offer healing sequences to all of them to undo the Shadow of Maldek and release those intense reptilian hellfire energies for good.


Clare: Yes, definitely, this is what we are here to do today. We’ll aid this collective to release the Shadow of Maldek from them, these hellfire energies. Is there anything else that you would like to share before I speak to Archangel Michael to set this intention in place?

Me: I suggest in a different session we have a closer look [at] the proto-Solar System and the proto-Saturn System, what happened there, who was embodied there, what players were at work there. Let’s do this in a separate session.

Clare: Yep, that’s fine, that works for me … I bet there is more information that wants to be shared about this before it’s fully released.

Me: If you have questions, ask.

Clare: Okay. The ancient promise, this links to some work I’ve been doing … I know my twin flame energy is Lucifer … and I’m just wondering if this does link in with me and my twin flame. Is this why Leon’s been brought to me today?

Me: I have to share … a vision journey that this human self-expression form did to the center of this Earth where he discovered the original blueprint, the Luciferian blueprint, the ancient Diamond. That Diamond was released in that session, so he released him, he helped him to move on. And the new Diamond was inserted into the heart of Earth, there is some kind of computer, if you will, (chuckles) if you wanna call it a computer, it’s not really an apt term, but …

Clare: No, it’s not AI.

Me: No, no, this is organic. This is a new creative blueprint for a new Earth. A White Light Diamond was inserted into the heart of Earth while Lucifer was [being] retrieved. He left in peace … Before he left, he shared his story, his viewpoint, and that includes Satan as well because Satan is also related to Saturn, when Saturn exploded … In brief, all those people, the so-called Satanists, still believe that Satan-Saturn is their true god.


Clare: Of course! Satan-Saturn …

Me: And of course, the hellfire reptilian energies [were also mixed with it]. So, Satanism is basically a combination of this traumatic event when Saturn exploded and the Golden Age of humanity was destroyed forever, and the reptilian energies that were in play as well. And this is why Satanic rituals and ceremonies are always a direct uplink, a direct portal to those destructive reptilian energy forms – always. They take in the energies released in those ceremonies. That’s what people have to understand – Reptilians are not bound by blood and flesh, by metal and engines. Reptilians are energy forms, shapeshifters, people-shapeshifters, they could take whatever shape-form they want. They are energy beings, and yes, they can also have physical bodies. Just keep this in mind, people. Think about your digital infrastructure worldwide. All those exits and gateways. It’s like a highway system to them. The mobile phone in your pocket is a gate for them, a way to influence you.

Clare: Yes, thank you … Another question I have is the old god. Now, you mentioned the All-Seeing Eye. Now, this is also … linked to some work I’ve been doing about the All-Seeing Eye. This is probably for a whole other session, but is there any information, a quick version of that?

Me: The All-Seeing Eye is Saturn itself plus planets in conjunction with Saturn at that time. This is the basic idea, the original idea [behind] the Great Conjunction. It’s not just an astrological term used nowadays. It refers to the old planetary conjunction or alignment of Saturn and maybe two other planetary bodies. All of them together in conjunction would form the All-Seeing Eye. There is much more information uncovered by the so-called Thunderbolts Project, the Electric Universe. You will find those documentaries in detail on Youtube.

Clare: I just wrote down about … aiding those souls which is what we gonna do in another session, and also the red planet. Now, I had a session, there was a being from, I’m gathering it’s this red planet. Now, is this red planet linked to places in Australia, Africa, you know, the red soil? Is this the same red planet or might there be a different one?

Me: You know that they discovered water in the rings of Saturn? And this water is the same water that we find on Earth. Nobody knows where the waters of Earth’s oceans come from. Nobody has a real explanation, but the most logical explanation would be that this water comes from Saturn when Earth was still part of the Saturn star system, so that during this explosion, this series of explosive events, this water [which would have been frozen before the blast] would [have been] moved into Earth’s atmosphere … and descended in the form of rain. So, there are interesting stories worldwide about sudden worldwide floods, and this makes sense when water is stored somewhere else outside Earth and then released in a … powerful energy outburst. It would have [caused] massive floods on Earth … the source [of] those stories, the Deluge.

Clare: I’m getting too many downloads, it’s hard to concentrate. Wow, this is incredible. The water energy, is this connected to the Avalon energy within–

Me: I would like to add something about South Africa. There are shamans in South Africa who know stories about the time when Earth was without a moon. And they say that it used to rain a lot in those days. Then the Moon came. They say the Moon was moved in orbit [around Earth] by those reptilian invaders, a control object like the Death Star in Star Wars, like a forward operation base. This would tie into the Saturn story, or at least this idea of transition from [the Saturn System] to the Solar System. We don’t know how long the Moon has been in Earth’s orbit … maybe [for] 12,000 years, maybe longer? At least, this planet, this Moon is artificial, it’s hollow, it’s not a naturally formed planetoid. It’s designed to be a moon, but it’s not a moon. This is like another eye in the sky, but this is a Gray Eye, the Eye of the Grays in the sky. If you remember maybe Gurdjieff or the ancient secret teachings in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Near East, they talked about the Baneful Moon, believing that the Moon would suck life force and trap souls. This is soul-trap-technology installed by the Grays and the Reptilians. Those ancient seers were right when they said the Moon is dangerous. When you stare too much at it, when you expose yourself too much to the Moon, those [Moon] energies can change you and take something from you.

Clare: Is the Moon not organic now? Because we’ve been receiving information on, you know, the fluid, the waters, the tides. Am I correct in saying that there is a light and a dark side to the Moon?

Me: Oh yes, there is. The Moon is being – terraformed, in the sense of the word. Terrans are taking over the Moon. The ancient agreements have been changed. There are many bases on the Moon, it’s not just controlled by one group, different groups are up there and some groups are now leaving the Moon, have already left the Moon, are about to leave the Moon because they are no longer allowed to stay here because they are being observed by much more powerful observers present in this Solar System, maybe [in] the vicinity of the giant gas planets, Saturn, Jupiter. There are some also on Mars. The Inner Planets. Earth has been on their radar for a long time. You’ve never been alone, they’ve always been watching-observing the events on Earth. And it’s time for those destructive reptilian energy forms and their allies to leave this Solar System, to leave this planet Earth, and to leave those life-forms on Earth aspiring to become something better, so they have to honor the agreements.

Clare: Okay, thank you. Now, I could ask lots of other questions, however, I feel as we’re going to be doing other sessions, I can write down any questions I’ve got. I’m just conscious that, obviously, going through Leon’s questions and also the body scan as well … Is there anything else that you would like to share with us today before I start taking him through this change, this process?

Me: I suggest we wrap up those destructive Maldek energies in this session and help all those soul sparks affected by those energies.

Clare: I thought you wanted to do that in a different session. Are we able to do that today?

Me: We can do that today. I meant the deep background of the ancient star systems.

Clare: Yes, I’m glad we can do that today, okay. So, what we’ll do then, is we call in Archangel Michael just to see what we should do in terms of this, is this okay?

Me: Yes.

We summon AA Michael. Permission is granted to collect said soul sparks. A red Chinese luck-dragon appears in an endless sea of clouds full of lightning, both representing the electromagnetic power of creation, which is transported everywhere in the cosmos. As the dragon flies past three planets, numerous bright soul sparks stream toward it. Finally, he transforms into a Thunder Dragon of White Light, which means that the low-vibrating energies of the Hellfire Collective have been completely transformed into high-vibrating energies and can now travel wherever they wish across the cosmic power lines.

[Shedding Snakes]

The subsequent body scan reveals the following:

First, we remove a robot from my field as well as metallic microparticles from the lungs. There is a constant throbbing in the gums, and the quality of some teeth has visibly deteriorated despite regular care. A look into the blood reveals that it is heavy and looks dark.

There is a malignant organic poisonous snake with a raised hood, connected to the solar plexus, heart, throat, forehead. It is also a source of doubts and the feeling of separation. Phoenix Fire burns one layer of skin after another, until the snake is more peaceful and its body becomes white. It is associated with ancient Mesoamerican cultures that practiced the snake cult. At that time, people saw overwhelming plasma phenomena in the Earth’s atmosphere, which took the form of light serpents and thunder dragons, the original source of the archetypes.

While AA Michael removes the serpent, AA Gabriel and Phoenix Fire purify the blood. Long white thread-like tissues are pulled from the gums. A second venomous snake with fangs bared builds up right in front of my Inner Eye. A great force of light holds it with two fingers and removes it, still more stuff detaches from the blood. Teeth and gums now feel lighter, the pressure in my lungs has eased, the metal particles are gone. The dark purple crystal stuck in the energy field above my head is removed by diamonds.

Clare then asks AA Michael whether there any contracts within me ready to be removed today.


Me: Connection to Earth 3D. He doesn’t have to stay on this planet, doesn’t have to stay in this reality, doesn’t have to stay in this city, doesn’t have to stay in this country. He’s ready to go. He’s ready to leave this reality. He’ll take just one person with him because other people who choose to stay here, and all those people around the world wish to move to another place will be moved there as well. It’s just a matter of decision. We do not have to wait for the big event or for someone to, you know, flip the switch. It’s a personal decision, and then you can move to that other place, you are there and you are just waiting for others to show up maybe, if you wanna wait for them, they will show up anyway. You don’t have to wait in this reality. Some people keep saying, “No, we have to wait, we have to maintain the light quotient, we have to hold the light frequency.” In the past, it was like that, but now the light is getting so strong and all those networks and divine blueprints and White Light energy structures and distribution networks, you know, the crystalline networks – this is now operational, and Earth is taking care of herself and transforming those incoming high-vibrating energy forms to a degree that is accessible and useful, and this reality construct. So, we are no longer needed to stay here unless we choose to stay here and, for instance, help other people move to that other place. But, here a surprise – when we move permanently to that other place, you, I guess you know what I mean, will be able to show up in another place as well. And you can be much more effective on that level in assisting other people than being anchored to this low-vibrating [three-]dimensional Earth. So, we suggest to move this self-expression form into this higher-vibrating realm so that it is permanently disconnected from this Earth 3D. There’s nothing more to learn here. This script is done and done for. All the players are in action. They wrote the script and they know the moves. And we know where this can go, we see at least three big timelines for this Earth 3D. One, we know about – the totalitarian one. The other one would involve a nuclear conflict, and we don’t need the nuclear weapons when they are controlled, so this option is off the table. Which is an interesting thing – what would happen then? Two more timelines. One would be a slow tug-of-war between the new upcoming world order and the dying world order. They would try to unleash more pathogens out there and more fear propaganda, more economic crises. But then, these crises would force the people, affected in those countries [that] sold them out, to create their own structures, to set up the world they desire. And Russia would be there for them, actually. So, if people wanna go down that road, it is a hard road, but maybe the one these people need to go through in order to lose everything and realize who they truly are, that they have to connect to other people, that they have to create the world they wish to create themselves. If you trust the government, if you trust The Plan, if you trust so many others, you can trust-and-wait-and-see and nothing happens really for you. You have to do it, and the best thing to do this is a crisis … They can go through the crisis and reclaim their strength through this experience and build up the New Earth by themselves, this is the hard way. Or, they take the other timeline and say, “We realize what’s happening, now we no longer play their game. We take control NOW as long as we still have the structure intact and we take the structure and change it, sparing us lots of problems later, sparing us lots of calamities, lots of disasters. We don’t need that experience.” If people agree to that, then they will go down that timeline, and this timeline will actually be the most high-vibrating one because then, like we elaborated before – if you control information flow, you can use that information to tell the truth, and truth is a weapon of mass-liberation. And if there are, you know, people in powerful positions, and you know the game … it’s just a matter of time until this so-called old world order will be completely eradicated by peaceful means. They implode by the weight of their own actions, they are imploding before our eyes. It won’t take long until this system is totally done for. The vaccine scare didn’t work, the plandemic scare didn’t work, the WWIII scare won’t work, the Russia Hoax scam was already exposed. Trump is still President, how many Americans will celebrate when this is finally official? You know, certain states are questioning the validity of the last U.S.-presidential election. This is all coming online. And then Truth Social, alternative news networks, Twitter taken down or taken over by the good guys … the lies can no longer be kept up. And people will go to prison or – somewhere else. And then really, we can have a very bright potential for humanity to transition to a new 3D Earth environment in peace overseen by politically reponsible players who maintain the systems they have in order to transition the people step-by-step into systems that truly serve them. We will have the military there, yes, they will be the guardians. They will make sure that the so-called Cabal won’t do anything stupid to the population. And a good military is the military you don’t see, always silent, always watching, which is why the Special Operations are so necessary. We should thank these people for doing the work they’re doing, no matter if people like it or not. And then, we have this satellite system in orbit [around Earth], you can use it to control the population, of course. You can use it to send destructive 5G waves down to Earth, of course. You can use it to disseminate information and set up a new intelligence network which would benefit people, of course, this works as well. It always depends on the person using that network, controlling that network. And if we switch to a higher-vibrating timeline for humanity, then this orbit-placed satellite system will work for the benefit of humanity. And since secret military space programs are already out there, this would have to be unveiled in this ongoing Disclosure. So, this is a high-vibrating timeline in 3D, by the way, we’re talking about 3D and 4D.

Clare: Yes, I picked up on that … So, there will always be 3D.

Me: Yes, yes!

Clare: You know, a lot of people keep saying, “Oh, we gonna move up to the fifth dimension, and what will happen?” No one ever talks about what will happen in the third dimension. So, that is very interesting that you are actually talking about that, that there will be this third dimension … Some people will ascend, some people will stay here, and that’s how this third dimension will actually look once Ascension is moving along. That’s really interesting.

Me: Yes, and the idea that people move into maybe 5D-and-beyond just like that, it is actually possible. But, we are not really moving anywhere else, we’re just moving up in vibration … This thing about Earth in 3D, it is a physically solid object, but if you look at it through other filters, you will see all the energy bodies. In some way, from a higher-vibrating perspective, you would see a star. Now imagine, all those energies coming from the cosmos, from the Sun, and from within matter itself – lighting up matter on Earth. This is Ascension in process. So, the more light is being emitted by all matter on this planet, the more this entire planet is turning into light. And if you are sensitive to that, you will see it and feel it. If people align with that frequency, that energy, and allow it to change them both from within and without, then those people – in their consciousness, in their elevated-purified-aligned energy bodies – will simply become one with that higher-vibrating energy body of Earth. So, Earth would be both, technically – a 3D-planet and a 5D-star. You stay on the same planet – you’re only on a different self-expression layer of that planet. Because – the planet is a body, and a body has energy bodies, it’s like the human body.

Clare: This is where the White Star Tara comes in because it’s actually the star, the fifth-dimensional White Tara Star, almost like it’s overlayed over this.

Me: Most precise.

Clare: Excellent, okay, that makes sense.

Me: And that’s why people who ascend to so-called 5D-and-beyond can always move into 3D and always observe what’s going on there. They can always accompany humanity on its eternal journey through space in 3D. They will never walk alone. They can always accompany them.

Clare: That’s really interesting. I’m sure we’ll talk more about this.

Me: This is really an integrated version of the Ascension experience. Other people seem to confuse this. “We go to a different realm.” But, where should that realm be, actually? We can only be connected to the body of the planet. But then, if you’re talking from an ever higher perspective, those planetary bodies are energy, solidified-dense energy bodies and energy forms. But, if you are energy, you don’t need a body anymore and you are all-that-is on a much bigger scale on a much bigger level. You never go anywhere, you’re always in the same place.

Clare: Our energy fields, our vessels … will change into light bodies, into crystalline light bodies?

Me: Yes, that’s it – in sync with the ascending energy bodies of Earth, and the entire universe, by extension. That’s why you can be everywhere in all-that-is at the same time. When you are on a higher expanded level, then you are all-that-is at all times everywhere. You could be on Earth 3D, you could be (chuckles) on Earth 5D, you could be on a different planet in the cosmos, you could be on all planets at the same time because you are conscious of them at any moment in time. You see, this is collective cosmic consciousness. You could create a body in order to interact with someone in 3D only for that purpose. You could do this simultaneously – everywhere. You are not bound by time and space, you are pure energy, pure cosmic collective consciousness. And this is ideally where people can move to in their consciousness. This is total freedom from 3D, from – and this is what the Reptilians meant when they said, “Those who came before us, we do not fear them, because they do not interfere.” The ones who came before the Reptilians were the ones who created all of this and embodied here. Like, they set up this Big Garden or Playground, and if you create this, you wanna play, right? And if you play it out for a while and you see what the Game is like, then you think, “Well, we need more playmates. This Game should be more interesting, so let’s invite more players.” And the players come. And then you see all those experiments (chuckles), self-expression realities, all those life-forms, collectives, playing it out over unimaginably long time spans. And you see it all, and then you say, “I’m out of the Game. I know what it’s like. Now I move to a higher octave. I move up again to where I’m from. I do know where I’m from because I’m all-that-is because I created all-that-is.” (chuckles) You see these ancient Reptilians and they think they are the boss, but some of them know, “Well, those are beyond us. Those are the ones who created us.” (chuckles) And some Reptilians don’t get it, they think they are the biggest gun. No, guys, you’re bullies. Listen to your older brothers! (chuckles)

Clare: Okay, lovely, thank you for the explanation … What I realize, it’s all collective and that it will come up within sessions when it’s meant to come up, so it’s not actually linked to him. Is there anything else that is actually linked to Leon … any consciousness, any wires, any AI-technology, any portals that need closing?

Me: On this level, it looks good.

With the support of Archangels, we flood the DNA completely with White Light, retrieve absent soul parts, clear the energy centers and bring them into alignment. A metallic feeling in the forehead turns out to be a metallic pterosaur, a spaceship, connected to an ancient time when humans were in direct contact with Reptilians. More details will be given in a future session. This is about the deep collective history of humanity, some aspects of which have not been revealed until today. Calling in the higher self to answer some of my questions for the present session …

[Clear the Channel]

Clare: “What is the objective value of information relayed in hypnosis sessions? Hypnosis is self-talk. It seems to me that people get to hear what they expect or already know. How can we be sure to receive truthful ‘higher intel’ instead of repeating information stored in our memory which we acquired via direct experience or secondary sources?”

Me: The channel has to be clear. The clearer the channel, the clearer the intel.

Clare: So, is Leon clear?

Me: Clearer and clearer.

Clare: Good, okay. There’s no connection to the archons, then? They can’t get any of this information from him?

Me: If so, they can get all the information because they can connect to all-that-is. So, they can implant information-truth and distort it. Yes, they can manipulate if the channel is able to be manipulated … I have to add something about [a session] conducted [by] a certain practitioner. This was about Antarctica. This was a quite deep and heavy timeline, or rather timeline experience. This was not negative or negatively influenced, it was meant to come out at that time because the energies related to that episode are like that. Some people don’t like to go into those places, into those memories, and uncover things they don’t wanna see. He is not like that, he is here to uncover it all. Because if you uncover it, you bring it to light and release it, no matter if people like it or not.

Clare: Exactly, we’ve got to know it all. The human collective is ready to know it all, not all of them, but it’s ready to come out.

Me: Yes.

[Red Line]

Clare: Okay, lovely … “Is Devolution in effect? If yes, what are the geopolitical implications?” Did he cover this earlier?

Me: Yes. We would like to add something about the situation in Europe concerning NATO and Russia … It has to be taken into consideration that there might be rogue generals affiliated to the so-called Deep State … Not all [NATO-officials] might be on the same team, so the chain-of-command might not be respected, so people might be given very direct orders and very direct threats, and these people would be forced to carry out orders against their better judgment. This is when the Deep State gets so desperate, they would force people to do that. This has to be taken into consideration. NATO has been moving assets, military assets, around Eastern Europe and Northern Africa in order to prepare for war with Russia because Russia is also partially in Northern Africa. But then, think about this – if Devolution is in effect, that means that highest-ranking U.S.-generals are in charge of the United States, and they swore an oath to the Constitution. There are actually patriots who believe in the Constitution. Those people would then control whole army forces – and let’s exclude rogue officials who would misuse army forces – and these highest-ranking generals would then also control the nuclear arsenal of the forces … NATO itself is always run by a U.S. general, that means all NATO member states are subject to the United States. All their armies [in case of war with a non-NATO country are under the command of a] U.S. general … NATO is an extension of the U.S. military. The question is – if Devolution is in place, should those highest-ranking generals have any interest in escalating war with Russia by using NATO, or are they actually restraining NATO? If you look at Biden and other players, they are pushing for military intervention and war in Ukraine, but they [do not] send the U.S. military in. How can this be? Look back at Syria, Iraq, Libya. Those places, those countries were directly attacked by NATO, they didn’t hesitate. Ukraine is not part of NATO, why don’t they intervene directly? They are afraid of Russia. One reason. And the other reason – those generals are simply not wasting American lives, they are not sending in NATO, they are just playing-pretending. It seems that there is no interest in a major escalation with Russia. It seems [to be the idea] to force the Hidden Hand to make moves in order to also expose the players and their real affiliations. Like Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, who first claimed to be a president of peace, and now he’s openly a Nazi. And there are many Ukrainians who [deny] that, including this Ukrainian contact of this human self-expression form. But, the facts are there. This is a very dangerous regime carrying out orders by the Deep State. And now, this is plain to see for everyone who wants to see it. And so, people understand the bigger picture, what’s being pushed here. So, we suggest this is a very big play in motion, it’s under control. That’s why Russian forces are moving slowly and not doing any stupid-aggressive things. They do what they have to do and not more. This is … a contained military operation. The United States knows what’s happening there because they have their satellites in orbit also, they have their drones over Ukraine, Eastern Europe. They know what’s happening. Why aren’t they sending their boots on the ground? I guess we can assume that it’s meant to be this way. Nobody wants war with Russia. This is a red line nobody wants to cross.

[Collective Rides]

Clare: Leon wanted to know … We’ve already found out a little bit more about the deep connection to Russia. He wanted to know particularly nowadays.

Me: It’s just that – this acknowledgement and healing of the great Russian soul. It is not only limited to Russia … it encompasses all those self-expression forms individuated and connected to that Russian oversoul, if you will. All those Russians who emigrated to other countries and live in other countries … are part of the Russian soul collective. They all would be affected, and that includes those people in Ukraine because Ukrainians are, like we said before, a part of the Russian soul collective. This is also about bringing them all together. The same holds true [for] the German peoples, they are not restricted to Germany but [extend] to other countries where Germans emigrated to in the past. And this also includes people who were taken, or who moved, to other planets and other star systems. You know, humanity is very expansive. This is why we focus in sessions on soul collectives. The German soul collective was in focus, the Baltic soul collective, the Russian soul collective, so we move on. Nobody is really talking about China and the African soul collectives, the American soul collectives, Australians, Pacific Islanders, what about them? (chuckles) More work to do. But, it’s not so heavy because we really have to do the heavy lifting for the so-called European world order. And of course, we did important light work for the entire U.S. American soul collective, and Canada, the Native American soul collectives. So, the real heavy lifter now is Eastern Europe …

[Liaison I]

Clare: Yes, okay, so we’ve spoken about that already … “In a hypnosis session on Nov 25, 2021 Leon was told he might be brought into a very interesting position unheard-of before, as a liaison probably, and something even more far-reaching. There’s nothing to prevent that, it will happen anyway, it was programmed to happen. Part of The Plan.” He would like to know more on this.

Me: Let’s say it’s not really a liaison in the sense of being 3D-Earth-bound. The classical liaison would move from one place to another, provide information, and connect people. This kind of liaison is unheard-of, that’s why it’s hard to describe. We see it clearly, it’s hard to describe, hard to convey the relevance and meaning in human terms. It’s like a liaison between light levels, a liaison between levels of reality. Now figure, if you are a cosmic consciousness, you embody all-that-is, you see all the layers, you can move through all the layers, you connect all the layers. You are a liaison between all the layers, for all the layers.

Clare: Yes, he is doing this, isn’t he? He’s doing this now.

Me: Imagine there were two parties to a conflict ready for battle, and in the middle of that battleground this light being would appear and affect all those combattants immediately and instantly. It would stop them to fight. They would be paralyzed by those high-vibrating energies. They would be stuck in their actions. They could no longer pull the trigger. They could not even utter a foul word. They might for a moment, in that moment, not even realize what had brought them to that place. Maybe in that moment, that instantaneous satori moment of self-realization, they would come to understand that they were doing something really stupid. And they would come to realize how they had been maneuvered into that position. It would make no sense to do this. Both sides would say, “We cannot do this. We won’t do this. This is totally pointless.” Imagine a light being would have the power to [stop] destructive entities instantly, affecting all of them, and by communicating to them, by speaking to them into their hearts, their minds, their souls – at the same time – in all the languages. Energy always translates into your native language. Everybody would receive the same message, the same energy, the same impulse. And now figure, there are more like these light beings on this planet doing the same thing, just different tasks, different purposes. Some [are] there to stop conflicts, to resolve conflicts. Others are there to heal forests, to heal animals, to clean the waters. Others are there to undo pollution of major cities. Others would be there to clean the elements. It depends on your call and calling. High Light Liaisons. Source Light Liaisons. Visible Source Light Embodiments. Diamond Soul Messengers.

Clare: Beautiful.

Me: If you know that there is a Diamond inside those beings [who are] in conflict or pain, and you are the Diamond Soul Embodiment, then you just focus on the Diamond in that person, that self-expression form, and change it from within. You activate it … that’s how it works.

[The Remnant]

Clare: It was suggested that Leon might have been a member of the SS during WWII connected to a German Secret Space Program that was relocated to Antarctica. “This is where some submarines went. This is where certain memories were compartmentalized or wiped. I want to know more about this and what happened to this ‘alter ego.’ I am wondering whether a soul part was trapped by the Reptilians and is being held hostage to this day.”

Me: We are not sure whether this was actually a human being. We suggest this was a construct taking the shape of a SS-member in order to have easy access to that episode.

Clare: Okay, so it’s more of an energy, an observation than an actual human body.

Me: Yes, in easy terms, but there is something else about the Antarctica connection. There were submarines that went under and travelled to caverns under the ice. He still has this deep connection to submarines and the question is whether he actually served on such a submarine that maybe got lost under the ice, or that he is still under the ice. That is now the question.

Clare: Yes. Take a deeper look into your knowing now.

Me: I now see a cavern under the ice, and there is a flying saucer … operated by the Germans. You know, the Fourth Reich under the ice.

Clare: Yes, yes. And are there still Nazis to this day?

Me: At least, this object is levitating. I don’t see anybody else, just this object. Maybe he went into space.

Clare: We could track him to see where this leads to.

Me: You know, this idea of the German Secret Space Program and this renegade run-off civilization in outer space run by the Germans sounds preposterous. It’s so incredible, so people just don’t believe it, it’s a perfect cover. There is an intense and heavy German energy out there in space, totally disconnected from Germany here on Earth. That’s only where they came from, but they have nothing to do really with each other. Those Germans in space could only scoff at the Germans in their home country. (chuckles) Those are not really Germans to them. I think we are rather talking about the collective energy of those Germans in space and not about a singular self-expression form. As you know, when you are all-that-is you see all-that-is. This is part of human reality as well, the human expansion, it wants to stay hidden … And I don’t think that people will actually want to deal with this kind of … space operation. This is 3D, hardcore 3D. Reptilians are entangled there, those are conquerors, you know, the same old story, just expanded. This … is a self-expression collective … tied to Earth. There are organizations on Earth providing them with resources and weapons and getting weapons and resources and technology from them in exchange. The so-called military industrial complex and companies in South Africa and Europe, that’s why we have these cover-companies, such as the European Space Agency and NASA. (chuckles) Controlled information, controlled perception of the cosmos. They are working together with those … leaders … in outer space. Those leaders, you know, who really got the United States down on its knees after the Second World War. This was the Fourth Reich. They took over the United States. The Operation Paperclip program. The Nazi scientists, the Nazi intelligence officials, and so on, they moved on, they took over the United States from within. The United States government let them in. That’s why the United States government is not interested really in its own country or peaceful relations with other nations. This is a Nazi operation of sorts. [The U.S.] had the massive industrial and technological capacities, so the Nazis used them to build up their own fleet under the ice and in space, on the Moon. So, the real power of Earth is this special group which nobody has heard of – almost nobody. There are people who talk about that, and those are scary stories, this is so off-the-fringe that people wouldn’t believe it, and this is good (chuckles), it’s a perfect cover … But those Germans out there and those with them in outer space give humans a very bad rep. Because there are species who never met a human before but only those guys and their fleets with Reptilians and AI together, the Grays. And then they believe all humans are the same, all humans are crazy, insane, and a threat to us, we have to exterminate all of them. And some species out there are actually pondering that. They don’t know what to do with humanity because humanity is so disjointed, so fractured. And others [say], “We keep a lid on it. Let them stay among themselves. We keep this experience contained. We end the agreements that humans never agreed to.” You know, nobody asked the population whether they wanted to be part of genetic experiments with Grays and Reptilians and others, so these agreements have to be and are being declared null-and-void. Those players have to be and are being removed from this planet and this Solar System so that humanity can figure it out on its own terms with, you know, subtle assistance. When humanity’s consciousness is elevated enough, then the probability rises for benign watchers to make themselves visible. This will not happen just like that, so people should have no expectations for this great public announcement called Disclosure. If this happened, this could very likely be another trick to catch public attention.

Clare: Distraction.

Me: Mhm.

Clare: So, is there a soul fractal piece there within that ship?

Me: I don’t think so. I think this UFO is just another access point to the collective energy of those Germans in outer space. I don’t think he was part of that at all, he’s just observing them. We cannot do anything for this collective or this energy. They know what they are doing, they want to experience this, and they will pay the price, eventually.

Clare: So, there are no portals or anything that we can close, there’s nothing we can do regarding this.

Me: We should keep this experience alone.

[Liaison II]

Clare: Yes, we will. I thought so, too … “I have no idea what to do with my life. I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t wanna work. I don’t wanna get a degree. I don’t wanna have a family.” You wouldn’t care if you didn’t wake up tomorrow and there is nothing else to do in this reality. Can you give him any answer to that question?

Me: 3D, for him, is empty. 3D is done. Just the moment in time and space has not been reached yet. But we are not talking about getting old, you know, like living ten years, twenty years, getting eighty, we’re not talking about this. We’re talking about an immediate moment in time and space because the light quotient on this planet is getting stronger and stronger. And I think, after this session there will be a considerable improvement of the general quality of the energies. And there might be some more sessions, maybe two. Things are going to improve even more considerably.

Clare: Okay, good, I just feel as though we’re gonna have a few sessions and we’ll be able to get to the bottom of everything in the end.

Me: We just wish to emphasize that this is a fully conscious transition from this [three-]dimensional realm into a much more expanded-and-expansive light realm. We are not talking about physical death, we are not talking about any pain, we are talking about maybe having a walk in the Sun in a meadow or by the sea or in the forest, something like that. And then, there is this golden breeze that brushes over and around and through you, and all the particles that make up your energy body will be affected by this brush, this Golden White Light brush. And you will be in a different reality, permanently, and you will know that you have transitioned for good … No resistance at all, just like a breeze touching your skin, Golden White Sacred Light …

Clare: I feel this is very soon.

Me: It feels like [it] … And then, it’s up to him what to do, whether to return consciously to this [3D-]plane in an energy body, not in a physical body. This is where this liaison comes into play … When you are fully transitioned to the higher-vibrating realms, you will know that you no longer get stuck down there, you are out of the karmic loop, out of the manipulation, you will no longer be affected by it. And then, you know what to do, what can be done, and what you are able to achieve. You get the power, the information, the assistance, the tools. And you will know, “I’m going to project myself into that specific spot in order to achieve something which could never be achieved in a human form. This will be a singular experience for everyone involved. This is why we do not talk about this openly. Some people claim to be this way and they boast about this, but they always fail to keep their promise and make themselves appear like … loud-mouth people, you know. In the end, like the Bible says … the first shall be last and the last shall be first … the meek shall be first. We’ve too many loud-mouths out here, but we need action, and this action does not even require words, it requires energy presence.

Clare: Definitely.

Me: One last thing about this liaison – it can be tailormade to address a specific population because each population has different archetypes. If you are a Muslim, you believe in Muhammad. If you are a Jew, you believe a Patriarch. If you are a Buddhist, you always believe Buddha in whatever incarnation, in whatever self-expression form Buddha chooses to take. And if you go to other communities, in Africa, Latin America, Australia, you know, these people have different archetypes, but this liaison could take any shape necessary to convey the message for that population. This is an intercultural-interdimensional liaison. Conveying information. Connecting people. Nokia, spiritual style. (chuckles)

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