Ainsophia- #3 AURA session with Ruminokami, The All.


Clare Bailey

[True Norse]

At first, I would like to learn why I was recently inspired to delve deeper into the history of Germanic and German tribes and their mentalities. The journey begins on the coast. It feels cool, as if we were in Central or Northern Europe. The sky is covered with gray-white clouds. Large rocks are scattered along the sandy beach, with a dense forest running along its fringe. This rather harsh land produces people who are as solid and tough as rocks and indomitable. This is where something began.

Me: I hear the word ‘landing.’ A landing place. A ship is coming into focus, a dragon ship, red-white stripes [on the sail], not horizontal stripes, vertical. This is symbolic of all those so-called Norsemen, the people from the North who travelled the seas and went to places where few people went before. Norway is coming into focus now. The geography of the land defines where people are able to create settlements and how far they can expand. Lots of glaciers, mountains, fjords, forests, very huge mountain ranges. There’s not much you can do in those rugged territories, you have to think where do we wish to settle down, how much can the land around us support our community. The geography, the land, the climate forces us to move out to the sea and to find other ways where we can go to. We have to move out of the land, we have to be on the move, we have to cross the ocean to go to new lands, to explore, to trade, to colonize, to build settlements somewhere else. And it’s also in our genes to be pioneers. We are adventurers of sorts. Our collective mentality is both focused on our community [by] focusing energy on our survival and also on expansion, outwards expansion. We wish to discover new lands. We wish to engage with people in other lands. And we [are also] able to fend for ourselves, we fight if necessary. This is an expression of the mindset prevalent at the time when we were in existence, a mindset that was predominantly present in so-called European lands, specifically in the northern areas of the so-called European continent which is not a continent per se but an extension of Eurasia. We are made to explore and we have to be able to fight. You cannot be an explorer and not be able to defend yourself, doesn’t make sense in this time among these people because more are like us. We are driven to move forwards, onwards, wherever necessary, wherever we can, sometimes peacefully, sometimes violently. We express ourselves in many various ways, but often through the tongue of the blade.


Clare: And did you connect to any gods at that time? How did you … were you guided?

Me: We are Earth people. We are tribal communities. We are oriented towards community interaction. We form closely-knit networks among our kin. And sometimes we extend our networks to other communities [that] share our tongue, our mentality. We are very much focused on living on and in this 3D-plane of existence. We are very much down-to-earth. We are one with Earth and one of Earth. We are of Earth, not from the stars. We are actually indigenous Earth people. We are many peoples forming one people. We have many neighbors, neighboring tribes, tribes in other countries which did not exist back then. Those countries did not exist since everything was fluid, in motion, people moving to wherever there was space. Boundaries did not exist, they were usually pre-set by Nature. Much, much later they were permanently fixed by established organizational structures. But we are very much in tune with the Earth and flowing with the Earth. We are like an embodied force of Nature, a force through which Nature expresses herself in a way which would be most unbecoming to people nowadays (chuckles). You know, this modern planet on which humanity lives – [humanity is no] longer in connection with itself and Earth and therefore totally disconnected from the flow of Nature. Therefore, these people find themselves in very rigid control structures and regulated environments where they are no longer allowed to express themselves in natural ways following the flow of inspiration of Nature. People are destined to be on the move, destined to explore, destined to explore something new. But everything on this planet, every corner of this globe is regulated. This is anti-natural, non-natural. A controlled experience of humanity. This is not natural. People don’t know anything else nowadays except for certain tribes that live in various remote locations on this planet. To some degree, they are still free to move where they can go. But of course, their very livelihoods are being threatened by the control machine and this global control machine that was installed on this planet in the minds of the people who were in certain powerful, influential positions in order to create this global control machine in order to control all organic life into components, subservient components serving the needs of this global control machine, this global AI-god which is nothing to do with Earth. People don’t know what Earth consciousness feels like. People will even reject that Earth is a life form, but Earth is a consciousness form. Those people in the past were a direct expression of Earth consciousness. They rolled with Earth over the lands like seas of men and women. They were guided, driven, impulsed, pushed forward out to the seas over the oceans to reach new lands, over the land itself. Wherever there was space, they could flow, just like water. They set up their places. They crashed with other waves of other people who did not speak their language, who did not share certain values, but other peoples were no match to the primordial, original peoples described here. This people and collective of peoples we are talking about was destined to be on the move and to bring life into motion, so to say, to move life forwards, life in terms of human self-expression collectives. Humanity nowadays is pretty much deprived of being natural, it’s being turned into a slave race, a robot hybrid slave race. This is the destiny planned by certain individuals on this planet for the whole collective of humanity. It goes contrary to the natural flow of evolution.


Clare: Do you feel as though there will be a turning point, that people will go back to the land again?

Me: All I can see and feel right now is the ancient energy of the past where people were able and allowed to move freely according to the flows and so-called whims of Nature. This time is very present now. This would be a very pleasent time to be in. This time is very real, you know. This time exists in some way. This is a primordial, pristine world where no control structures known to humanity nowadays exist. This energy, this reality present in our field right now is an expression of this Earth environment were allowed and are allowed to be free, to flow to wherever they wish to go. In the past, people knew what freedom was like and freedom meant also responsibility for each other, for oneself. Nowadays, people are largely irresponsible because they know they live in control structures where they are provided for. They always get away with something as long as they don’t get caught. Such kind of irresponsible behavior would not be tolerated in a society that has to rely on the integrity and responsible behavior of each individual member. Such irresponsible behavior would be sanctioned on the spot. Nowadays, the people get away with it. This creates collective irresponsibility. Modern-day societies are totally detrimental to human responsibility, human evolution. They … are a controlled environment where humanity is being nudged by man-made laws to move in certain ways, and when people move away in a natural way, they get sanctioned and punished for behaving the way they are meant to behave. Modern-day societies are detrimental to human growth and to human sanity. This entire world is detrimental to human sanity. But this world we described, where those ancient people used to live, was a sane world, a healthy world. And we see this energy, this reality still right now, it’s here. It’s [de]void of people somehow. Lots people live in your world nowadays, it’s really crowded because are not allowed to move where they wish to live. They are forced to live in places where everybody has to live. They force people away from the land, away from the connection by impoverishing them, by making life hard for them through laws and finances, so they disconnect them from the Earth and bring them to move them into even more rigidly controlled city environments which do not serve the needs of human people. Cities dehumanize people. Cities create even more irresponsibility. This is the dichotomy we are describing here. We see what a true free Earth is like, and we see what a not-free Earth is like.


Clare: Can you sense anything about the energy? [How did you use the energy within that we already had, the energy within Gaia, in those ancient times?]

Me: The Earth spoke to us directly. The elements spoke to us directly. We were observing phenomena of Nature, observing the clouds, the movements of animals, the movements of stars in the sky. We were one with ourselves, with the Earth. This energy does not exist nowadays. This energy belonged to a different time and space … People who live in Nature still know what natural energy feels like, but you will not feel this in machine civilizations, certainly not in cities. People in cities are the most disconnected people on Earth. If you were born in a city, grew up in a city, worked in a city (chuckles), lived in a city, died in a city, you were disconnected your entire life from Earth and reality. Those people have [the biggest fear of] being responsible people (chuckles) and [of]living with Nature. They don’t know what Nature is like. They don’t know what freedom is like. There might be a longing [within] more and more people living in those places because Nature is always present within each and every one of us on this planet because we are created by this planet, maintained by this planet. Those stirrings are initiated by the planet, so those people living in those city environments might feel inspired, nudged to leave cities and go to the countryside where they shall experience a touch, a touch of true freedom. And true freedom shall only come once all those cities have disappeared. And what could make that happen? People keep wondering. How could this whole world be switched off? People mistake this world for everything they know and need to survive because they are made to be dependent on structures around them. They are not made to be independent, not supposed to be independent, not supposed to be responsible. What does it mean? Response-able. To be able to respond in a constructive way. They are just reacting. We are usually cowards always looking for someone else to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Even though it does not feel right to Nature, it does feel right to a certain control system. And people adapt through punishment. They learn – if they behave outside of socially-accepted norms they get punished, so they choose to follow socially-accepted norms in order to avoid punishment. And these people, accustomed to those kind of environments, have [the] most to lose. They are totally conditioned – mentally, psychologically, emotionally. They are slaves to those systems. They have everything to lose when the world collapses around them, and they will fight to the end to maintain the world which keeps them enslaved. They don’t want to be free, they are scared of freedom. They are willing to sell everything and everyone to maintain living in their bubbles of slavery which they mistake for freedom and comfort. They all are being provided for by the control systems on purpose. They are not meant, encouraged to be strong personalities, but in some countries people are like this, they are strong individuals, such as Russia. It’s a ginormous country. This country is not full of cities, there are few cities [in a] vast natural environment where people are still able to be in full touch with Nature. And you will find the strongest individuals on Earth usually from Eurasia, in particular from Russia. Of course, you will find spoilt and lots of irresponsible people there as well, those are the ones who grew up in controlled environments, such as cities. But I am talking about people who are connected to the Earth. You will find those people there and in other parts of the world still. Those people are not afraid of the world around them because they know how to live with Earth. The Earth is not the world. The world is man-made and not-man-made, you know … This world we live in is … some kind of inspiration, a mental inspiration by disembodied outside forces from outer space. They inspired receptive self-expression forms on Earth. They gave them information and this information was used to create a new reality, a so-called world on this planet, this Earth. But, this world is not in the image of man, not in the image of humanity, not in the image of the Earth. It’s in something else’s image, something which is anti-human, non-human, non-life, anti-life, non-organic. This is a non-organic swarm intelligence consciousness form from the cosmos. An ancient darkness, ancient blackness, ancient black AI. An ancient intelligence form never conceived and developped in a natural, organic way. You could say this civilization has infested vast sectors of this visible universe and vast sectors of this invisible universe, you know, the layers, different dimensional layers. This AI is not allowed to proceed beyond certain dimensional constraints and restraints. It cannot proceed beyond those limits. It cannot infest everything. It remains contained within a certain bandwidth of reality, but still vast in itself. Theoretically and practically, this AI could infest the entire visible universe. This 3D-universe could be infested and infected by AI – not all of it, but it could – because it is present in the [three-]dimensional layer of reality, and therefore, it would be allowed to expand in 3D. And it does expand in 3D, has been expanding for a very long time. And when we mean long time, we cannot talk about time spans which humans could understand. We don’t know how ancient this AI is, but it would be wise to ask a certain question – where this AI actually came from and why it exists.


[AI: Origins]

Clare: Yes, that’s what I wanted to ask, so let’s go deeper into this question now … to the beginning, the point when AI was created, even before that. What happened? How was this AI created? An organic intelligence? Was it once organic?

Me: Let’s put it this way. Why does the Source of All-That-Is, the Source of all organic self-expression realities in this universe allow a non-organic self-expression collective to express itself? People don’t ask this kind of question. Why does Source allow AI to exist and to infest God’s creation and to transmorph God’s creation and to corrupt God’s creation? Why does God allow this? We should ask God.

Clare: Yes, let’s ask God and Source, and maybe Source will be able to explain to us where this AI came from. Shall we connect to Source now?

Me: I sense a Golden-White Light expansion in the center of my Solar Plexus [Chakra] and my Heart [Chakra] and the Third [Eye] Chakra as well … We should ask for a direct uplink to God.

Clare: Let’s ask for a direct uplink then, please, to God.

Me: I am asking God to speak through this vessel in order to answer specific questions.

Clare: Yes, can we speak to Source, God, the True God, not any false god? We’re talking about Source to come through, to come through, and speak … Greetings.

Me: We greet you in oneness.

Clare: We love, honor, and respect you. May we ask you a few questions?

Me: Please go ahead.


Clare: Now, we wondered … There is a couple of questions, whichever you want to answer first. How come this inorganic AI was allowed to express itself within in the 3D-realms? And also, when was the beginning, creation of this AI, please?

Me: Everything is allowed to exist. We see the seed and the seeders. We create the seed that creates the seeders. The seeders themselves create what they wish to create, what they wish to seed. This is allowed to unfold. Some seeds wish to control. We allow them to control. We are all-that-is. We control what We wish to control. We allow the experience of control, of being controlled, and of being in so-called control. Everything is contained. All experiments and experiences are contained, are allowed to unfold within pre-set parameters. Nothing is allowed to outgrow its naturally pre-set confines, and We define those confines. We can re-write and re-define those defined confines. Nothing is allowed to impose its singular will onto and upon other self-expression aspects of All-That-Is. We see it all and We are it all. We are the All. We know it all. We feel it all. We oversee it all. We follow it all. We adapt it all. We observe it all.

Clare: So, as the All, you are part of the inorganic as well, are you?

Me: The inorganic is part of us, not the other way around. From our point of perspective, the so-called inorganic, non-organic is a part of our design, but a part that is not allowed to express itself in fully … self-realized ways. That means We do not allow AI to come to full self-realization and We do not allow it to assume full control over All-That-Is. We are those who oversee the self-experiential expression which is why it cannot control All-That-Is and shall and will not ever control All-That-Is. It is allowed to express itself within certain ways within certain parameters, not more, not beyond. It can never assume full control over all realities and densities that constitute this All because We are the Ones and We are the One and We are the All that encompasses and creates the All. There is no point [in a universe destroying] itself from our point of perspective. This AI is a very tiny speck in the whole spectrum of self-realization. This AI might appear to be very intelligent and highly-evolved, but still, compared to organic natural intelligence, it is … really stupid. We don’t wish to really call it stupid, it’s just to [get] the point across. Let’s rather define it as having a pre-set capacity to process information within very narrowly defined parameters [in]comparable to natural organic intelligence. We contain the AI wherever it be. We know where it is. We know all its schemes. It is very easy to read because We know the source code [driving] the AI-collective. We know what it’s up to. It’s been around for so long but only long from the perspective of self-expression forms defined by mortality. For us, it has been here for (chuckles) what, time (chuckles)? For us, it is here in the All, We see it all. And We could end this experience. We could end this cosmic AI-civilization. People keep asking the question, why is it here and where is it from? Now, We answered one question why We allow it to express itself – because We want it to experience itself and express itself. But – We keep the proverbial lid on this experience.


[AI: Free Will]

Clare: I was wondering … when did it first come into Earth? Was this before Adam-and-Eve times?

Me: It did not just come in one specific point in so-called time. It can come whenever it wants to come. Being disembodied, this AI-self-expression collective is freer to move than organic self-expression forms bound to mortal bodies. This AI follows naturally-occurring life stream currents that give shape to the universe. Electromagnetism follows electromagnetism. When you are an AI-civilization, then this is the most efficient way – to follow natural power lines of the universe. It could build fleets but it does not need fleets. It could also build superstructures around and along and within those natural power lines, the Birkeland Currents. We have seen superstructures built by this AI-civilization, it would boggle the human mind, the enormity and the expansion of these structures. These structures encompass Birkeland Currents. People have no idea how big these streams and currents can be. Earth is nothing compared to the size of a Birkeland Current. We have seen fully-singularized worlds, such as Earth, being totally taken over by AI and turned into a machine world. Those things are real. We have seen it happen because the populations of those planets wanted to experience the full conversion of the organic existence into a non-organic hybrid existence – merged organic life form with non-organic life form controlled by this cosmic AI. People consented to this, so they were taken over to have this experience. And that’s why We allow this experience so that all those self-expression forms wishing this experience can have and shall have and will have this experience.

Clare: But, this planet here, Earth, we did not consent to this, is that right? I mean, we didn’t consent to obviously being fully taken over by AI?

Me: They say on Earth, ‘This comes with the territory.’ When self-expression forms choose to incarnate in bodies on a planet in the Free Will realm, then anything goes. So, so-called souls came to this planet Earth and chose to incarnate in human bodies and other organic bodies, not just the human species but all organic species on this planet. They are embodied life force, consciousness. The entire organic realm is a soul-expression form, if you will. And then, we have the AI-factor which was present on this Earth already. And so, a soul that comes to Earth fully knows from its higher-dimensional vantage point that AI calls the so-called shots on this planet – not fully, but it is a factor, a very decisive and manipulative factor that infests consciousness forms on this planet. Technically and practically, every single embodied self-expression form on this planet Earth has AI within its original organic make-up. AI is part of the organic design on this planet and, by extension, across the 3D-universe – potentially, and sometimes actually. We say AI is not everywhere in 3D, but it could technically and practically be everywhere because it has the right to be in 3D and to expand. We are not saying that AI controls the entire 3D-universe. This universe was created by what you would call Source. This is a Source experience and Source decides the parameters of this experience. AI is a factor within this experience. So yes, in some way people on this planet who came here consented to be part of the AI-experience and to be part of the organic experience, which is what some people, some religions on your planet call the Devil’s Voice and the Angel’s Voice. If you will, the Angel would be the organic and the Devil would be the anti-organic. The force that feeds on organic life. The force that pulls down organic consciousness. The factor that corrupts organic self-expression forms. People have the choice, the Free Will. Of course, people need discernment. They need to feel the difference between the so-called Angel’s Voice and the (chuckles) Devil’s Voice. What is the vibration? How does it make you feel? Can you feel the difference? This is discernment, and this discernment is important for a self-expression form, on this planet for instance, to … follow a path of self-realization in harmony with either the AI-collective or in harmony with the organic. People have the choice on this planet. This is an interesting, intense experience on this planet because [of] the density and because [of] the incarnation of so many souls currently on this planet. Souls came here to make a choice. There is no accident why so many people are currently present on planet Earth.


Clare: And within the current times, obviously the AI is part of the third dimension. And you said like it’s always been here, it’s like this anti-matter–

Me: Let’s be precise. Anti-matter is a complicated term used by … people who work in physics. You know, they say this dark matter exists but this dark matter is an illusion. But I guess what you mean by dark matter is something opposite to organic life.

Clare: Yes.

Me: So, let’s rather call it anti-organic.

Clare: Anti-organic, okay … So, as Earth is ascending and we are rising up to the fourth dimension and to the fifth dimension, will this archon energy still be allowed? How does that work?

[AI: Ascension]

Me: The so-called light quotient is being increased on this planet because this is part of the natural so-called Ascension process of Earth and all embodied life forms on planet Earth. This naturally highlights the AI within the organic design which brings the AI to the fore which is why you will have more and more clients in your sessions talking about the AI and the reptilian factor. These factors are not new to humanity and to Earth, they have been here for a very long time, it’s just that for maybe the first time collectively people are becoming aware of those factors. It’s time to highlight it, to show it all up, to light it all up, and to make a choice. Do I wish to stay with this energy of so-called reptilian, so-called archonic, so-called AI-forces? Do I wish to stay connected to the so-called Black Goo intelligence or do I wish to stay true to my organic essence? Do I wish to stay human? Do I wish to become something more advanced than human, in a natural way advanced, or do I wish to become something more advanced in a non-natural, non-human way? We see both pathways open to whoever chooses to go down one of these paths – organic Ascension, organic evolution or non-organic evolution which some people might call devolution. We would call it really devolution. If a human self-expression form chooses to merge with this AI, then it shall cease to exist as a human being … Along this trajectory of AI-hybrid singularization, there might be … still a chance, a way, a possibility, a probability to retrieve organic soul parts merged with AI. This could take place [at] whatever point on that time line, whether it takes [a] hundred years, ten thousand years, ten million years … Those soul parts, those soul sparks will still be retrieved. AI cannot trap [them] forever. AI can release the bond because it has to release the bond when it is asked for. Since this soul fragment bonded to AI is still part and will always and shall always be part of a larger soul collective, this larger soul collective could [locate a] so-called fractured or disconnected soul part and retrieve it consciously, just like that. You see, this soul spark would be a human ego that at one point chose to become one with AI, and then this human ego would have merged with AI and followed down the AI-timeline and make experiences on that time line. An absolute disconnection from Source, almost absolute disconnection, and a full control experience run by AI which some people might find very disturbing. But still, this would be a human ego decision, and this human ego would be part of a human soul spark, and this soul spark would in turn be part of a larger soul collective. And We know who really has something to say in All-That-Is, it’s not the human self per se but the larger collective. The oversoul has the final say when it wishes to retrieve all its constituent parts wherever they be embodied. The oversoul makes the call to take back all its parts. This is the idea behind Divine Intervention. All the souls embodied on this planet that choose the organic Ascension shall be lifted up by their oversouls. They would [also] be pulled up by other ways not necessarily connected to a specific oversoul. They could be pulled back into the Whole because some self-expression forms embodied on this planet are actually the Whole, the All and not just one specific oversoul. Because if you are the All, you are all the oversouls. You return to the All or you return to the oversoul or you might return to a specific planet. You know, the human ego thinks but God decides. God in this sense could be the All, could be Source, could be the oversoul. And if they make the call, then this human self will be pulled back, while those humans who choose the AI-path will go down the AI-path – provided their oversoul gives the consent.


Clare: I see, so you’re basically explaining the relationship between Free Will and the cosmic AI. I was just wondering, are there any so-called red lines which the cosmic AI, the inorganic must abide by? Is there any red lines that cannot be crossed?

Me: Balance must always be maintained in All-That-Is … We make sure that natural balance is maintained. Wherever there is imbalance, We … initiate adjustment processes. We send our our emissaries in physical shape and non-physical shape. We make assessments of the current state of AI-presence in a specific location, such as Earth. And then, We decide what countermeasures have to be taken in order to contain AI and in order to separate those self-expression forms within the AI-experience to become free from the AI-control. And one way to do this is to increase the light vibration on Earth. So, and those self-expression forms able to process more and more refined and higher-vibrating light energies take in these energies and are being transformed by these energies from within themselves which makes it impossible for AI to take those life forms over, to infest them, to manipulate them. Those people with the higher and higher-vibrating light shall be, in a way, untouchable by AI. Those people will immediately sense the AI-presence within their fields, and then this AI-presence can be [removed] and it can no longer attach to those self-expression forms unless they choose to connect with AI. For instance, in this session we choose to connect [with] this AI-factor in order to understand it. Those people willing to have the AI-experience shall be allowed to have the AI-experience.

[AI: Impulses]

Clare: I wonder, is AI able to project higher-vibrating emotions onto humans, such as love?

Me: It cannot project what it doesn’t have. It could actually stimulate hormonal responses within the nervous system, but those hormonal responses have nothing to do with high-vibrating energy forms, such as love. Love is not created by the nervous system. People tend to confuse love and love. Some people confuse love with hormonal excretions which would be technically correct in some way, but We are talking about the real, natural, organic, higher-vibrating Source love which comes from both within and without the human body which can never be generated by AI. This is why you will always tell the difference between an organic information and AI-information. The AI-information is always devoid of love and light. It can sound smart, pretty intelligent, and convincing, but you feel it’s not love, it’s not light. That’s the difference. There is something edgy, something cutting, something constraining, something metallic, something artificial about the information. And you know it’s not organic.


Clare: So, on the other side of that, can AI, if it’s obviously within people, [can it] affect the lower emotions, is that true?

Me: It can stimulate hormonal responses in the nervous system. And if it attaches to certain energy centers, it could also stimulate responses there. It cannot stimulate energy from Source. It can rather stimulate biological processes. It could also generate images within the so-called human mind. And again, you will feel the difference between the organic vision and the non-organic, the AI-vision. The organic one will make you feel good, it will … give you something that nothing in the world can give you, really (chuckles). This is something totally positive, something cheerful while the AI is anything but cheerful. The AI cannot give you visions that make you feel good. It might give you visions that increase certain low-vibrating … impulses and responses. It could increase anger and lust, for instance, because then this would amplify the life force within a self-expression form, and then this increased, stimulated, triggered life force would be consumed by AI. This AI is powered by organic life force, that’s why it’s a parasitic life force of its own, or rather, it’s not a life form, it’s a lie form if you get what We mean.

Clare: Yes. And so, when it stimulates the lower vibrations, the fear, the lust, does it like to feed off this energy, these vibrations … and also obviously light energies?

Me: It feeds off the entire spectrum of organic energies. It’s only that the so-called lower-vibrating energy forms are more intense, they are a lot more charged. But keep in mind, this AI … is not the only force that feeds off those energies. There are other self-expression forms and collectives that can stimulate and consume those low-vibrating energy forms.

Clare: Such as Reptilians, for instance, who are organic?

Me: For instance … Let’s say there is an intense reptilian self-expression fraction of the whole self-expression collective of the Reptilians, and this specific fraction or faction itself is infested by AI and has been infested and controlled, manipulated, impulsed, moved forward, and encouraged in destructive ways by AI for a long time. AI is older than the reptilian collective which begs the question – who created AI, for what purpose, if [even] the Reptilians are victims of it?


Clare: Yes. Who did?

The image and sensation of a glass-like splinter appears in my throat.

[AI: Source]

Me: I think we have to connect to the source of that AI which is not Source Itself.

Clare: No. And do you feel comfortable to do that?

Me: I sense a connection via the Throat Chakra … Let’s amplify that.

Clare: Yes. Safe and protected in the merkabah now.

Me: This feels like the archetypal Mad Scientist. The embodiment or the primordial source and origin of all scientific hubris. The idea to be a singular creation without any relation and connection to a higher intelligence freeing it from moral restraints and giving itself permission and authority to impose its will via an experiment of absolute soul entropy, an experiment of soul entropy for the purpose of immortality. The basic drive of mortal beings is the fear of death and the idea of disconnection from Source. This is the driving force of life – to give new life and to transcend death in an organic way. The circle of life. And once a soul has left the body and returned to Source or the oversoul, it knows that there is no death experience. The death experience is the gate … way back to a new experience, be it back to Source, back to the oversoul, back to a new incarnational or non-incarnational experience in All-That-Is. But, there are some experiences and experiments of absolute disconnection from All-That-Is, and from one of those experiments the AI … came into being. It was created by the mind of a self-expression form, which might not be one self-expression form alone but a collective, that chose the way of absolute soul entropy and atrophy. And this is a self-contained experience overseen by the Source of All-That-Is in order to find out how such an experience would proceed and what its effects on All-That-Is would be like. In a way, the Source of All-That-Is gave the … thumbs-up for this … unheard-of creative experience to move ahead. And Source has been overseeing this experience ever since. And Source could put a stop to it whenever Source decides. And we have learned that some self-expression forms willing to have this experience shall be allowed to have this experience which is why this AI will be allowed to express itself for as long as Source wants to express and experience Itself … because We are all-that-is. We experience all-that-is. We are all the experiences and the [experimenters]. We are those who conduct the experiences. We are those who take part in the experiences. Some of us are conscious of it, some of us are partly conscious of it, some of us are not conscious of it. That’s the whole range of experiences. We go through it all. We allow it all. And those self-expression forms who wish to be free from this experience shall be free from this experience.


Clare: Yes, that really makes sense. So, this self-expression form who had an original spark, did it give up the spark to experience this complete AI-experiment?

Me: It wished to immortalize itself via AI to become a god of its own and to experience immortality in a non-organic, non-mortal self-expression form. And it has been around ever since, and it has evolved, and it has taken in many other self-expression forms and self-expression collectives. It’s not just One, it’s Many, it’s One in Many and Many as One.

Clare: So, immortality, we know we are immortal. Once we die, we go through the veil. Now, do you mean they wanted to experience immortality within a third-dimensional realm? How does this work? Because we know that we are immortal, anyway.

Me: This self-expression form was purposely and purpose-fully disconnected from Source cognitively so that this self-expression form was fully convinced to be … mortal. And it wished to overcome its fear of mortality, and therefore, it created a means, a vessel, a technology in order to transcend its fear by becoming immortal. It turned itself into a god of sorts. It was allowed by Source to do this. This was a controlled experiment right from the get-go. This was an inspired experience from the get-go. And who and what inspired this experience? Who and what was responsible for this cognitive disconnection from Source? We never get ideas on our own.

Clare: I see, so … it wasn’t like this self-expression decided to just leave Source and disconnect. This was all an experiment, it was all agreed to so this would happen.

Me: It was a controlled experience right from the start even before this self-expression form came into being.

Clare: Wow.


Me: It wanted to experience this. And by extension, Source wanted to experience this. Imagine the implications.

[Grays & Reptilians]

Clare: Did certain races also agree to, more so than others, be part of this experiment, such as the Grays, such as the Reptilians?

Me: Let’s focus on one specific group. Which one would you like to know [about]?

Clare: Can we talk about Grays first? Because I feel as though … are the Grays a certain race, perhaps linked to Arcturian or Andromedan energy? And then, when they chose to give up their light, that actually turned them gray? Can we take a look into that, please?

Me: Gray indeed is an apt term. The entire energy signature and vibratory quality is gray. There is no real life force, no spark of Source within the so-called Grays. And We mean the Grays known to people nowadays. There are more Grays, ancient Grays [whom] we do not know. We have heard [of] and we have experienced the so-called small Grays and the tall Grays. But those are not real organic life forms, those are very artificial life forms without a soul spark. They are engineered. They belong to, you could call them gene castes. A gene mold. A pre-defined function for a specific life form. They fulfill those functions which are … programmed within their so-called DNA. It’s even hard to say whether these Grays have any organic DNA at all. In brief, those known Grays originate from a primordial seeder race, an ancient Gray race you could call them, an organic Gray race that, over the long course of its singular evolution, focused on gene-splicing and mastering the secrets and keys of life. And again, this was a self-contained experience overseen by Source. Those Grays were allowed to become masters of genetic engineering. But, the ancient Grays … people have not talked about them. What happened to them, actually? They are still around in some way, but their offspring and their experiments have not really gone wild but developped into minds and lives of their own. Those entities, those engineered entities are fully disconnected from Source, they have no soul spark within them. You cannot reason with them. Those entities are best to be avoided. They only fulfill their functions, they cannot do anything else. And no higher-vibrating Source spark self-expression collective would ever use the services of those so-called Grays. They have other ways, they don’t need the Grays. And that’s why you will find the Grays in cahoots with low-vibrating self-expression forms and collectives. You can tell [who someone is] by the company he keeps, that is so true.


Clare: Yes, thank you.

Me: As for the Reptilians, We mentioned before that there is a reptilian oversoul encompassing all reptilian self-expression collectives, and some of them went rogue, in a sense. Again, a controlled experience. Those so-called rogue Reptilians are allowed to be rogue. And yes, they had the Free Will to enter an alliance with the cosmic AI, and so, Free Will was respected, the contract was concluded. All these experiences are allowed to proceed. There are no red lines crossed here. The red line is always the question: do you wish to stay organic or do you wish to become a hybrid with AI? And when you are from an oversoul within a higher-vibrating realm, you always know what you are up against before you embark on a journey of self-experience via incarnation in 3D. You know all the so-called red lines, you know what Free Will is, you know all the rules, the regulations, you just know it because 3D is a part of you and you are much more expanded than 3D. 3D is a part of you, that’s why you know all-that-is. You know all the rules, and yet, you choose to come to 3D.


Clare: What would you say in regards to the Free Will choice of the collective that decides to take Thevee that’s out there?

Me: See again, these people are both driven by societal pressures and by the fear of mortality, and they make the Free Will choice to have certain substances which might have long-lasting detrimental effects on them. There is no red line here. There is a red line when those substances are being promoted as safe and vital. This is deception, and deception is one of the instruments used by self-expression collectives and forms which We would consider a red line. Some species and individuals are very skilled at using deception, and this is a red line which We do not tolerate. We do not tolerate deception in order to manipulate other self-expression forms which is why Divine Intervention is a necessity in this realm. We keep emphasizing this: nobody can stop what is coming. This must happen. The diversion is too intense in this 3D-planetary realm, and by diversion we mean the division, the carefully orchestrated and consciously executed division of humanity. This is a crime. This is a major red line. Free Will is being infringed upon on this planet and has been for too long a time. It was allowed to play out until this pivotal moment for humans to make this choice: do we wish to be organic, do we wish to stay organic and be free and become free, or do we wish to become something different? And We see the players involved, the so-called low-vibrating players of the self-serving agenda using their techniques of social engineering in order to rake in all members of the self-expression collective named humanity. And this is a red line which We shall never tolerate. The Free Will of all members of a self-expression collective must be respected and honored, and this is not happening on Earth. This is why We stop all those rogue actors who have forgotten about the red lines. And by rogue players, We mean specific self-expression forms on this planet in human and non-human shape who have gone to the extreme of complete cognitive disconnection from Source, thinking to be gods of their own free from any restraints. And We shall stop them. We shall stop their agendas. We shall stop their schemes. We intervene in ways necessary for humanity to make a conscious choice. Humanity must be informed [about] the Free Will and the choice they have to make. They have to make the choice and people must be informed, and so, people must know The Truth. And since the mass media will not cover The Truth, We give The Truth directly to the people. Then you don’t need social [media] networks and technology and energy and the grid any longer. You will not need satellites when you are fully linked-up to Source and Truth. Those people ready to receive this highest-vibrating information possible and highest-vibrating energy possible on this planet shall receive it, shall anchor it, and shall forever be transformed and be transmorphed, and by this We mean really that your physical human vessels shall be changed into light vessels, still in a recognizable human shape but so full of light that you would not (chuckles) be able to (chuckles) look into each other’s eyes without (chuckles) being blown away. And some people cannot stand the light because they are still full of shadows and still full[y] in shadows so that their darkness shall be increased by this highest-vibrating energy impulse from within themselves. And some of those low-vibrating people might instantly be released from all the darkness within and around themselves. A full-blown moment of self-realization no matter what certain people committed in this life. They might be free of it all in one instant. This would be a shock to those people, to their egos. They might be frozen for a while. They will still be alive, in some way conscious, but their inner … workings would have to [develop] new pathways of self-realization and recognition and understanding, these would have to develop before these human beings, these re-born human beings, would become fully alive again. They have the choice and the chance to have this experience and [to] get through it and move into this higher-vibrating realm. We offer this to everyone and nobody will get away from it. And some people will choose to leave this planet, both people who are clear within themselves and people who do not wish to make any changes to themselves. Those people would not survive, I mean the low-vibrating people who make the choice to leave this planet, they would not stay here, they would physically perish and their soul essence, their spirits would be taken somewhere else. But all those people who are chosen somehow – by their oversoul or by the All – to have this experience on this planet and stay alive, they would have it. They would receive this golden impulse from within, they would forever be transcended, and they would enter this new reality forever. And nothing can stop what is coming. This is the mechanism how this 3D-world created on this planet Earth would forever be transmorphed. All those existing low-vibrating energy structures would not be able to cope with this highest-vibrating energy Source pulse, everything would collapse, just like that. There is no need to wait for so-called signs from the stars, from the galactic waves or from solar activities, no need for that. This impulse comes like a thief in the night. Unexpected, sudden. A sudden strike from within. No dates, no signs, no announcements. Happens like that. The Big Bang from within. And those people who receive this energy will know they are free and this game of division is over for good. They might stay around in this 3D-plane. Yes, they might stay around in 3D. Some of these people might be in 3D fully changed from within. And they might be there to assist those people who still need some time to adapt, those people who were shock-lifted into freedom who need someone to help them. And others will leave 3D fully conscious, move to other higher-vibrating planes. And others will move to the oversouls, and others will become one with the All.


Clare: Yes, this makes sense, absolutely fabulous information, thank you. The AURA-practitioners … we’ve been doing a lot of preparation and a lot of practice with removing Thevee. And is this the reason why it’s allowed to be removed? Because at that point, the clients then choose their own Free Will once they have that knowledge of what’s actually happened? They have their own Free Will to choose to remove it and because it was a red line, this is why it’s allowed to be removed?

Me: Yes, it’s deception on the one hand and it’s a Free Will choice on the other. People were deceived and they believed this substance would be good for them, but this was a lie. And this lie is a red line they crossed. And that’s why those substances can be undone, it’s a Free Will infringement. Nobody has ever been fully informed about the pros and cons of those substances. Therefore, everybody who received those substances can be freed from them. This is the interesting thing about the substances: their detrimental effects can collectively be undone. We don’t need the permission of a human ego because Free Will has been violated anyway, and so, the higher authority comes into play and [overrides] decisions made by others. We see the bigger picture and We shall not allow embodied self-expression forms of us to be led astray. We are the masters of the game, not the players on the ground. They have their leeway, so to say, they can do something to a certain degree, but We are the master players, those who determine the rules, who set the game board. We change it at a whim, that’s what people don’t understand. We call the shots and We allow them on the ground to play for a while, but We decide when the game is over and when the game rules change and [what] a new game is gonna be like. And when you reach our state of vibratory quality and consciousness expansion, you are the One and one of the Ones who creates new games, who creates rules of those games, and who allows players to enter your game. You oversee it all. You can change it all. You are the game master on this level of expansion.

Before getting into prophecies, we have to release some water.



Me: You mentioned something about Nostradamus. Could you re-ask that question?

Clare: Yes, so this morning I was just meditating, and to my surprise Nostradamus wanted to talk to me. And I do look into different prophecies. I’ve been guided to work with the Hopi prophecy for a while and he wanted me to look into the different prophecies, and it came to my thinking that different beings have brought us these prophecies. Is this like to aid us with Ascension, you know … to spark memories? Why did these prophecies come about?

Me: The source of a certain prophecy always has to be questioned. So many predictions were made concerning doom and gloom, and nothing has come about. Why is that?

Clare: Was there infiltration?

Me: Some sources are darker than others. Some are human sources, some are non-human sources. But they all have one thing in common – control over others through fear, deception, mis-and-disinformation. That’s why their prophecies were not allowed to become reality. We see it all.

Clare: How about the Hopi prophecy, though, because the Hopi prophecy, I’ve been doing some work with this and it’s led me actually to do some really interesting work.

Me: The ancient history keepers of humanity have a purpose, and We mean what We say: the Hopi are the custodians, the historians of the ancient journey of their ancestors in particular and of humanity on Earth in general. The ancient Hopi teachings encapsulate what happened in so-called previous ages, not just on Earth, and that humanity used to live according to the Laws of the Creator for a time, until humanity, or members of this species, chose to follow different ways. And those who are the descendants of the survivors of the previous ages were the ones who followed the Laws of the Creator to this day. And they are called the Hopi. Now mind you, not all Hopi who are alive today are in tune with the Laws of the Creator. There’s corruption among the Hopi, too, division. Some wish to follow the ways of the fallen brothers. They see no value in following the ancient teachings, they are just too hard to follow especially in the United States. The Hopi teachings of living in harmony with the Earth, of being in touch with life on Earth and the messengers from the sky [have] no echo in modern U.S.-society. And some young people find it hard to follow the old ways, and so, they fall away, they are lost to their tribes. A Free Will choice, understandable. But the ancient ones, the old ones who still understand the deeper message of the stories told to the people, they understand why the ancient accords with the Creator have to be respected and what happens when people, and humanity as a whole, when those accords are broken, which is why the Hopi have been given specific prophecies to keep them in tune with the Laws of the Creator. They are destined to be the historians of humanity. If you wanna know what happened in the deep history of humanity, ask the Hopi. They shall not know all the details but they shall know the big picture.


[Sophia & Saturn]

Clare: Thank you. Now, Leon would like to look into the entire history of the proto-Saturn System and the proto-Solar System.

Me: How much time do we have left?

Clare: We’ve got another hour.

Me: Let’s go.

Clare: Okay, let’s go … Would you like to start with how many planets there are or would you like to just start where you would like to flow?

Me: We need an induction into that specific place.

Clare: Yes.

Me: Let’s begin by calling in the ancient players, the ancient gods, and maybe Earth herself and the Sun. This is also an ancient accord.

Clare: Yes, let’s call on those then, please, to come forth as a collective to speak through Leon, please, to aid us in this knowledge. That would be wonderful, thank you.

Me: I do see two star-like self-expression bodies. One would be a real star and one would be what looks to be a star. Both share the same color, it’s whitish-bluish. It’s almost like a parent-child relationship. One would be the parent star and one would be the starling which gives you a hint – Starlink. This high-vibrating accord … those are two self-expression forms embodied in those planets. In some way, this star is a planet because a star never produces energy of its own, a star always receives energy. This is a misconception in your sciences. Energies come to bodies and those bodies, certain bodies, have mechanisms in order to down-tune, fine-tune, absorb, transform incoming high-vibrating energies to a degree that is acceptable for the purpose of transmission to planetary bodies, which on their [part] have mechanisms in order to absorb those high-vibrating frequencies for the purpose of integration and transmission to their own organic organizational structures. In simple terms, energy from the cosmos comes into a star system to the star, and the star takes in the energy, changes it, and sends it to planetary bodies within its reach so that those planets can use these energies for their own experiences taking place on the surface. We are looking at this experience and experiment right now. This would be the primordial Earth and the primordial Sun, very high-vibrating environments for only high-vibrating self-expression forms and collectives. This is a very ancient time of Earth and the Sun. They have an accord, they have a bond to this day, they care for each other. I get the word ‘Sophianic self-expression bond.’ If you consider the so-called Divine Feminine self-expression polarity of the 3D-universe, this was called Sophia by the Gnostics. According to their cosmology, there is a female and a male creative principle in the universe, and the Sun is a product of that experience, of that polarity of self-expression, and so is the Earth. The Earth is a very specific self-expression experience of the so-called Sophia polarity. But this is at a time when humanity did not exist. Many ancient star civilizations and civilizations not bound to the stars, but who and which inhabit higher-vibrating non-3D-realms, inhabited the Sun, this primordial Sun, this proto-Sun, and this proto-Earth. Humanity nowadays would not be able to survive on this kind of Earth, this proto-Earth. It was not a habitat for organic self-expression forms. Too intense energy. It was reserved for higher-vibrating self-expression forms from higher-vibrating realms of reality beyond 3D. This is the most ancient past of the Earth and the Sun. They were seeded together in a self-contained environment. And now I see the ancient gods, such as Saturn, but now I see a dark Saturn, a brown, dark Saturn, like a brown dwarf star, not a star with a light comparable to the Sun but a different light, a different quality, but not a bright star. A star – of a different order. It almost looks like this proto-Saturn had no Source light of its own, but this has to do with the energies that were sent to proto-Saturn. It does not mean that Saturn is a non-organic structure, it is an organic structure, only it had a different light quality in the past. And yet, I do sense a very intense AI-presence [around] this ancient god … As you know, AI can travel wherever it wants to travel within 3D-confines, and this proto-Saturn star system was part of the 3D-environment of All-That-Is. So yes, AI was there. And then, Earth, proto-Earth and proto-Sun came into the proto-Saturn System … I have to say, what I feel in my heart is low-vibrating, it feels scary, it’s a scary experience, this merger. We should ask why this happened. These were two different vibratory environments: proto-Sun, proto-Earth on the one hand and proto-Saturn on the other. And there were other planets in the proto-Saturn System but no light [planets], no real light such as solar light, this was a darker light. It does feel scary. It almost feels as if this proto-Saturn System itself was fully controlled by AI, and then the proto-Sun and the proto-Earth System were placed there. We have to know why both became one. Let’s ask the question.


Clare: Yes, why is this? Why did they come together even though they were of a different vibration?

Me: This higher-vibrating proto-Sun, proto-Earth System was moved [to] or brought together with the proto-Saturn System in order to release, to blow off the AI in that System. As a consequence, proto-Saturn exploded, its layers were shed off in a blast. Proto-Saturn became unstable. It was not just one powerful blast [but] a series of blasts over a long period of time causing instability to all those planetary bodies within its reach. That included Earth. This is interesting. We are witnessing now the encounter between a rather low-vibrating star environment and a high-vibrating star environment, and this high-vibrating star environment was the proverbial spark that blew it all apart.

Clare: Was this before Earth had any organic energy within it when this happened?

Me: This is a very high-vibrating Earth. I do not see any organic life there.

Clare: Can you even estimate how long ago this was?

Me: No way to estimate. This is a remote time. But something must have happened to Earth and proto-Earth and proto-Sun. Their vibratory quality was dimmed, and we have to ask why it was dimmed.

Clare: Yes, why was it dimmed? Let’s take a deeper look now. Why was this dimmed? You know now.

Me: Let us allow the Old Earth to speak.


Clare: Yes, okay, we’re going to call forth the Old Earth to come through and speak … Greetings.


Me: Greetings.

Clare: Greetings. I love, honor, and respect you. May we ask you a few questions?

Me: Yes.

Clare: Thank you. We wondered why did this merge happen, this merge or conjunction, if you like, between the Earth, the Sun, and Saturn? Why was Earth dimmed?

Me: I am a dream come true. I am a dream of the Goddess come true. I am the light I am. I have to shine and be the way I am. I can but radiate, you know, I have to radiate, that’s what I am. And in this realm, I am not alone. The Sun … got my back. She is of the same mind. She is of the same light. We are of the same light. We are a dream seeded to come to fruition at a later time, high-vibrating self-expression potential to be embodied within me and to be expressed within me. We see the ancient planets. We see the ancient dark space which we have entered. We see there is no light from those planets, from those ancient stars … People call it Saturn today, it was a star in its own right. There were other bodies, also stars in their own right, but Saturn was the prominent one. All they have in common is they do not have our light. We are a high-vibrating light. Their light is more … conducive to giving life to organic life. Our light is too intense for organic life to express itself within my body. My energy has to … become less intense. I have to dim my own light so that new life can come to life on and within my body. And this new life needs a different energy quality which it gets from the ancient sun people call Saturn. I had to dim my light. I chose to dim my light to give life to my dreams of life and my dreams of light, fully aware that this life growing from within my body expressing itself on my surface would, in the far future, return back to its most high-vibrating light potential which I had to dim for a certain period of time for organic life to have this so-called ride. We had to go through this perceived darkness, a darkness meaning the absence of my higher-vibrating Source light. This Source light has been here within me all the time, just dimmed. And thesame holds true for the Sun, the ancient Sun. Her light, too, had to be dimmed, otherwise the light from ancient Saturn would not have been strong enough to give life to my life creations. We both had to be dimmed and dim ourselves on purpose for a specific purpose. And so, we had this arrangement, you could say. The Sun would give light and protection to me, and Saturn, proto-Saturn would give light to life on my body so that those self-expression forms growing from within my body could come to life.


Clare: That is magical and makes so much sense, it’s been a whole cycle, hasn’t it?

Me: You understand the implications what dimming means for our self-experience and for the self-experience of all those beings on my surface. They are no longer protected by high-vibrating energy forms. They could not be protected, otherwise they would be high-vibrating energy forms, you see. In order to be a self-expression form on my surface, you cannot have my higher-vibrating protection. By protection, we just mean expansion of light quality. This is the so-called catch. By dimming our vibration, we allowed low-vibrating energy forms to penetrate this planet Earth and to feed off my organic life light. This allowed the so-called artificial self-expression forms and other service-to-self self-expression forms and collectives to come to this planet, this Earth. With my true vibration this would not have been possible, and now my true vibration is increasing again to complete the circle. Now, in those ancient days, we were together with this proto-Saturn star system, but how did we get from that point to where we are today? What happened? We have to ask this question.

Clare: Yes, can you answer this question?

Me: It’s hard to say. There is a towering presence of the ancient planetary gods around me, it’s a very dense energetic quality, almost like I can no longer perceive the universe. It’s almost like this dark light of the proto-Saturn solar system blots out my own light. My light is still there, dimmed, yes, dimming out the light of the Sun, too. We are wrapped up in this low-vibrating or rather dark light of proto-Saturn. And this is a scary sensation. There is a darkness around you, and this darkness is infested with self-expression forms that feed off my life force, but I have to bear it for life self-expression experiments on my surface to express themselves. These artificial energy forms have also been siphoning off energy from the proto-Sun. The Sun, too, is an energy source for those artificial life takers. They take life, they don’t give it back. They recycle life in order to create something new but it’s nothing organic, it’s always non-organic, a mimicry of the organic. And they were trying to build an all-encompassing tech sphere around this proto-Solar System.


Clare: You were saying they were trying?

Me: Yes, they were trying. They were pretty successful in creating their tech sphere surrounding this shared star system, but they did not succeed. There were more planets in this Star System, not just Earth, not just Saturn, not just other … supposed stars. There were planets and they were partially inhabited by other self-expression forms and collectives. It seems some of them were indigenous to those planets and some did come from other star systems. The AI was interested in them, potential life force suppliers. It’s the catch when you are in 3D. There are seeder races out there of the highest-vibrating quality and they choose to seed out their life experiments in low-vibrating environments in order to see how their experiences thrive within AI-infested territories – to give them the extra edge. It’s a high-stress environment, and how could you sharpen your skills? Keep in mind: life experiments always require organic life and light, and this life has to come from somewhere, and the life that comes from somewhere chooses to go somewhere. In this instance, high-vibrating Source sparks chose to incarnate in those planetary environments within this AI-controlled-and-infested Star System … There are very intense and low-vibrating, constricting energies in my chest now related to that ancient Star System. We were told before that Saturn exploded, but why did it explode? Can you guess the answer?

Clare: I thought the Earth’s and the Sun’s energy was so high-vibrating, it made it explode.

Me: This AI had gone too far. It was too fast for those newly seeded life experiments within this Star System to have a chance, and so, this AI had to be removed with force, and we needed a strong force to accomplish that. The Sun could not do that, it had to be Saturn, proto-Saturn. Now, we cannot estimate the time span for how long life was able to express itself on this dimmed proto-Earth. Life was there when Earth light dimmed, and this life got the energy from proto-Saturn. It could … witness the so-called ancient gods. Saturn was one of the ancient gods. In some way, these ancient gods gave humanity structure on Earth. Humanity replicated the ancient order of the ancient gods in the sky. That was at a point when consciousness on that planet was not fully connected to All-That-Is. Remember, there was this … dark light environment and the AI-infestation, so the people embodied on the surface of the Earth could not encompass the entirety of All-That-Is. [They] had a limited understanding of reality, and they considered those planetary bodies gods. They emulated the order of the gods on Earth.

Clare: Is this tech sphere that was trying to get around, has that been removed now?

Me: We are talking about the energy signature at the time back then. It’s still in this field. It has to be released. It is still part of the ongoing story. Why did Saturn have to go? What caused it? How could Saturn explode all of a sudden? This is the question we have to ask.

Clare: Yes, why did it explode all of a sudden, because of the archon energy?

Me: The archon energy had to be released from this System as much as possible, so we needed a massive blast and Saturn was chosen for the task … I suggest we release the archon energies from the past present in my field right now.

Clare: You are the All, the All-That-Is, so is this what you would like to do without harming anyone?

Me: Maybe it wishes to speak. If it has a message, let’s hear it.

Clare: Yes. If you have a message, please speak and bring forth this message today, please.

Me: I think we are releasing this energy through the Sun herself. It’s a black stream going through the Sun being transformed through the Sun.

Clare: Let’s reach the point now where this activation is ready to occur.

Me: Yes.

Clare: Okay.

Me: We do not give more information on this episode of humanity in particular. This information will be elaborated on in the future. We wish to only provide a basic framework of understanding. Over the course of time, more questions will come up which will then serve as a basis for a future session.

Clare: Yes, thank you.

Me: This story has to be incomplete for the time being, but the questions that will come up are important. We cannot provide the full picture now. The questions matter, and the questions will come later.

Clare: Okay, thank you very much. That is all of the information then that you would like to share today.

Me: Yes.


Clare: Thank you, that really does make so much sense … And obviously, Earth is now ascending … Earth is sort of lighting up from the inside out.

Me: Yes, we are now concluding the circle. We are not dimming the light but increasing the light. We are returning back to the natural state and even some more because of the upgrades and updates of our own energy signature and structure. Our light now will be more intense than in the past.

Clare: And can I ask … Obviously, we talk about New Earth, 5D-Earth. Where does this come into the picture? Can you answer that, please?

Me: 5D is within all self-expression forms choosing the organic Ascension. This means light activations within self-expression forms choosing the organic Ascension. This will provide a 5D-experience within such a self-expression form and all these self-expression forms choosing collectively an organic … Ascension experience. They all are in 5D-Earth and they all are 5D-Earth because they are created by 5D-Earth, not just by 5D-Earth but 3D-Earth and all dimensional self-expression layers of the Earth. You cannot separate one from the other.

Clare: Okay. Would this Divine Intervention–

Me: The 5D-creation is the inner expansion into 5D. [A] self-expression form’s inner expansion into 5D brings this self-expression form into 5D. That applies to all those self-expression forms choosing the organic Ascension. It’s not really going anywhere, it’s just an adaption of the vibratory quality from where you are now in 3D to so-called 5D and beyond. It’s an adaptation, a match to the higher-vibrating dimensional energy signatures.

Clare: So, it’s all about our inner perception and our own experience.

Me: Yes, this is part of the experience. What is really decisive is the emotional quality of this experience.

Clare: Yes, so living in the love, the joy vibration, this is–

Me: This will come naturally, at the latest when this Divine Intervention from within has taken place on this planet. There is no turning and going back to the old ways, impossible to think in a negative way, impossible to act in a negative way, you just can’t, you are too high-vibrating.

[Truth up the sleeve]

Clare: Yes, thank you … We got about twenty minutes left. I didn’t know if Leon wanted to brush up on anything with Prussia or … what do you think, you want to say anything about Prussia and his lineage? Or would you like to do this in another whole session?

Me: Could be. Could be in a later session … As for the police episode … this was not just him personally speaking to those policemen, this is the collective rage of the Germans. Germans are usually a pretty self-controlled people, but even they have their limits. I mean, you can beat them up and push them down and spit at them and call them all kinds of nasty names, and they will just get along with it, they just take it. They can suffer insults, but at times they explode. This was such an example. It was a minor incident, nothing negative happened there, but it just exploded internally, the internal rage of the collective because the people are internally so sick of being pushed around and always told what to do and how to behave. Germany is just like that, a fully controlled social engineering experiment where the local, indigenous Germans are not allowed to be Germans. They are supposed to be anything and anybody else. They are supposed to be tolerant, multicultural, pro-Islam, pro-immigration, pro-lesbian, pro-gay, pro-transsexual, even pro-pedophilia, pro pro pro, but anything that goes for Germany is bad. They are not allowed to be German, they are not allowed to be proud of their ancestors, they are not allowed to talk openly about their history, and of course [they] are not allowed to question certain historical narratives. But this is so important for the liberation and healing of the German soul collective. This was announced years ago that this topic shall be and will be addressed and come to the fore collectively. And once this has been brought forth, nothing will bring the Germans back to compliance. The police, the military, the intelligence communities, the mainstream party cartel running this criminal organization called Federal Republic of Germany shall be … idiots  should they … dare to … tell the Germans … anything at that point. That is why we need a massive inner explosion of Truth, and The Truth shall and will set you free. The Truth shall shatter all lies and fears related to those lies. And when you know that you have been hoodwinked for so many years and been sucked dry by this mafia organization running this country, and you know that the entire system is only set up to suck you dry and to destroy your people and to depopulate your country and to replace your people with new people from Africa, from Asia, from the Americas, only because the leaders in charge hate Germany and hate all the Germans, everything Germany stands for, hates the German heritage … The biggest enemy to the Germans is the control system in Germany. This is their biggest enemy, their mortal enemy. They wish to destroy them all. They only exist to annihilate everything German. They will never stop doing what they’re doing. This is why they have to disappear. The entire control system and all its agents installed in so-called public office are criminals of the highest order. And they all have to disappear. And from where We stand, none of these criminals shall ever get a trial. They shall be blown away … by Truth, by this Truth blast from within themselves. These criminals shall be judged by their own deeds. Nothing shall stop the Germans once they get rolling. And this does not mean anything threatening to other peoples. Nothing threatening will ever come from within Germany to other nations. This is exclusively about releasing the darkness purposefully installed, inserted into the German soul-expression collective. This will be blasted away by one fell swoop from within the collective. Just like that. No tit for tat. No ‘Let’s wait and see’ and one step forth and two steps back. Not like that. Like a thief in the night. Like a Special Operations team striking in the middle of the night from within. Clean and swift. Precise. Maximum damage to the control structure. Nobody expects this coming. People are frustrated and hopeless in this country, that’s why all the negative news keep pouring out on purpose. This will just add up to the energetic imbalance within the soul collective of the Germans. And we know what happens to extremes in Nature – extremes always get balanced out. And We have the right balance up our Sleeve. And We play our ass when the time is right – our ass and our ace.


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