Hammerfall - #1 AURA Session with Ruminokami - The ALL


Clare Bailey

Before recording this session, an unannounced higher intel transmission came through concerning Divine Intervention in human affairs. Previously, it was relayed that the use of nuclear weapons on and against this planet would not be allowed and that especially Russia would be protected. Today, this was illustrated by the following – maybe not so hypothetical – scenario.

A missile with nuclear warheads, launched for the purpose of destroying or inflicting damage on another country, would be hijacked by a powerful invisible force stopping the missile in mid-flight. This event would be monitored by satellites and control centers. The world’s militaries would wonder what power is capable of doing this because no known military has such advanced intercept technologies. This breaking news would quickly reach the global mass media. Experts would rack their brains that such a thing would violate the laws of nature and would therefore be impossible. Live videos would do the rounds on digital social networks like wildfire, making mankind aware that they are dealing with a power beyond anything known so far.

Bottomline: God is omnipresent and omnipotent and intervenes directly in the Free Will of humanity because the time has come to raise humanity to a higher level of collective consciousness. Some believe that the exercise of Free Will is inviolable, but this does not apply to forces from higher-vibrating levels of reality. This is to make clear to mankind that there are forces which have created this universe according to rules they have set themselves. Who sets the rules, sets the game. Who changes the rules, changes the game. Divine Intervention is the Game Changer.


Me: This would be the perfect opportune moment to make a visible move or a move towards visibility. Not really direct visibility, not yet, but just stopping in track everything that … some people have been doing in this reality. You know, stopping an airplane in mid-air. The engines are running but the plane isn’t moving, how can this be? People on that airplane might freak out, maybe not, maybe some of them will say, “Wow, this is some kind of freaky experience! How can this be?” And after a while, this plane moves on or is being moved because the instruments no longer obey. This airplane is just being moved by an invisible, powerful hand wherever it needs to be. This would upset the entire world order [and make] those global players used to playing their own games according to their own shifty-and-shifting rules obsolete. They would finally realize that they are not in charge and have never been in charge. All of humanity would, once and for all, witness that some very invisible and powerful force rules their lives, rules everything-that-is, all affairs of humanity on this planet, all affairs of all life forms on this planet and much more beyond that. This would be what We mean by invisible interference moving towards eventual physical appearance. People would be [wondering] for maybe periods of weeks or months, maybe not even months (chuckles), certainly not years, let’s call it one year maybe of those invisible encounters and direct shows-of-display that something very powerful is behind the consensus realm of accepted (chuckles) reality possibilities. People around the world would have to get used to it, and they would get used to it because more and more people would say, “Well, we get what is happening. We know why this is true.” Other people might react in … interesting ways. They cannot get away from it (chuckles). So, this invisible force would make people worldwide aware of its benign nature. And there’s nothing the military can do about it, nothing the banksters can do against it, nothing governments, the old oligarchies, can do about it. But, the people who are awake and know what this is about … you will see miracles in 3D. Miracles, what is that? Just the visible manifestation and visible observation of a phenomenon ruled by laws which are not yet known. Just demonstrating that this Big Force is beyond all those accepted and possible laws. We can bend laws because We create them (chuckles). We can override it all, and then figure – if We show up around this planet in key locations visibly, We would take forms tailormade to suit the needs of target populations. We would take particular shapes in order to convey messages in order to soothe people in order to make them feel comfortable. Of course, some people will be pointing the finger at certain projects, you know, Fake Alien Invasion, Blue Beam, but these stories were just put in place in order to discredit this phenomenon. And people would not buy it, people would not fall for it. They would have direct experience of the benign nature of those powerful forces and players. This is actually one energy form which would take as many energy forms it needs in order to convey the message and to speak to the people directly, demonstrating once again that God is all-that-is, that God is [within] all-that-is and can talk to everyone on a personal level. And since God is beyond time and space, God can show up to everyone in all locations on this planet and beyond. God always listens, God always knows what’s there, God is around you and creating you and everything-that-is on this planet and beyond. This would be the first collective experience of a direct God-humanity-encounter … And this is what [certain] people are afraid of and they will not be able to stop this. The mass media, let them take down the mass media, nobody needs the mass media, this is direct Source-code-connection, Source dialog. This is unstoppable. The military has to bow down. The satellites, we don’t need the satellites, we don’t need Starlink, we don’t all of this. They set this up for a specific reason, but … we don’t need this. We only need the direct Source uplink, the personal Source connection. And as we do this worldwide everybody will be connected (chuckles) through this true starlink, you know, Sourcelink (chuckles) … This is the metaphor behind Starlink. Starlink is just what is technologically feasible, but still, it’s a man-made object-technology that is redundant. But, we need direct Source connection, so we need the direct Source experience worldwide and individually.


After hitting the potty break, we race through time and space …

[Heal the Circle]

Me: I am in the middle of the Medicine circle in the jungle … There is a cauldron, a burning fire, the Medicine in that cauldron. A light pyramid is within that circle surrounding that cauldron.

Clare: Is that a Light pyramid?

Me: It’s a merkaba light pyramid, part of it, placed over the cauldron. Golden-White Light. This is the same place where I lived in the jungle with the shaman who trained me.

Clare: Are you in a body?

Me: Yes, a human body.

Clare: Describe what you are wearing. Do you feel as though this is current life or past?

Me: Current life … I am in the state in which I find myself now. I am not the way I was in the past. I am the way I am now with strength and clarity that I did not have when I came there in the first place … I am a Diamond self-expression form … I am here to bring something to this place.

Clare: What is it that you are going to bring to this place?

Me: I don’t know yet. I sense the Diamond vibration in my fields … I don’t see anybody here.

Clare: Explain this Diamond vibration to me.

Me: It’s about truth. You cannot corrupt a Diamond. You cannot destroy a Diamond. The Diamond can only shine truth and it shines through everything from within and without. I think we are clearing the ayawaska teaching. We have to remember that the plant teachers are spirits. And where do they come from? And how long have they been influenced by other intelligence forms from outer space? [What] about interference of malevolent reptilian-AI self-expression forms? How long have they been interfering with organic life forms on this planet, excluding humanity? [What] about the animals and the plant realm? [What] about the spirit realm? How deep is the level of malevolent interference? This is what we’re looking at right now.


Clare: Take a deeper look into your knowing and access all of your senses and your knowing.

Me: I sense the Medicine in my field. This is a grounding energy. It’s heavy but not in the sense of negative, heavy in the sense of anchoring, grounding, permanent connection to the Earth that brought forth that medicine plant because the Earth herself speaks through this plant. The Earth uses as many plants [as necessary] in order to speak to people directly. But again, the Earth herself was … infiltrated, her energy bodies are infiltrated which is why information given by [the] Earth through [her] various agents so-to-say might be corrupted to some degree. This means, you might take a certain plant and this plant might be corrupted and then have a lasting, detrimental effect on [you]. This could be a spiritual effect, emotional effect, physical, mental, psychological. Those plant teachers are not bad, those plant teachers have been tainted. It’s not on purpose. The Earth is clean but has been around for a while and has had her share of divine and (chuckles) not divine interference and intrusions. This has to be cleared. Also, think about the AI-infestation of all organic realms on [the] Earth, this has to be cleared. Think about all the animals [that] have been hijacked by AI. This AI uses all those organic self-expression forms as energy sources. And these animals never had a choice, those plants never had a choice, the Earth never had a choice … because all organic life has been under intense stress. When that happens, natural defenses get weaker. It takes a lot of effort and energy to repel those low-vibrating incursions. And the weaker the defenses, the easier for the others to penetrate them, to overcome them, to install themselves. I think we are talking about healing the entire organic energy on this planet generated by this planet … This is a topic that is usually overlooked.

Clare: Yes, this does make sense. I have been – yes, carry on.

Me: Just wanted to add – you might have heard about shamanic warfare. How can this be, some people ask. Why is it that shamans who are experts of using powerful plant teachers, why do they use the same plant teachers in order to heal and in order to attack? How can this be? Why do the medicine plants do this? They have no choice, you see. It’s the AI. It depends on the user. If someone has a grudge, is envious of someone, has an axe to grind, then he will use his expertise, his skills, his helpers, the medicine plants in order to hurt someone. In this way, the shaman abuses his own Free Will and abuses plants and the spirit helpers and the tools at his disposition in order to harm another self-expression form. It’s not that the tools and energies he uses are bad, he uses them so he is responsible for the outcome of that abuse. It’s like water, water is neutral, it’s not evil, it’s not good, it’s neutral. But, you can use water to destroy, you can use water to create, to give life (chuckles). You could even create buildings out of it by turning it into ice in the first place. So, it depends on the person using that element, same with the plant teachers. All the tools which the shamans gather in their training over many years can be used for good and for bad. And so, if you are a shaman that focuses on destroying someone, then you allow destructive forces to take over parts of your self so that those destructive energy forms inside your being will then manipulate you in order to destroy someone else. On the other hand, if you are a good-hearted person and you align yourself with positive forces, positive intentions, then you are most likely to attract those kinds of spirit helpers and you will choose to not impose your Free Will on somebody else. This is the dividing line in the shamanic world. That happens worldwide. Same goes for magic, same goes for all spiritual traditions, same goes for all ideologies. If the mind is corrupted, it’s easy to inflict harm on others, so we have to be mindful of what we let [into] our minds. This is what We wanted to add.


Clare: Yes, thank you. Basically, what we’re gonna be doing is cleansing the whole organic structure on Earth … I’ve been working previously with the birds … magical creatures … and, obviously, the water, I’m working with the water as well. Now, you mentioned the animals and the plants which I haven’t done any work on, so this is interesting, no coincidences. What we do is collectively, we work on the whole organic structure …

Me: We are working on the entire Earth and that includes the organic structure … We are talking about the whole energetic underlay which creates visible manifestation. Think mountains, mountain ranges, forests, ravines, the oceans, ocean floors, the entire surface, everything that we see in 3D on this planet shall be affected by this work.

Clare: Will this affect the human collective as well?

Me: Our major focus is on the self-expression forms originating from the organic realm. That includes all those self-expression forms and self-expression collectives on this planet and beyond this planet. There are other self-expression forms from this planet which were created by this planet which are not on this planet. All of them shall be affected no matter if they want it or not. Now you know why. We don’t have to care [about] Free Will from where We stand.

Clare: Would you explain where we stand?

Me: This has been explained previously. That’s where We stand.

Clare: Okay, so … We’re all joining together now, we’re gonna start this work … Do you need anything from us … for you to do this massive task … to set this intention in motion?

Me: I now see the center of the Earth. There is this new Diamond, this new creation blueprint, the Earth in spheres surrounding the Diamond. It’s Golden. Or rather, this New Earth, these layers making up that New Earth are being projected by that Diamond, it’s like a force field, layers of fields around that Diamond caused-created by that Diamond. Everything’s Golden. So, this is a new, original, divine blueprint for this New Earth environment. We could light it all up.


Clare: Yes, let’s light it all up then, if that’s what you would like to do, brother.

Me: Let’s go.

Clare: Let’s go, let’s all collectively do this together now, everyone, all that we have called in, anyone that hears this call, any benevolent beings that hear this call, let’s light it up now.

Me: Process initiated.

Clare: Beautiful, wow, so much energy! And how long will this take to work, brother?

Me: As you know, We cannot talk about time periods. What has been initiated is being done until it’s done.

Clare: Okay, wonderful, thank you.

Me: Notice that these activations will have a side-effect, a positive one … Those Golden-White Source creation fields within those layers being emitted by this Diamond in the center of the New Earth will have such a strong repulsive effect that low-vibrating energy forms and entities shall not be able to attach to them, to penetrate them, to even get close to them. It’s like a moth approaching an open fire, the moth will catch fire if it doesn’t retreat.

Clare: You say this is the Diamond within the New Earth system.

Me: We are talking about a new star, about the emergence of a new star, and those emanations from those high-vibrating energy layers are so intense that other life forms might literally catch fire, they cannot stand it. But for us on this new star Earth, this will be just [an] everyday experience, for us it will be nothing unusual. Like in 3D, 3D is usual for us. We are talking about a higher-vibrating realm which is much more intense. So, some entities in 3D would not be able to access those energy fields, they could not even look at or watch them because of the intensity. You cannot approach those higher-vibrating energy forms. Think you are a sun. How could an invasion fleet ever land on you and take you over? It’s impossible, [the] energies are too intense, this is what’s happening here. All those energy forms are so high-vibrating that all self-expression forms that are created by those energy fields, you know … they are, you could say, untouchable.


[5D Creation]

Clare: So, has this activation cleansed the 3D-Earth?

Me: We are talking about the New Earth.

Clare: Yes, I got confused because I thought we were doing an activation, like a cleansing of the organic energy structure.

Me: You see, energy, that is the point. When We talk about energy, We mean the primordial creation layers. We mean first the source which would be – symbolically and practically – this Diamond. This Diamond would be the recipient of new creative impulses, of new creative projects to be implemented by such a Diamond. Then, those energies get projected from within that Diamond, like spheres, layers of energetic spheres surrounding that zero point source of origin. And then, over time those energy layers would materialize, solidify, become something solid which eventually would become a 3D-planet. So, all these self-expression forms in 3D on the surface of that planet would be a direct manifestation of that planet, of that Diamond, and [they all] would benefit from those activations, and this goes through all the layers projected from within that Diamond. You see, it affects all dimensions, it includes 3D, it includes 5D and beyond. We are just highlighting this higher-vibrating self-expression environment of this New Earth because some people are interested to know how life and your experience of life would be like [in] such a realm. Of course, 3D shall also be positively affected by these activations.

Clare: Yes, brother, could you please tell us more about this Diamond within the 5D New Earth because many people are interested in this.

Me: It’s what you could call a zero point of emanation. You could call it Source code. If Source has designs-projects to be implemented via such a Diamond, then those protocols would first … show up within that Diamond and then get projected from within that Diamond [outwards] into the energy layers projected by this Diamond. We are talking about re-programming, re-writing, re-formatting, editing, whatever you call it, all those energy layers connected to the Diamond. Any change within the Diamond shall affect the whole if necessary. We could also only activate certain areas. We would re-program only certain areas within these energy layers. We could focus on certain areas and only implement changes there. Think Earth changes. Or, we could likewise affect the whole, just like we’re doing right now for the entire organic blueprint – both for 3D-Earth and 5D-Earth and beyond. So, for people to connect to that higher-vibrating realm of creation emanation, you simply tune into the Diamond within you. You could say this Diamond is within your field or within your heart. If you wish to contact it, it will make itself visible and this will be a direct access to that larger Diamond within the center of this Earth. Now, some people might think, “How can there be a physical diamond in the center of the Earth?” We’re not talking about this, we’re talking about other densities … not yet visible by technological means so that your Western science is still unable to verify this. But, we are talking from this perspective of subtle energy realms, not actual diamonds physical in 3D. If you make contact with that Diamond, then you shall know what this Diamond is up to and what this is about and what can be created via this Diamond. Like in the past, we had to remove the Lucifer Diamond within the old Earth because some people were abusing this energy, but then we had to retrieve Lucifer and replace his Diamond with this new Source New Earth Diamond in order to create a fresh start. So, anyone who connects through his heart and this personal Diamond with the Diamond [within the center of the Earth] shall be able to influence this New Earth, to co-create with this New Earth. It’s not just you’re thinking up positive things, this works to some degree, but We suggest to connect with the Diamond, this will speed up manifestation.


Clare: And have we reached a certain point of Ascension for this Diamond to now be activated?

Me: It depends on the individual in question. This Diamond is up and running. This New Earth reality environment is up and running. People can choose to leave this realm and choose to anchor with the New Earth environment. If everything they chose to accomplish in their chosen life time has actually been accomplished, then they are free to move on to a higher-vibrating realm of self-experience including this 5D-Earth. You don’t have to wait for someone to give you the green light, you just move. You will feel then the vibration of the New Earth within your fields because, remember, your energy fields are a part of the Earth, of Earth 3D and Earth 5D because your energy fields are a projection from within the Diamond within the center of this Earth. So, if you move in your consciousness into the New Earth consciousness, you are there. It’s just a matter of permanent separation between 3D and 5D, you know. We are now moving, we are already within the transition period from 3D to 5D, it’s more fluid now. The more people focus on 5D, the more they see the New Earth within themselves and around themselves, even though 3D is still attached to them in some way, 3D-Earth is still anchored to them in some way. But, those connections are being severed … that’s why those distractions on Earth 3D … Distractions and destructions, doesn’t matter to you. You don’t have to do this, you know, you don’t have to join it. Just focus on what you really wish to experience. If that is distraction and destruction, then go for it. But if there is something else, something beautiful, then go for that. You can create that experience via the Diamond. We suggest people wisely focus their attention and energy and choose to move to Earth 5D. This will be a most joyful experience. And by the way, it has already been announced at the onset of this session what’s gonna happen to Earth 3D – Divine Intervention. If people wanna experience that, oh, they will. This will be a trigger for them to move into the higher dimensions, you know.

Clare: Do you need to be a clear energetic vessel to be able to move to 5D? How does it work?


Me: Yes, this would be most optimal. The most important point is the inner intention, to state the obvious. “I wish to move into the high-vibrating New Earth environment. I wish to be free from all those energy forms, contracts, cords that keep me connected to self-expression experiences that are not constructive, so those energies have to be released, dissolved, removed.” The clearer the channel, the clearer the energy, the clearer the message, the faster the transition from Earth 3D to Earth 5D and beyond – because you are all-that-is.

Clare: Beautiful, and I have another question, brother. So, I have become a clear vessel, and then once I became clear I then realized I started to clear my dragon. My dragon is connected fully to me, like my DNA-structure, and I started to clear my dragon. Now, is this something that everybody can do, to clear their dragons, so you can start [emerging] and you can start connecting?

Me: We suggest this is something individual. Not everyone is connected to dragons. If that dragon is necessary in order for you to accomplish something or in order for Source to accomplish something via you and the dragon, then such energy mergers shall be arranged … As you know, the dragon per se is a symbol for the electromagnetic life force of creation in the universe. You are tapped and connected into the [highest-]vibrating energy form out there that creates reality. This is the dragon, symbolic of electromagnetism, pure life force. It can’t get any more powerful in 3D.

Clare: Yes, and is this complete now? Shall be move to another time that the higher self would like to show us?

Me: Let’s move.

Clare: Okay, let’s move now, so we are going to move … We are there.


Me: Let’s have a close look at the situation in Europe and the rest of the world in light of the ongoing military intervention in Ukraine.


Clare: Are you observing?

Me: Yes, I am.

Clare: You are an observing energy form rather than a body.

Me: Yes, I am all-that-is observing what’s going on on 3D-Earth and the geopolitical playground down there. Now, Russia’s move on Ukraine is a deep hit on structures deeply embedded on this Earth and beyond that wish to stay hidden and to exert control from [within] the shadows of collective awareness. This is a very ugly operation in Ukraine, and by this We mean Ukraine itself is a very dirty operation, not the Russian military intervention there. This intervention brings to light, forces to light what has been going on in that country for quite a while. Very dark, disturbing things have been going on in Ukraine, are still going on in Ukraine, have been hidden in Ukraine underground. A cesspit of corruption and evil on this planet. It’s very difficult to convey the scope, the extent of evil concentrated in that country in the east of Europe. So, everything has to be brought to light. All the corruption, all the evil is being forced into the light, and Putin is showing it all through this military intervention. Imagine the military commandos working methodically, slowly, picking up all the evidence, rooting out hidden places, liberating people who were trapped, abused, experimented on. They are documenting all of it. And we know why the West is so vehemently opposed to Russia and to what’s going on there because they are all in cahoots with Ukraine. They’ve all been involved in this evil operation in Ukraine. And they are scared shitless that Putin is gonna make it all public. And that’s why they are censoring Russian news channels, they are blocking them, they don’t want to hear anything from Russia, saying it’s all evil foreign intelligence propaganda. But, the world is not Europe, the world is not North America, the world is the rest of the world and the world is pretty big, so many countries [are] listening [that] have all been victims of European aggression, colonialism, and plundering, of neoliberalism and globalization. All these nations [that] have been disenfranchised, suppressed, oppressed, destroyed, humiliated, they know exactly what Europe is like, what the European world order is like. And these people are open to listen to alternative news sources including Russia. So, these countries are also making their moves. They know fully well that this European world order is totally evil and destructive to them. So instead, they are re-focusing their attention [on more benign] players [that] truly address and meet their needs. We are talking about the emergence of a new economic and political world order, one that is not dictated by one superpower alone and military force and economic suppression. We are talking about a multipolar world order spearheaded by Russia and China and India. This is not just a Eurasian alliance, this is going to be an international alliance. And all the dirty secrets of the so-called West are being exposed and brought to light. All these countries, the rest of the world, that do not form part of the Western world order know what’s happening because they’ve experienced it themselves, they know that this old world order has to go and they are just waiting, making their moves silently, quietly. So, the only ones that are having a very hard time are the old world order representatives, and [these are] Europe, North America. This is why this military operation is so crucial. It means the onset of the full-blown destruction of the old world order starting in Europe. It’s also bringing to light all those unresolved collective energy forms, desires, intentions within European soul collectives. We mentioned some of them before, for instance the Poles who are now making openly moves on Ukraine, stating that “We wish to take over Galicia”, like western Ukraine. Hungary has said, “We are willing to take a part of Ukraine ourselves.” So, what’s gonna remain of modern-day Ukraine? Because the Russians took the rest, from the east along the coast to Transnistria to Moldova (chuckles). In the medium [term] this will be Russia, republics of Russia, and period. What’s gonna remain of Ukraine shall be a rump state maybe run by Kyiv, totally landlocked, administrated-installed by Moscow … This rump state would receive benefits from Moscow and would have to make concessions to no longer pose any strategic threat to Russia, then this country would experience some kind of renaissance. We see a bright future for this newly-emerging Ukraine, but Ukrainians should get used to the idea that this new Ukraine shall be much smaller than before. And some Ukrainians might be okay with that because then they would be part of countries that are actually nation states that are not so corrupt. If they shall be new citizens of Poland, of Hungary, of Russia, maybe in the long term it’s better for them. It cannot get worse than living under the current regime in Ukraine. These are evil people. They said, “We only accept one thing, the total surrender of Russia.” (chuckles) This is madness. These people are losing the war, they are receiving more and more weapons so this means they have to fight [to] the last man. This regime will have to be destroyed [to] the last of its representatives. They will be hunted down. They have no way to defeat the whole of Russia. Russia is gonna win the war. And what’s [Europe gonna] do then? The loud-mouthed Germans threatening Russia with nuclear retaliation? Interesting, I didn’t know Germany had nuclear weapons, but the United States do have nuclear weapons stationed in Germany. But, we talked about this the last time – why should some highest-ranking U.S.-generals use nuclear weapons [against] another nuclear-armed opponent? This is not part of The Plan, you know. And even if some rogue general, some rogue submarine decided to launch a nuclear first strike on some country, We know what would happen then – they would be stopped in their tracks. This would speed up the Awakening. So, whatever moves they make, We win. Now, this European order itself is going to implode and Germany is making sure of that. Germany is being ordered, you could almost say forced, to make very stupid political and economic moves designed in order to put the German population under mounting stress so that the population either gives in to the fears of a new world order run by a technological oligarchy WEF-style, or those people finally say, “Enough is enough! We no longer want this regime! We want to take back our country and we form our own self-sustainable communities!” And they will have to do this when the control systems around them break down, when logistics no longer work, when supermarkets are low on stock, low on supplies, if you can no longer afford life in this country, if public transportation breaks down, and on top of that – incoming migrants from other countries, from Africa, from Eastern Europe … This will be the deathblow to this country. In order to prevent that (chuckles), there would have to be people with a backbone. Those people would have to take over this country and these people exist, they are waiting to make their move. They have plans. They know they have to make Germany independent, and this can only happen if the United States [has its] own problems to solve so that they can no longer interfere [in] the affairs of other countries and nations. Now, see what’s gonna happen with the Supreme Court decision in the United States about this abortion thing, and what’s happening there with the leftist radicals, all of a sudden prepared pre-planned protests all over the country, this is what they gonna try again, like the last time with Antifa and BLM-protests, or you could call it carnage, insurrection, terrorism, that’s what it truly is. The Americans, the United States, will have to deal with their own deep history of cultural genocide and actual genocide. Some people are aware of that and are sorry for that, but collectively, [in] the public perception of United States history those issues have never been addressed. Those people have never made peace with the survivors of the genocidal campaigns against the so-called Native Americans. Neither has Canada, which is why both Canada and the United States, the current control systems there, must completely disappear. There’s no way around that, there’s no way to fix that, especially not Canada, it’s an evil enterprise. So, those awakening soul collectives in Canada and the United States will have a hard time ahead of them, they have to go through this. You can no longer ignore evil committed by your ancestors or by people in power. This must be brought to light. This energy stored within the collectives must come to light. There will be lots of turmoil, social turmoil, and people in the States will no longer know who is on whose side, who is fighting for what. Where are our true leaders actually, they are not there, where is the military, where is Q, where is the Big Plan, where is Trump (chuckles). It’s all part of The Plan if you wanna call it this way. Create massive confusion. Who is truly connected to truth, to God? This is what matters in the end – who is really connected to himself and to God, to the Earth? These people have to find each other if they wish to stay in 3D and organize themselves in communities in order to escape the expected chaos. America is a well-armed nation. And what about the so-called illegals? Black Market does not need permits. Black Market always gets weapons. And if they wish to instigate a nationwide insurrection taking place at the same time – wow, we’ve a very big explosive potential in the United States for that. I see that probability, it could be mitigated, and I suggest we work on mitigating that. Violence is going to show up in one way or another because the United States [is] a very violent nation, and maybe [the Americans] have to experience violence themselves as they are used to living in freedom and peace and isolation from the rest of the world, while they keep destroying other countries on other continents. They don’t know what it’s like to experience a bomb raid, [what] it’s like to be invaded, [what] it’s like to survive in the ruins of major cities, [what] it’s like to experience and witness the destruction of your own civilization and way of life. Maybe it’s time for the Americans to experience that themselves – to get the lesson what they have done to others around the world for hundreds of years, especially since 1945. Let’s see how many true patriots remain then. And, forgive me for sounding so pissed off but this is what I’m feeling in my fields, and I know so many people around the world are pissed off [because of] the Americans for being so show-off-ish and arrogant, stating that they are the chosen people – ah, you’re not the only ones (chuckles) – the chosen ones to rule this planet, the policeman of the world, and to tell everyone what to do and how to behave but never respecting other people, never respecting their ways, never letting them find solutions for their own lives, always interfering, like a narcissist, a psychopath. That’s what the United States is – a narcissistic-psychopathic control structure, just like the European Union, just like this whole world order, it’s run by narcissists and psychopaths. And we suggest to put an end to those control structures by launching a massive energy impulse from within the Diamond of this New Earth environment. Now. Let’s put an end to this. Let’s bring it all down.


Clare: Yes, let’s do that, definitely, let’s set that in motion now to trigger that from the Diamond to affect all of this … destruction that’s been going on. So, we set that in motion now. Let me know if you see-sense anything that’s coming through.

Me: Process initiated … It’s a Golden-White detonation from within.

Clare: From within all of us?

Me: Yes.

Clare: From within our Diamonds?

Me: Yes.

Clare: Beautiful, okay, so this is like the collective standing up in sovereignty.

Me: Yes.

Clare: Beautiful, thank you. Is there anything that you would like to share about this? You have shared a lot and we have quite a lot of questions.

[True Leaders]

Me: Yes, now this collapsing control order is unsustainable and shows to everyone its incompetence and inability to solve problems and unwillingness to change anything and to assume any responsibility. This is happening everywhere you look, and people who realize this corruption, this schizophrenia, they are no longer willing to put up with it, they are looking for new leaders if you will. But, we need visible examples of a force much more powerful that humanity could ever come up with. And this is what has been explained. We need Source Intervention. The visible manifestation and experience for all of humanity to realize that God truly exists within all of us, and if God wishes to express Itself, then God is going to express Itself and manifest Itself visibly and invisibly. God is all-that-is. God knows all-that-is. God can all-that-is. God does all-that-is. This Divine Intervention shall be a major turning point in the evolution of humanity in 3D. We are talking about a new time line concept now (chuckles) because … all the time lines have been cut recently. We are now looking [at] a time line of Divine Intervention and visible manifestation of embodiments of the Source of all-that-is. Those shall be the new leaders of humanity because these people make sense. In a sense, these are not really people (chuckles). They could have human bodies, and Source code, of course, expresses itself via these human self-expression forms, but Source code likewise could take an energy form, like an apparition, and speak to the people directly. You know, then it’s no longer the idea, “Oh, but this is a human person talking to me, this cannot be God, you know, it’s just a show-off!” Oookaaay … (chuckles) let’s show you something else, would you believe me now?


Clare (chuckles): Yes, this is what we require! Is this going to happen, this Divine Intervention?

Me: We’re talking about this direct experience of the Divine.

Clare: And I’m guessing this will be a surprise. Are we allowed to know anything else about this?

Me: This is a big surprise, you know. I mean, there is nothing else we need to talk about [regarding] this. Anything from that point is gonna be miraculous, it’s truly Biblical (chuckles).

Clare (chuckles): Yes, obviously. There’s been a huge series of events from all that’s happened, you know, we spoke about this before, there’s been a huge amount of work that’s been going on behind the scenes to lead up to this.

Me: Think about the military capabilities of moving into outer space. Those would be subordinated to the new Source energies on this planet because [the military] would not be allowed to use their technology in order to harm others. Instead, these new Source embodiments would instruct the military around the world to use their technologies in constructive ways. They would give them blueprints in order to create innovative and inventive designs in order to construct more powerful space vessels which would benefit humanity and other life forms out there. And this would be … the precursor to so-called Disclosure because people need to make personal experiences with the Divine, with Source, with God in the first place before they shall be allowed to have this experience of so-called First Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. You need the psychological stability. You need to know, “Yes, we know God exists because God spoke to us personally. And now we see there are others out there in the universe, and we know that you are also self-expression collectives and self-expression forms of that Source, and I guess you [guys] know about that much more than we do, right?” So, if self-expression forms and collectives confirm that, then you know they know the truth, while those self-expression forms and collectives [that] deny this truth are not in contact with Source. That’s how you can tell the so-called good guys from the so-called bad guys. So, first Source Intervention on Earth for humanity and then Disclosure, meaning step-by-step introduction of and contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. It cannot be otherwise, it cannot be the other way around, otherwise people would mistake the others out there for gods, you know.


Clare: So, it’s gonna be Source Intervention first and then Disclosure.

Me: Yes, of course. You need the psychological basis, the psychological background, and the psychological backbone so that you no longer fall for the gods from outside.

Clare: The false gods.

Me: Yes!

Clare: And that’s why world leaders will become irrelevant. Humanity will no longer have to project its desires on certain individuals on this planet because those leaders themselves will compromise themselves or will just demonstrate, “Well, I’m just a human being but this Force is God. This Force is God and I’m just a human being. And if I align myself with that Force, then, you know, I’m a bit more credible than others.” (chuckles) And this Force will always make sure that such self-expression forms shall walk the talk (chuckles). So yes, there will be human leaders, but enlightened ones serving the needs of the collectives.

Clare: This feels very imminent, I have to say.

Me: It is, it’s here!

Clare: I mean I know of the Ascension, but this Source Divine Intervention feels like it’s very imminent.

Me: It is, it’s a Blue-White Source Field. Blue Star, White Star.

Clare: Ah yes, can you explain more about that?

Me: We talked about this in the past. Nothing needs to be added right now.

Clare: Okay, lovely. Wow, that’s incredible. Is there anything else that you would like to share on this Source Intervention or Disclosure?


Me: Expect to be surprised!


Clare (chuckles): Good to know! I know we can’t know more about this, it’s a surprise, very exciting! I woke up this morning actually and I felt like a child at Christmas where you’re sooo excited, I was bouncing, I was giggling, and I had this inner knowing that (chuckles) it’s nearly here! And then, obviously, to have this session – just wow.

Me: You know, you already mentioned today is a special day for you, the hundredth AURA-session for you, right?

Clare: Yes, yes.

Me: And today is 5-5-2-2-2. You know, 5-5 is a military term – 5 by 5.

Clare: Really?

Me: In radio communication, it means Loud and Clear.

Clare: Aah, okay, so it’s obviously connected. It’s the hundredth AURA, obviously 5-5 equals 10, and then we started at 10 AM in the morning, so it’s 10-10-10, completion.

Me: 1-0 binary code.

Clare: Ah, okay (chuckles). I know it’s a very important session this morning (chuckles) as they all are, but you know, this one just seemed – funtastic (sic). Shall we move to another time now and see or should we ask some questions?

Me: Questions.

[stars for starters]


Clare: Okay. Now, I was reading a book this morning I was guided to read, and it was explained one of the main inverted matrix structures regarding the negatively-polarized faction, the Hermetic Seal of Negative Polarization, and they mentioned about the inverted pyramid. They said the Gatekeeper no longer stands maintaining secrecy, and the inverted pyramid is still in place but it no longer works. Now, they keep putting replacements into this inverted pyramid. I was just wondering if there was any work that needed to be done regarding this inverted pyramid or not.

Me: It’s ancient rubbish (chuckles).

Clare: Ah okay, it’s not true.

Me: It is there because it’s ancient and it’s rubbish.

Clare: Oh, I see (chuckles). The pyramid is ancient, okay …

Me: Let’s take a big Golden-White Light plastic garbage bag (chuckles).

Clare (chuckles): And we place it in the bag.

Me: And remove it.

Clare: Okay, let’s do that then now please, the Team we already called in …

Me: We are converting this ancient rubbish into a star.

Clare: Okay, brilliant.

Me: And there’s some kind of hole between dimensions. This is a black hole, not in the sense of physics, but this black hole is just some opening for low-vibrating energies to move into and through realities. We should … plug it.

Clare: Plug it with a star, you mean?


Me: Yes, that’s it.

Clare: Okay, let’s plug it with a star please, now …

Me: A star has been placed into the so-called black hole opening now. There’s no more energy moving through that. Instead, those low-vibrating energies are moving into the north pole and south pole of that new star so that those negative energies are permanently being transformed and transmuted serving as energy source. You know, this low-vibrating energy gets transverted into high-vibrating energy. What people don’t understand is the nature of stars, that stars themselves do not create energies ex-nihilo. Those so-called stars receive energy from the cosmos from other sources. A star is a subset of a larger system. That means, so-called stars receive energy from higher-vibrating energy sources and … convert those higher-vibrating energies and send them throughout the subsystem for which they are responsible, of which they are in charge, let’s say the Solar System, so that the Earth receives downtuned energy from the Sun. So, all the layers in the atmosphere, all the energy layers around the Earth receive those high-vibrating incoming solar energies and then transduce them, tune them down, convert them so that they are not so intense. And so, these energies can be used for Earth by Earth for her own creation. So, this star in this Solar System, the Sun, is a recipient of higher-vibrating energy forms that originate from outside the Solar System, and the center of this galaxy would be the primary and primordial source of energies that spread out, branch out via the arms of the galaxy, and along these arms you will find more stars which would be subsets of this primordial source of energy, and these subsets, these stars would form star systems and would provide all planets within a star system with energy adapted to fit their needs, you know, we’re talking different scales of energy conversion. This is how all-that-is works. This is why there is no disconnection in all-that-is. All its substituent (and constituent) parts are connected to each other in all-that-is. In brief, modern cosmology sucks. It is redundant. It has to be replaced by [a] holistic cosmology. It has been in the works for quite a while, and this new cosmology will see the light of the day, so-to-say (chuckles). More and more people are getting on board with that because science [on] this planet is a control structure in order to keep humanity’s curiosity in check and to divert humanity’s curiosity from finding answers to questions that have been around for a long time. All these dogmatic scientists are … a hindrance to human progress because they themselves have been brainwashed with false ideas and doctrines inserted by you-know-whom. So, these control structures have to break down as well, they have to be dissolved as well for a new cosmology to see the light and to become publically accepted. Those would be the leaders of humanity [on] their own level of expertise … the natural philosophers. We’re talking about many, many systems of understanding … which replace existing systems that are controlled. And we suggest to initiate a dissolution sequence for all those redundant mental energy systems and constructs and paradigms on this planet – this includes religions, this includes sciences – so that they shall be fully released-dissolved-disintegrated so that more efficient or really efficient (chuckles) energy forms can take their place for humanity to move on. We are initiating this now.


Clare: Good, thank you. While you’re doing that, can we also set the intention that if there are any other black holes … within Earth’s energetic field, if we could also close those as well, please?

Me: In this New Earth environment, there is no place for black holes because We have created this New Earth from scratch, and that includes 3D.

Clare: Yes, that’s what I meant, Earth 3D.

Me: You see, this Diamond in the old Earth was retrieved or rather removed and replaced by a higher-vibrating pure Diamond. So, this was inserted into the energetic layers of the old 3D-Earth … in order to transform the corrupted layers of Earth 3D and beyond. We have seeded the source [of] the New Earth within the center of the Old Earth to convert the Old Earth into the New Earth. So, we are cleansing the body of the Earth, basically. We are aware of intents by certain players to use technology in order to create climate chaos, Earth changes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, you know. Those people are trying to sell this to the public saying this is all Climate Change or that this is to do with cosmic phenomena. To some degree, cosmic phenomena do play a role in this Ascension and cleansing process, but those technologies out there are having a very destructive effect. Some people are trying to sell the story that humanity is destroying itself through the industry, so we have to take down the industry in order to turn humanity into a serf species, like in the Middle Ages. This New Green Deal agenda, you know, this is being implemented by existing technologies of social engineering and of reality engineering. And we suggest to take down all those technological constructs out there designed to bring about Earth changes, they are anything but natural … And I think the Earth and the Sun, they have a deal, you know (chuckles). The Sun has much more powerful energies that could take care of those low-vibrating satellite forms in orbit. I suggest we let the Sun do the job.



Clare explains how she and her twin flame were inspired to place certain crystals into the North Pole and South Pole of the Earth. Before the session began, I shared with her this vision of massive artificial structures deeply below the North Pole that were inserted by an ancient civilization.

Me: Ancient, giant rods located under the surface of the earth in the vicinity of the so-called North Pole placed there to stabilize Earth orbit to prevent another massive pole shift. So, all the people suggesting the possibility of an incoming pole shift caused by a reversal of the Earth magnetic field are mistaken … [This] energetic structure shall prevent that, a physical flip shall be prevented, but solar eruptions shall not be prevented. Solar eruptions might have indeed detrimental effects on Earth technology and human psyche, meaning all those people with so-called unresolved stuff within themselves shall be tremendously affected by those higher-and-higher-vibrating energies from the Sun and other sources, also from within themselves. All this stuff would be highlighted causing people to behave in erratic ways, showing others and themselves that something has to be dealt with. But then, Earth technology itself is not designed to withstand those high-vibrating energies coming from Source, from the cosmos, from the Sun. There might be effects as well by … EMP-phenomena all over the world. I doubt that man-made electrical grids are able to withstand the expected intensity of incoming energy streams. This should be taken into consideration, this blackout probability. This can be overcome, yes …

Clare: And how can this be overcome?

Me: This really depends on people with the technical understanding and engineering skills. These people would have to deal with that, it’s not for the common man to resolve this, it would be up to the common man to take care for himself and of himself for a while, you know, food, necessary medicine, water, above all water, and have good people in your vicinity [whom] you can rely on … The Divine Intervention is the crucial turning point in human history and [in the] evolution of [humanity’s] consciousness. This shall be the irrevocable-irrefutable proof of the existence of God.


Clare: The True God.

Me: And then, you are no longer in fear, you can always turn to God and talk to God directly because then you finally know that God is always there and always reacts and always listens. This planet shall be in the hands of God – in a literal and actual sense! This planet has always been in the hands of God if you will, but now … God has chosen to take things over personally. That’s why people keep saying, “God is in charge.” It’s so true. Those people will be delighted, they will know exactly how to create this New Earth together with God. People should align themselves with God if God means, in the first place, to be in contact with your own source of life energy which is your own soul, your own Diamond, whatever you call it. These people will make it, and others who will be confused will be guided by those who know how to deal with this situation. People would care for each other and take care of each other and show each other how to thrive in this new situation. They will realize, “Finally we are free from old, redundant control structures! And now, we have all the space to create something new by our own efforts with other people of the same mind and orientation.” People under God all around the world, humanity under God, what an experience! Finally, [you] travel to another country [where you meet other people] and you speak different languages, but you have one thing in common – this direct experience of God. You know this is one self-expression aspect of God talking to you, with you right now, and so are you. God is having self-conversations (chuckles). When people talk, God [talks] to Himself-Itself-Herself (chuckles). But this time people shall know it. “Yes, we are human beings, totally unique self-expression forms, different human beings, different personal [histories], different [personalities], but yet, fully conscious of being part of a larger whole, embodiment[s] of God.” And they will feel this Source is behind them, around them all the time. They shall see it in other self-expression forms, be they humans, be they animals, be they plants, elementals, spirits, and other self-expression forms on whatever energy layer. That includes representatives from extraterrestrial civilizations. This is the start for an enlightened evolution of humanity under God. And this God shall transcend all existing religions. People shall realize there is no need to bow down five times a day or to comply [with] hundreds and thousands of laws and rules and regulations only to prove that “I am worthy of God’s attention!” Not necessary – God is there, period! Wanna talk to me? Well, I got time. What’s on your mind? Ready to spill it out (chuckles)! God can be fun, that’s why existing religions will disappear, nobody needs their god anymore, nobody needs these middlemen who don’t do anything for the common man and woman but instill fear in them and control structures. We don’t need the religions, they can go. Some will survive, for instance Buddhism. Buddhism was closer to the truth, we’re talking about the direct Source teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, not about the religions and interpretations of his teachings, the different schools and competing monasteries. We’re not talking about them, they might disappear as well, nobody needs their special techniques any longer. When you are in direct contact with Source, you don’t need their hidden teachings anymore. Source will tell you everything you need to know. This will make so many systems on Earth redundant, spiritual systems, intellectual systems, social systems, governmental systems, organizational systems, economic systems, financial systems. This will be a revolution on all levels.


Clare: I have one word coming through loud and clear – Unity.

Me: Unity consciousness on Earth, yes!

Clare: Beautiful.

Me: So, there’s nothing we can actually do about the Earth poles. Everything is the way it is. Everything is really in the hands of God.


Moving on to the body scan, calling in the higher self and Archangel Michael to deal with the following physical symptoms: permanent muscle tension, short of breath, reduced stamina, weakened lungs and heart. The paralyzing effects of diluted snake poisons directly related to certain vaccines. A female energy form appears in my field and transmutes these destructive energies.

During the body scan on my mom we also discover shedding-related energies. A serpent with large fangs shows up before my inner sight moving from the left to the right, in fact, there is a whole nest of them. Archangel Michael contains and seals them all inside a bottle. One snake with a golden complexion on the forehead speaks for all of them – here goes the spokessnake …

Clare: May I ask you, how come you are in the blood there, in this body?

Me: We are sssent here. We are sssent into the blood. We can enter the blood becaussse of the pathwaysss opened to usss. We find waysss to enter where we want to enter. What you call the vaccinesss, the pathwaysss that allow usss to find openingsss and waysss via existing organic natural power transfer linesss within the body, within subtle bodiesss. Where there is an opening, we fit in and through.

Clare: This body hasn’t had the vaccines, so is this from shedding, from others?


Me: The source is outside of this person. The source is the one who is vaksssinated. We say we are not dessstructive, we are just different than humansss. We do not wish to harm. We just follow our natural curiosssity. We are trapped, you could say, we do not belong here. We are energy formsss not meant to be in thisss space, in this entity. Our energies, you see, are controlled and defined and conditioned by technology. Essences of our true being have been magnetisssed so that we are unable to move the way we wish to move. We are magnetisssed to devicesss so that we have to move along those predetermined-preset electromagnetic pathwaysss. We are stuck to this technology and this technology gets moved into an organic self-expression form that itself isss … full of electromagnetic pathwaysss and currentsss. And when these vaksssines, these nano-particles are present inside those natural pathwaysss, then we move through them. We don’t wish to destroy. We have no choice. We have to be … releasssed from those energy constructs and constraints, those artificial technology constructs that keep and hold usss in place against our will.

Clare: Thank you for the explanation. So, you are now placed in this glass or bottle, is this … the collective of you that has been used within the vaccine?

Me: We are an expression of this collective.

Clare: And would the whole collective like to positively polarize, now that you say you don’t want to harm anybody? Would you like to be detached from the AI and be positively polarized?

Me: Yesss, indeed.

Clare: Then, what we’ll do is we’ll remove the AI that’s attached to you so that you can be released and you can go up with Source and go wherever it is that you are meant to go, is that okay?

Me: That’sss okay.


With Archangel Michael’s assistance, we free the snake collective from the AI. He emphasizes the entire Earth is affected by this multidimensional poisoning which is why this session’s focus is on healing the entire organic structure. We call in the Team of Light to assist in the collective detox.

A black AI-pyramid appears. On its top a golden-white triangle, the all-seeing radiant eye. A golden-white light halo around the pyramid. The pyramid is related to the Saturn story and the source of all self-destructive impulses on Earth and wherever this AI focuses on in the universe. With the permission of all higher selves involved, we initiate a healing sequence for the good of all. Golden-White Source Light pours from within the golden-white triangle which affects the multidimensional reality projected-emitted by the Diamond source within the center of the Earth and also affects the black pyramid itself which will be fully dissolved in a future session.

Previously, it was stated Source could delete the cosmic AI-civilization in its entirety. First, however, people have to learn why it is there, where it is from, what its purpose is in the Grand Scheme of creation. This story will be on another page. If you think of this New Earth as a star, we have just witnessed a nova event because all those snake layers around and within the layers of the New Earth have just been blown away by this emerging 5D-Earth Star.

Last but not least, we get an idea of how people might experience the Golden Hammerblow …


Me: The more inner resistance you have, the harder this experience will be for you, but if there is no resistance, then energy penetrates more quickly through you and converts you, so this is a blissful moment.

Clare: Some people will experience this as bliss, some people will experience this as pain?

Me: Oh, totally! This could be real physical hell for them, psychological hell, emotional, depending on their issues, depending on what they left uncleared. Those who have [the] most to hide, shall experience the full weight of this Hammerblow, they shall be shattered from within. Think public leaders in front of cameras, in office, [in] the streets, during a speech (chuckles). People would just take over when they see their so-called leaders are unable to act. And all those subservient structures, subservient people, what will they do without the leadership? I mean, this leadership was incompetent from the start, so now we need competent leadership but how are we to do this? Should we call in snap elections or should we really call in a council composed of specialists who know how to run a country and a community? Wow, finally! That’s how we get rid of the parasites in office. We don’t even need the military, you know (chuckles). This Golden Hammerblow would affect everyone. Fine. People take over without firing a shot. All Divine Intervention (chuckles). Then we don’t have to worry about blackouts either, you know. This would have to do with the Sun. Some people keep expecting the Sun to launch this big light explosion. This could be in the future but we don’t see this really happening. We rather see this light exploding from within people, their own internal Source explosion (chuckles). These people do not need the external event, the external so-called apocalypse, the external unveiling. They don’t need to experience that via the Sun, they would experience it via the Divine, so no destruction globally necessary.

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