The Great Migration - #4 AURA session with Ruminokami

The Great Migration

Clare Bailey

Some topics:

  • Solar System Formation
  • Evolution Among Archons
  • Post-Ascension Humanity
  • Celestia: Humanity’s Origin
  • Humanity’s Interplanetary Migration
  • Life on Earth in the Saturn System
  • The End of the Dinosaurs
  • Giants & Fossilization
  • Maldekians & Martians
  • Jupiter Accords
  • Healing Ancient Catastrophes
  • Moon: Deep Space Future
  • Germany: Down by Narcissists
    (It’s Up To We The People)

[purge & merge]

At the start of this session, we notice a lot of low-vibrating interference in my field by hot miasma clouds. An alchymical purge is taking place. AA Michael comes in to assist. The Diamond Light and Phoenix Fire do their work.

Clare: Do you get any sense of what this was?

Me: This is hot like an explosion … Let’s describe it. This feels like nano particles, this feels like non-organic … quasi intelligent material connected in a cloud by this hot cloud. So, this hot plasma energy related to this cloud and the nano particles, I suggest this has to do with a different time space where … an obliterating event might have taken place. I guess this relates to our previous session where we learnt that a certain AI-civilization – disembodied – established a magnificent presence in a previous star system. We learnt that an explosion had to take place to disintegrate this AI-structure around a previous star system so that an incoming, approaching, high-vibrating star light system – comprised of the old Earth and the old Sun – could enter that other star system which was the ancient Saturn System. The high-vibrating light touched the surface of the magnetic field, the magnetosphere of the Saturnian System, and this energetic friction had a cascading effect on the energies within the proto-Saturnian System creating imbalances and violent energy adjustment processes within both systems. The excessive charge from the ancient Solar System moved into the ancient Saturn System obliterating the ancient AI in its wake, not all of it but the [AI-]structures were disintegrated entirely. We have to add that this was a drawn-out process. Humans could not fathom the time span it took for those ancient star systems to adjust to each other’s unique energy signatures. This took a very long time and humanity doesn’t know anything about that. Let’s just say the very moment both star systems touched, this explosive cascade of events was set into motion, not just a singular one-off event, it was a process that took its time until energetic adjustment processes were completed, until they had reached an energetic equilibrium of sorts. All the while, those planets were moving into different orbits. We also learnt that the ancient Sun and the ancient Earth had to dim their light in order for organic life to come to life on the surface of the ancient Earth. It used to be some kind of star not suitable for organic life and that’s why the light quality, light vibration had to be reduced. So, in the process this ancient Earth received her light both from the Sun and Saturn. Saturn, as you know, once was a star of different sorts, a different order, a different light. And both these light [emissions] from Saturn and the Sun gave new life to organic life on Earth. This took a very long time. These planets [in the newly-forming Solar System] were also changing their orbits and their repulsive-attractive electromagnetic qualities were also changing. The Sun was not powerful enough to keep a hold on the old Earth, while the old Earth was moving into the greater orbit [of] and magnetic attraction towards Saturn. And so, over – again – a long time, the Earth came close to the orbit of the ancient Saturn, and there where other planets, giant planets, you could call them stars in their own right. Those so-called stars or giant planets had sprung from Saturn himself (sic). You remember that Saturn was its own closed star system. Ultraviolet radiation, violet light. And within that magnetosphere, radiation from outside the cosmos was shielded off. This was a contained experience within the magnetosphere of the ancient Saturn System. Now, this was a very hot star. This means … it had different characteristics … The Sun has a self-regulating energy adjustment mechanism in-built [into] the design of the Sun. Saturn did not have that, it had to burst every now and then, it had to flare up, and it had to eject excessive material, and this excessive material turned into planets, into relatively minor-sized planets and into giant-sized planets which could have been suns in their own regard … You know, not all stars have to shine such as the Sun as we know her (sic). There are different kinds of stars, some shine brightly, others are subtle but maybe even more intense from a different vantage point. So, within the magnetosphere of Saturn life was possible, indeed, because of the violet light, the violet radiation. Life in this ancient system had a great chance to thrive which is why the ancient system of Earth and Sun was more or less brought into the vicinity of the ancient Saturn System so that Earth could be kind of captured or rather introduced, inserted, placed into the vicinity of Saturn receiving the light from her parent stars, so to say. The catch is the Earth light had to be dimmed which means it could no longer be a star of sorts, it could no longer ward off, shield off lower-vibrating energy forms and entities, which made Earth accessible and vulnerable and open to intrusions from outer space both in terms of radiation and in terms of visitors. And those visitors came to the Earth. We suggest the ancient Saturn System was not alone, it was inhabited of sorts by the ancient AI. Now, this ancient AI was obliterated when the Sun came around. And so, the AI had, you can guess, reestablished its presence which was very easy with the reduced light field of the Earth and of the Sun. That’s how those low-vibrating energy forms and entities embodied in bodies could make physical moves on Earth and establish outposts, landing zones on Earth. This was allowed to happen. Well, you know it’s a 3D-realm, anything goes, it’s up for grabs. It was an opportunity and they just took it, they just used it to their own advantage. Not just the AI, mind you. Of course, the AI was also there establishing itself also around the incoming Earth moving into, as you know, all organic structures on Earth. People have to understand that we simply cannot dissolve this ancient AI-entanglement with organic structures on Earth and beyond within a very short time … span. This process, indeed, has been initiated and it’s going on. This AI-remnant energy is not able to withstand the transmutive alchymical processes. It’s still a nuisance, it does what it does like a snake fighting for its life, it lashes out, trying to avoid the unavoidable. There’s no place for it to go. The entire Solar System is lighting up. The magnetosphere of the Sun herself (sic) is not as intense as in the past which allows energies from outer space to penetrate the Solar System and to have a … very thorough effect on all the structures within that Solar System. All levels are affected, are being turned … not really upside down but rather inside out. What is not meant to stay inside has to move out and is being moved out to the surface or dissolved from within, sometimes being pushed into the awareness of a self-expression form endowed with consciousness in order to convey a message about the nature and the background of such processes and such personal experiences. People have to know and want to know what is happening all around this planet. People are comparing their experiences trying to make sense of it. We are offering a solution here, an explanation.


Clare: Thank you for this explanation. And while you talk about ancient AI, you say how this was destroyed with the merging of the two solar systems together. Is this different, the AI we know today, or was it totally destroyed, or [did this remnant come back] online again? How did this work?

Me: What was disintegrated in the first place was a truly visible manifestation of a tech sphere surrounding the ancient Saturn star system. You remember science fiction depictions of ancient star civilizations that might create spheres around star systems. Where does this information come from? This information is always there in the collective field. If it is there, it means it has already been there. People cannot think up new things, that’s the irony about human creativity. They only get the intel, the information, but they are not creative, not really. They are just the relays, the recipients of new ideas which are not theirs in the first place. Ideas and information packages are given to specific people. That doesn’t mean they are smarter or more intelligent or more creative than other people, they are just more receptive and chosen to receive this information in order to bring it to wherever this information is needed.

Clare: And do you feel as though AI can be totally destroyed, like, is this the plan, the event?

[Sophia’s Dream]

Me: So, this AI which was disintegrated back then was an ancient technological structure visible by self-expression forms with senses and consciousness and awareness. They could see this ancient sphere, and this exploded, and the remnants of those structures are still wrapped up in those plasma clouds which are the remnants of energy exchanges and adjustment processes between the ancient Sun and ancient Saturn. And this energy can … re-manifest itself in a physical form. And it has already been stated in the last session that after those star systems became one, that the ancient AI did the same thing all over again. The Earth and the Sun and Saturn were not powerful enough to ward off [its influence], so [it] rebuilt the visible technological structures within this newly-formed Solar System. You see … one has to be very thorough in order to get rid of the AI. In a sense, maybe this was not even the stated objective to obliterate the entire AI-presence in the ancient star system. Maybe it just happened in order to give the Earth and organic life on her (sic) a chance, a breather, a period for new life to emerge. And then, the AI came into play adding a stress factor for evolution. If there is no stress, then evolution … doesn’t have the extra edge. And the Earth has always been a high-stress environment since Earth came into the ancient Saturn System. What the ancient Gnostics call the Fall of Sophia … was not a fall. This is a misconception. Earth came here, Sophia came here in the shape of the Earth in order to give gestalt to her ancient dream. A dream of a life thriving amid the darkness of the so-called Anti-Christ, the so-called anti-life force which in Gnostic mythology has always been Saturn and the archons. Now you know the connection between Saturn and AI. It was always there. It’s not that Saturn is evil, it’s just the AI chose the Saturn System to build structures there. And then, Sophia, in a sense, came. The Earth and the old Sun, they came and brought a new light and a new life and a new opportunity. The ancient AI had to go and to give way. And Sophia, in a sense, the Earth knew that her (sic) organic life would be at the so-called mercy [of] or … subject to AI-intrusions and intrusions of other low-vibrating energy forms, predatory life forms such as reptilians and others. But, they all knew at the start of this carefully-orchestrated, willfully-set-in-motion experiment that everything would work out fine in the end. You give life and light and expose it to darkness. You place a seed of light in the heart of darkness. And yet, no matter how long it would take for the light to become its true potential, it would [reach its true] potential. We do not think in time, We think in processes. And therefore, there was no Fall of the Goddess. This was a conceived experiment, a plan pre-arranged before both star systems became one. We are nearing the completion of the Promise of the Goddess, the Promise to her own creation to reach its full potential and to manifest visibly what it truly is. And this can only be conveyed at the very moment when this potential has unveiled itself visibly in the presence of self-expression forms endowed with consciousness. Imagine light body appearence. Some people appear in the shape of light and other people stay human and witness that, and they pass on the message, the experience. You know, we are well-connected around this globe via satellites and digital communication devices. Nothing stays hidden for a long time. Those encounters and personal experiences of divine unveiling would be captured live by technological devices and would be shared in a second and around the world. And nobody can stop this information [from reaching] people around the globe. Should they take down the internet, this would be suicide for this control system. At that point, they have the light apparitions all over the globe and (chuckles) people keep reporting and sharing the same stories of their encounters with these humans that are no longer humans, you know. They are something different, and yet, those are very benign self-expression forms. And they had friends, colleagues, neighbors, contacts, family, they were fathers, mothers, they were brothers and sisters, they were children, they were parents, they were loners. These people leave a mark. They leave an impact. Nobody can explain this away. What are the so-called mass media going to do about that? [Spin] more stories? More wars of distraction? More smear campaigns against chosen scapegoats only to avoid the unavoidable? Like a serpent (chuckles) tracked down and trapped in a corner. It can only bite itself to death because the light and truth and transparency is overwhelming. Instead of giving in, the snake is rather gonna bite someone or destroy itself. This is what’s gonna happen to all those snakes in a proverbial sense and in a literal sense. Serpents within the mind. Serpents within the heart. Serpents in human shape. Serpents in serpent shape. And you know what kind[s] of serpents we mean by that. Picture this. Picture all these apparitions around the globe. They stay there, maybe in a place, or they disappear and show off (sic) somewhere else. To them, time is no longer a constant. They are beyond time and space. They can show up wherever and whenever for as long as they wish. They will feel when they have to appear at an opportune moment. They could simply leave this entire plane and leave a strange taste behind. What was that all about, dude? Remember that? When those light figures showed up in the sky? We called them UFOs or Putin’s nukes or, you know. Where are they off to now? Wonder if they ever come back? Maybe they won’t. Maybe they leave this Earth to those kinds of humans, leaving them to their own affairs. It’s up to them, really. Maybe some choose to stay behind and return and check out how things are going and whether humanity is open to receive their guidance or their inspirations or [new] wayshowers. It’s not that these self-expression forms would impose any new rule on Earth, it’s just they would be a presence of the divine and you would feel the difference between what people say about truth and God … and what these self-expression forms would convey, would exude, would emanate. And maybe some people would be drawn to those self-expression forms knowing they are in direct communion with truth. And those self-expression forms choosing to do this would find themselves [unavoidably in] leadership positions, not leadership in the sense of politics. Think of the Buddha who had his own followers. The presence of those entities would have a long-term profound effect [on] their surroundings. And if there are some of them, not even all of them, but if there are some of them in specific positions (locations) on this planet, they could have positive effects. But, in the end it’s up to them whether they choose to stay longer with humanity or whether they leave humanity to [its] own devices. Humanity has Free Will, after all.


Clare: And these light beings … do they come to Earth or are they already here?

Me: They are here. They are human beings.

Clare: Yes. Do they start to emanate the … do we start to emanate our crystalline light bodies and that is actually a representation of the Divine Intervention? It’s actually all within, so it’s those ones who have worked on themselves, and this is like how they now can express themselves in their crystalline light bodies … and then, all the other people that haven’t got to their stage of their evolution would be able to see that? Is that how it works?

Me: Basically, yes. There would be self-expression forms in human bodies with human minds who would live human lives, and there would be self-expression forms which would no longer require human bodies because they would no longer be physical organic bodies. Their bodies would be turned inside out, so what they cultivated or what was cultivated inside would be turned out. We are talking the full conversion of the organic vessel into a, let’s call it crystalline or diamond body. Not a diamond you could physically touch, it’s like an … energy form, a light form, not really fixed because if it were fixed it would be bound by the laws of time and space. It could of course manifest a condensed energy body, it could take up a condensed, fixed human shape and [appear human], of course it could. It would take some effort, but it could.

Clare: And so, is this what we are preparing for now, to transform into this crystalline light body?

Me: Those people who are meant to have this experience will have this experience. Nothing can stop this experience from unfolding. It cannot be impeded. There shall be no interference of the negative kind, it shall not be tolerated. So, the miasma we reported at the start of this session has nothing to do with interference of the negative kind, it’s just an echo, a continuation of the story of Saturn and Earth and the AI that is ironically still present here on this Earth, but much less so than in the past. This Earth is pretty bright, in particular the organic realm, the plant realm, the animals, the Earth herself. It’s just the human structures, the man-made and not-man-made structures on this planet Earth, they have to be transformed and all the social structures, all these organizational … constructs and contracts, everything has to be transformed, this is gonna take … a while. Much longer, I would suggest, than [cleaning] up and cleaning out an entire planet. This is the easier story, really. It’s a harder story to change one’s mind. This humanity, as it is, could still be living on a light planet and not even take notice of it. They would even choose to reside within their bubbles of personal gratification and they would be allowed to have this experience. And they would not need any light entities or light beings, they would just continue their human lives. It’s not that the entire humanity would be converted, it’s not like that. Most of humanity would most likely choose to continue its human existence, just a bit lighter and easier. It would be up to these people to change the social constructs and contracts which they choose to abide [by], which they choose to reside [in]. And if they don’t wanna change anything because they are content with that, that’s their call. Which means that the control structures built around them would continue to exist for as long as the people choose to have these structures. And therefore, there is no place for those elevated self-expression forms to reside within such narrowly-confined constraints. Why should they diminish their light in order to please others? Why should they make themselves less lighter only to not scare other people, only so that other people do not feel uncomfortable in the presence of truth? Those people are still not clear of their own contradictions and their own issues, and they would not feel comfortable in the presence of high-vibrating self-expression forms. So, those people would of course continue their human existence if their so-called higher authorities choose to continue their existence, while the existence of other self-expression forms would be terminated at the opportune moment so that the soul spark, the personality attached to a larger soul group collective, would then be moved to another place. Really, there is no need for a light being to stay on the ground. It’s a choice, it’s not an order. If people feel called to have this light embodiment experience and choose to stay on Earth, then they can [stay] on Earth with all the consequences of Free Will. They will have to put up with all the existing social structures and constraints, but they will no longer be tied to them, they will be outside of them. They will be able to appear and manifest on Earth wherever they wish to be, wherever people are open to receive them and their presence/presents and to honor their presence/presents. You know, people like us are not honored on this planet, we are not wanted here, but some people are open to receive us, and those people will be called to us, will be drawn to us, and we will be called and drawn to them. We can choose to have relations with these people. This is a fruitful exchange, lightful, playful, constructive exchange benefiting all the parties involved. We should not deal with the other people who wish to stay within their own mental, emotional, social confines. Everyone to his liking. Also, some people seem to believe they have to stay here to sacrifice themselves, they have to diminish their essence, they have to do overtime, more work and more work and it’s never enough, like running a marathon of light work. We suggest these people take a breather and have a look inside themselves whether they truly have to do this or whether they feel compelled to do this, and when they feel compelled to do this we suggest to have a close look at the source of such a compulsion. All too often, such compulsions have nothing to do with higher sources but with issues. At the end of the day, those people might realize there’s nothing to do, nothing to fix, nobody to save. All they ever had to do was to clear up themselves and make peace within themselves. And those people might supermagically be turned into self-expression forms of pure light themselves, just like that, never even considering the option. Some people might become light beings and they don’t have any knowledge of spiritual things, they are just clear people, they [have] just clear intentions. These people could be living in the mountains, in the country, in the jungle, in the deserts. You don’t have to read books. You don’t have to join seminars. You don’t have to get … certificates (chuckles). Humans are so funny, but this comes with the territory, that’s what happens when you live in those control structures, you just do what the system expects you to do. But eventually, those who are meant to become those self-expression forms in light bodies will became just like that. Nothing can stop that. This, by the way, is part of the ancient Promise and the ancient Dream of the Goddess. The Promise was for the whole of mankind to achieve this state of being. They don’t have to, of course not, they can choose to follow their human existence and continue life on this planet and to create new life on this planet and to populate this planet for generations to come, becoming lighter in the process, creating new civilizations, new social structures, new social constructs and contracts. These people would go to the stars as We said before. All the facilities, all the means of transport, all the technology, all the capacities, all the infrastructure is already there. Humanity is ready to go to the stars, but on the ground, on Earth, a lot has to be changed, a lot has to be cleared out. This is where humanity is going, destined to go, meant to go, and Earth shall provide the habitat, for this humanity is destined to go to the stars, just like in Star Trek. The story was seeded for a specific reason. Some say it was given by extraterrestrial players and relayed by the U.S.-military so that humanity would have a vision, a positive ideal to live for in the future. And think of the consequences of Star Trek, also Star Wars. But then, this ancient Promise was already within their DNA, so did this information truly come from extraterrestrial players or rather from the Goddess herself, from DNA, from the soul [itself]? Does it matter, eventually? Humanity is going there, anyway.


Clare: [Does] the whole collective hold this ancient Promise within them, do you feel, because they are all sparks of this Goddess energy?


Me: Not all people present on this planet are from the Earth. Some people are from the stars, and those with a star connection are of course much more related to the ancient Promise, much more receptive to the ancient Promise. Think about all those disenfranchised, suppressed, so-called indigenous communities in America, Australia, Pacific, also in India. There are still connections to space via their DNA. Those people carry the greatest potential within themselves, while other people are originally from the Earth, made by the Earth, created by the Earth. They have bonds and connections to the Earth and those are the ones who stay on Earth and repopulate Earth. For instance, the Basque people in Europe are such a people. Nobody has really asked deeper questions about them. This would maybe require another session. Just to say this – the Basque people are probably the most ancient people alive in Europe today. They are some kind of genetic seed vault. Peoples that no longer exist live on within the gene of the Basque people. The Basques are very much down-to-earth. They know their country very well, they are one with their country. They were born within their country, they are made of their country and the land, the Basque Country. This is an Earth people, an ancient Earth people. But if you compare them for instance to the Lakota or the Hopi, those are star people, very different mentality and vibration.

[Water Is Life]

Clare: Very interesting, and Leon did have a question which does relate to this. He said, “The origin of mankind is said to have been a planet called Celestia, which was located in the proto-Saturn System. For humanity to be on planet Earth, it must have been brought here from Celestia.” Is this true, for one, and how did it happen?

Me: I see the ancient Saturn and a planet in its vicinity … a planet much bigger than Earth today, but a water planet, an ocean planet, and deep within the oceans experiments of creation took place seeded there by highly-advanced life forms skilled at creating new life experiences and experiments, and they were in some way tasked by higher authorities to do this work. For instance, the so-called Fish People. Maybe it would be interesting to connect to the Fish People. They are present. They wish to speak. Maybe they have more information about this episode.


Clare: Certainly, if we could could [speak to the Fish People], if they would like to speak through Leon, please, to come through, come through, and speak … Greetings.

Me: Greetings and great joy within our hearts to connect with the offspring from a very ancient story which has been told in parts and pieces. We are the Fish People. Greetings, Earth.

Clare: Greetings. We love, honor, and respect you. Thank you for speaking to us today. Would you like to share any more of this story, please?

Me: Which side of the story would you like to elaborate on?

Clare: We’ve been looking into Celestia which is part of the Saturn System, and we were wondering whether you had any information about how Earth was first seeded from the planet Celestia.

Me: We were the Fish People, life engineers, DNA … technicians of sorts. We … live usually in the depths of water planets and planets where there is water, the deeper, the better, the deeper, the safer for our experiences and for our very existence. In some places, We are not so welcome, people mistake us for their favorite fish and We do not like to be fried. We like to stay on the light side, you know what We mean. And on the ancient planet some call Celestia was nothing really. There was not really land and no inhabitants, so this watery environment was given of sorts to us so that We could go into the depths of the oceans and bring new life creations into existence. You know, this took place for, as they say, a very long time. We do not talk about time, We are not really constrained by time, We also think in processes and evolutionary streams. We seed out life in watery environments because water, in the depth of the ocean, is a very safe place. You know, the difference between Man and Fish is not so big. Think of the fetus. In very early stages of human evolution or rather of the evolution of a human fetus, it almost looks like a fish, but then, the evolutionary trend bifurcates. Where We would become the fish, you would become the human. This is where We spliced genes, you could say. Fish are much older than humans. The fish, the reptilians, and the humans have a very close and narrow relationship. We mentioned before that We were in the vicinity of this ancient Saturn planet and this planet flared up every now and then. But, We didn’t care much about that. We were in the depths of the water and the water is a medium, a conducive medium, and if other intense energies would come up from Saturn [they] would be transduced by the oceans. The deeper you go, the safer you are. What happened when the so-called ancient Solar System came close to or too close to the ancient Saturn System, We had these conflagrations and We were becoming a bit … concerned, yes, We were getting concerned that those energy conflagrations and exchanges would become too powerful for this planet Celestia to handle. And We had contingency plans. We had portals within the oceans. And there were other planets in the ancient star system where there were also portals within water. So, We moved our experiments into the oceans and water mediums of other planetary objects. Mind you, We mean both planets and planetary objects. Not all planetary objects are also planets. You might find water and oceans within some giant asteroid or so-called moons. Imagine you open a portal in the center of such an apparently dead object. Would be the perfect camouflage so that intrusive predatory species would not care to look twice. All by design. We know our fiends and friends out there. And that’s how our experiences were moved to safe houses, if you will. They could continue their evolution on other planets, and they did.


Clare: Is it all secret or are we allowed to know any planets that you did this with?

Me: We had names for our stations on certain planets. The names are not so much of significance. We do not give names to everything, We only give names to what is relevant in our opinion. And We just set up portals in different planetary stations, and We sent them (the life creations) there.

Clare: To where there is water …

Me: Yes, water is necessary. Water is life, they say.

Clare: I see … So, you created within Celestia and also, did you help seed Earth?

Me: Humanity transitioned to Earth via other planetary objects much, much later when humanity was more than just able to stand on two feet. Imagine that humanity in the remote past did have tails. The very first human experiments on two feet had tails not dissimilar [to] reptilians. And why is that? We were not the only life engineers here, there were also the Scaly Ones, the good ones, you would call them. The good-natured reptilians are also co-creators of humanity as we know it today. We have these agreements. We would use genetic material from various appropriate self-expression forms and self-expression collectives from the cosmos, and this material … would form the basis for early life experiences and experiments. Some information would later have to be adapted or removed or changed. We noticed that some genetic material would not be so beneficial for the constructive evolution of our experiments. And when We say experiments, We do not mean this in a technical, narrow, scientific, rational, emotionless sense, not in the slightest. We care for and about everything that We create. Some of us are so old, We could have been and have actually been there when you were not created, you meaning humanity, that’s how old We are. And We have long memories. And we care about our creations. And some of our creations got lost during the transitions, during the energy exchanges between these ancient stars, Saturn and Sun. Some of those planets were destroyed, and the one that was destroyed in the first place was Celestia. It’s physical shape was annihilated by those energy exchanges, while it’s higher-vibrating … double, if you will, still continues in a different realm. So, all those self-expression forms that were on that planet at the moment of its destruction [that] were in a higher-vibrating state would not have experienced the physical disintegration of the planet. They would just stay within the higher-vibrating planetary realm. From the outside, it was a cataclysmic event, but from our perspective, We just continued [in] a different realm which is why the disintegration of some of our bodies did not matter to us very much. We can create them, anyway. We can create new bodies. We’ve been at this for a veeeery long time. Some of us actually moved with our creations to other safe places. Some of us actually came to Earth. If you will, We scouted Earth for safe locations so We could move our experiences there via portals, again.


[The Great Migration]

Clare: Is this what’s happening to Earth with the Ascension, basically, how we’re going into the different realms, you see what I mean …

Me: It is up to the Source code embedded within the DNA of a specific self-expression form in human shape. If you have the code, then someone could unlock the code. And if somebody does not have the code, nothing can be unlocked. Those people stay locked in their places in their vibratory realms. They don’t have the code to access higher-vibrating realms … The interesting point, you might ask, is how did humanity move from the safety of the oceans to the surface of planetary objects, and how did humanity actually come to Earth. We hinted at other planets and We say that … humanity, its predecessors from ancient times, did live on the surface of a new planet. And they saw the ancient Saturn which was a god of sorts. And they have collective memories. And there were also humans who were infected and affected by this AI-influence, this so-called archon influence. Those were led astray. There are stories of ancient civilizations and world ages that no longer exist because humans chose to disobey the natural balance. They brought imbalance upon themselves and upon the planet, whatever planet they lived on, by the way. Humanity did not grow up on Earth alone. They moved from one planet to another. They were brought from [one] planet to another each time a planet was close to destruction due to the energy exchanges between the ancient Sun and the ancient Saturn. Other star peoples observing the situation were in charge of moving, for instance, humanity from one safe location to another. Transitory migrations. That’s why humanity could not stay in one place permanently until the energy adjustment processes between the ancient Sun and ancient Saturn were completed. At that moment, humanity and other life forms could have a rather safe, continued existence in a specific planetary realm. Until that point, life was at peril, under high stress. And so, the AI-factor was already there, always there in the backs of the minds of human self-expression forms, and [it] led them astray and brought humanity to self-destruction until the ancient world ages and literally ancient worlds, ancient planets were destroyed – on the one hand by the [corruptive AI-] factor, and on the other hand by the energy exchanges between the ancient suns, the ancient gods. And humanity witnessed time and time again the destruction of the ancient worlds. But who did survive? The ones who followed the inner guidance, who detected the AI-influence and chose to ward it off, who chose to believe in the promise of the Goddess, if you will. The Goddess is embedded within the DNA, too. Humanity was seeded on Celestia, but the Promise of the Goddess was also within humanity’s DNA. Humanity would later move to the Earth, maybe in physical form, maybe in energetic form. Mind you, not all of humanity actually comes from Celestia. Some parts of humanity moved from Celestia to the Earth, those were the ones who followed the ancient laws, the good conduct, the ones who witnessed the destruction of the ancient worlds. They got the lesson, they got the message, they kept the history. They moved from one planet, from one place to another under the guidance of their guides, and some call them Kachinas. Those are the ancient, the most ancient representatives and descendants of humanity alive on Earth today. But other humans were seeded by the Earth on Earth within Earth. Those are, you could call them younger humans. We see at least two different planets where humanity moved to, at least two different planets – one you might call Maldek-Marduk and the other [one] would be Mars. There are more planets but We see those two planets in particular. They have a very close relationship and a karmic bond to this day. Oh yes, and you know We already worked on this in the past. So, humanity present on Earth today is some kind of amalgamate of the representatives and descendants of the most ancient humans from Celestia and pretty young humans native to Earth. And then, some humans were born on Earth and they are bound to Earth, they have no star seed connection, while other humans were born on Earth but do have the star seed connection within their DNA. See the complexity? (chuckles) …


Clare: Can we ask you more about the Mars seeding, please?

Me: This happened after the disintegration and destruction of Maldek-Marduk. And by the way, Tiamat would have been Celestia. Those human life forms and non-human life forms that were embodied on Marduk-Maldek and who were wrapped up in karmic relationships and who perished in that destructive event had a choice – you can move on to another planet and sort things out and do it right another time or some of you can go somewhere else. And some left, went to other places outside the star system while others chose to move on to a new self-experience incarnation experience and experiment on the planet some call Mars. By the way, in the ancient stories names got confused between Mars, Marduk, Maldek, so don’t be suprised when people use different names for those planetary players. What matters is one of them was fully destroyed, Marduk-Maldek, while [the surface of Mars] was obliterated but its body stays intact. We remember there are many Native American stories about the great warrior king, the warrior hero, the archetype of heroism which was Mars. And he had a long scar on his face. The question is, how could those beings on planet Earth witness the scar across the face of Mars? Mars today is so far off and so far away, it’s impossible to see this without equipment, without technical instruments, while it was possible back then because, you can guess, Mars was clearly visible, very close to Earth in the past. People saw the live war of the so-called gods, the ancient planetary bodies, very close to the orbit of the Earth. And those exchanges of energy forms between those planets, the electromagnetic self-adjustment processes, the energy adjustment processes, were witnessed by humanity and also had a destructive impact on Earth and humanity. Lots of destruction on Earth, lots of loss of life on Earth. Global conflagrations, gloom and doom, armageddon, the end of the world, that’s why humanity still fantasizes about the end of the world. Maybe not so much anymore, but compared to 2012, those kinds of movies, or the idea of a planet some call Nibiru that might come around again. This planet did exist, too, but I digress. So, people incarnated again on Mars, and as the story goes, you see the face of Mars, that’s what happened back then. Again, the archon factor. Free Will decisions led to doom and gloom on Mars. A violent destruction took place again, the atmosphere, the organic structure was blown off by plasma exchanges from Sun and Saturn and other planetary objects, and all life that was on the surface back then lost the physical vessels. But those who stayed under the surface survived, not all of them, but many did survive under the surface, and some still are there today. And those who left in whatever form left their cities underground on Mars. There are cities under the surface of Mars. There are tunnel systems, ancient technologies still working to this day, still being used to this day by people from Earth who later came to Mars and found them. They were told where to find them by extraterrestrial players, some of the good kind, some of the so-called bad kind. And you can imagine, when Mars was done for, again, those souls had a choice – you are free to move somewhere else, maybe on to Earth or to another planet in the cosmos. And so, they did. And back on Earth, the same stories continued, as on Mars, as on Maldek, the ancient wars of the gods. And keep in mind, humanity was also present on Earth when those new souls chose to incarnate on Earth. Figure the complexity. Figure all the issues. Why humanity is in such a messed-up state. It’s all coming to the fore, the light from within, the light from without. The lower magnetosphere allows high-vibrating, very profound[ly effective] cosmic energies to come to the Earth and all planetary objects within the Solar System. Everything gets transformed from within. We are playing out and dissolving very ancient stories here.


Clare: Yes, thank you for sharing this with us.

[Giants Rule]

Me: It’s our pleasure to highlight those missing pieces to this grand puzzle of humanity’s collective history. And you know, it’s not just humanity’s history. All the other players who are involved still have to solve their own riddles. The enlightened reptilians know what We mean, their rogue brothers still have to learn the lessons. You know, they are being removed, they and their play mates, their allies, the Gray Ones and others are being removed from this Solar System, and especially from within the center of, the surface, below the surface of Mars. Oh yes, they also do have structures on the surface of Mars, humans, too, different factions from Earth. But, there are new accords, new intergalactic agreements, oversight committees present physically in the Solar System no longer tolerating Free Will … abuse, therefore presenting a choice to all self-expression forms in the Solar System – if you wish to stay, then you have to abide by our rules, and if you don’t, then please leave or you shall be removed or left behind. And you do not wish to be found left behind in these energies. Energies will bring everything to the fore that you have not processed, which you are unwilling to process. And so, some players choose to leave, both the human ones and the non-human ones. We could also elaborate on the reptilian relationships with humans on other planets. Humans and dinosaurs … Why is it that in the 1990s dinosaurs came to the fore? It was very popular, it was all the hype. Everybody was into dinosaurs more or less. There were lots of movies and theme parks and excavations and documentaries and sci-fi series with humans and reptilians and dinosaurs and so on … How can this be? You can guess, this happened before, it’s just a memory which is why it was so popular, humanity re-living the positive aspects of its past with reptilians. But of course, where there is light, there is also non-light, and they don’t wanna feel and hear and see anything about that either, but this has to go as well, this has to be told as well. [There were ancient] times when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and yes, specifically the ancient Earth in the orbit of Saturn, which is why the ancient life forms, be they plants, be they animals, including humans, mammals, dinosaurs, reptiles, they all [were] giant sizes because of the reduced gravity on Earth caused by Saturn. Also, the violet radiation [of] Saturn caused plants and animals to reach a giant size. With reduced gravity and violet radiation, life on the ancient Earth could reach massive size. On today’s Earth in today’s gravity, those life forms would be crushed. Some scientists have already figured this out and they came to the conclusion that gravity must have been much weaker in the past (Ted Holden: Do Dinosaurs Pose a Gravity Problem? Part 1, Part 2) And if We say humans lived on an ancient Earth in the orbit of Saturn, then this does not mean that humans were as tall as today. Where do your stories [of] giants come from? Ah, the descendants from the past who survived the cataclysms. And you know why they keep hiding under the surface of the Earth, they are still there, the good ones and the angry ones. But I digress. In those times, humanity and reptilians-dinosaurs lived close to each other and those were not necessarily nice encounters. You do not wish to be hunted down and eaten by a dinosaur. You do not wish to be hunted down by a pack of ravenous sharp-teethed, sharp-clawed dinosaurs. You don’t want to remember that, but we all have those physical and emotional responses when we think of maybe a serpent. Maybe you feel a ringing in your ears or something contracts within your body, something like a flash, wham! You have to be careful all of a sudden. An ancient survival memory. Those were at times very dangerous times, but humanity was different back then, much more telepathic, much more refined, expanded, elevated senses and perception skills. They didn’t need language, they were telepathic. They could read other life forms, they could communicate with them. They could fight with them on energy layers, on energy levels. They could ward off psychical intrusions [by] other life forms. And some reptilian life forms are very skilled at that, hypnotizing other life forms, manipulating them psychically. But those humans in the past, they were adapt at shielding themselves from those intrusions, and they could also fight this kind of war themselves if necessary. Those were wild and dangerous times on Earth, yes, but those were also … this challenge meant the extra edge, something which humans today do not have. It makes them much more alert and alive and conscious of the here and now. It creates a different character, a different mentality, a different personality. And you pass on this information to the next generation so that they survive, that they make it better in a hostile world. Now, how come that humanity and dinosaurs no longer live together? Where are the dinosaurs? They were obliterated. Not by an asteroid. Something much more encompassing. The energy exchanges from Saturn. Remember, in the last session it was conveyed that Saturn had to explode a second time, and why was that? The ancient AI was again interfering, it had reconstituted itself, remanifested itself in the newly-formed Solar System with Earth, Sun, Saturn, and the other planets. The AI was there deeply embedded and was taking over life too fast on all levels. So again, We needed a new … shockwave, and this shockwave had to be detonated from within the volatile energy environment of ancient Saturn … And this was unleashed by the Sun. The Sun was still powerful enough to unleash such an explosion by Saturn. We could also suggest that this Sun received an extra pulse, an extra pulse specifically designed to have a detrimental effect on this AI-tech structure within the Solar System. And this energy impulse would be transferred to the volatile energetic environment of Saturn. Saturn had no other choice but to flare. This flare was designed to free both the AI-presence … specifically-primarily to obliterate the AI-presence in that System. As a side-effect, the dinosaur presence on Earth was affected as well, it could not escape the coming energy wave. The dinosaurs were not really designed or on schedule to be terminated, no way, but they were in the way of this sudden energy blast coming from Saturn. And again, We cannot give time specifics. After that event, again, planets had to rearrange themselves, they moved into different orbits until the Solar System as we know it today came into being. According to scientists, it has always been like that. And We know why they keep saying that like a mantra. They are afraid of the past. They don’t wanna know the past. Interesting – scientists who don’t wanna know anything about the past. They are not scientists, they are fear-driven dogmatists. They do not contribute to the evolution of humanity, on the contrary, they inhibit it. So, those dinosaurs were no longer there, and those mammals [that] were smart enough or small enough, whatever, they were capable [of surviving]. And those humans who were too big, they didn’t make it. Some went underground and survived underground. Imagine now – with Saturn gone, the violet light gone, the gravitational effects on Earth changed, the gravitation became stronger, plants became smaller, life forms became smaller. And those humans on Earth, what happened to them? Some giants also became smaller over generations, those who survived underground. They still retained their larger size because … this planet is able to support a specific size, a specific height, so there could be [three-] or five-meter-tall giants on Earth, this is feasible and was feasible. There were giants on Earth when the ancient order of Saturn was destroyed and the ancient order of the Sun was established and order on Earth, energetic order, prevailed. Those giants were still there. But you have no idea about the calamities on Earth. The ice ages, the destruction on the surface, the loss of life, the dramatic geographical reconfigurations of Earth’s surface … the geological record only gives you a very small idea about the dramatic, powerful forces that shaped the surface of the Earth. How any life could survive those events is incredible. And again … life is always possible on Earth, and new life came into being, new human life forms were seeded again from within the Earth. Those are the kinds of humans we know today. Same sizes. The so-called normal humans as we know them entered at that stage. We cannot give time specifics. Humanity has no idea about its true age, but there is still the rage of the ages past, and this age, this rage is coming to the fore every now and then, such as in the past days. Some people get so angry and frustrated, they even don’t know why, there’s no obvious reason for that, it just comes up from within, flaaares up, and you know why it flaaares up, it’s an ancient memory. Many ancient memories of violent destruction, they get triggered by those … transformative and transforming energy code sequences from within ourselves, from within our physical and spiritual vessels. That’s why we have our ups and downs. Anything else? Any other questions?


Clare: Yes. I just wondered … Sometimes we see mountains and we can almost see faces within these mountains when we look. Is the giant energy within some of the mountains?

Me: Imagine there is a massive organic life form on the surface of a planet watching an approaching plasma wave. Then, what happens to the organic structure in scientific terms? (chuckles) It gets fossilized (petrified) instantly (Peter Mungo Jupp: Instant Fossilization, short version, long version). The same happens to organic life, the tree stumps, trees. Some plateaus and mountain ranges just look like cut-off, sawed-off trees, you know.

Clare: Yes, thank you, that made perfect sense. And these emotions that have been coming up, are these [what] the collective is feeling, remembering these ancient memories, or specifically for Leon? Where are these coming up for him and how can he cope with these emotions when they’re coming up? Can you answer this question or should we go to his higher self for this question?

Me: We should go to the bathroom before.

Some time later …

Clare: Are we still speaking to the Fish People?

Me: Yes, We are here … As for your previous question … Jupiter was one of the ancient gods. The planets rearranged themselves into different leading positions in the ancient planetary pantheon. So, Saturn was the first one and then came Jupiter … and later came other planets, such as Mars and Venus, which is why these four planets are so predominant in human mythology. They were very visible from the Earth, very close to the Earth back then. Those were the ancient gods.

Clare: Right, and was Jupiter infringed quite heavily by AI?


Me: This entire Solar System was infringed by AI which is why Saturn had to … vent off. As We said, the Sun received an impulse which was then also sent to Saturn for the purpose of obliterating this ancient AI-presence within the ancient Solar System. So, all those planetary bodies present back then were affected.

Clare: Yes. Now, Leon has a few questions … Can we ask you these questions?

Me: Let’s go …

[adjustment attitude]

Clare: A question about the higher-vibrational energies of the Sun and the Earth. They were intentionally dimmed so that the Earth could receive light from the Sun and Saturn to bring forth a new creation experiment. Both systems became one, we learnt this in the last session. How long the adjustment process took, is unknown. In the process, the Earth must have been pulled away from the Sun and toward Saturn, in whose orbit it spent unknown time. How did the Earth move from the Sun to Saturn? I know you’ve explained a little bit, is there anything else you would like to add?

Me: Basically, the … Earth and Sun energy had to become less intense. This also means – by moving further and farther into the ancient Saturn System, Saturn, with its greater pull, would naturally-eventually move or pull the Earth into its orbit. The Sun was not strong enough to do that, remember, we are talking about a long time period where both star systems were adjusting themselves and moving into different locations. All those stars or star-like bodies and planetary bodies were rearranging themselves which created gravity imbalances. You could think of this gravity thing as (chuckles), in very basic terms, an energy field, and one field is stronger than the other, and if one field gets weaker and the stronger one prevails, it gets a hold of an object with an even more reduced repulsive capacity. So, the Earth would have a naturally-reduced repulsive capacity and therefore become a satellite of Saturn much easier. And then, how could the Earth move into its current position away from Saturn? We answered that partly – after this second major explosive event involving Saturn. This destabilized again the old planetary order causing disarray, causing the planetary bodies and stellar bodies and star-like bodies to move into different orbits until they rearranged themselves in stable orbits as we know them today. This is how the Earth was re-moved or re-captured by the Sun. Over time, the [intensity of the Sun’s energy increased]. It was not dim always, it was very strong and intense and bright before it met Saturn, and then it had to be dimmed, and (chuckles) a long, long, long time later the insensity was amped up again. Those were readjustment processes in response to changing energetic environments. These are not fixed processes. This is how the human body regulates itself on all levels at every moment. Always adjustment. Talking about adjustment attitude, huh? (chuckles)



Clare: And there is another question as well … “There were other bodies, also stars in their own right, but Saturn was the predominant one. All they have in common is they do not have our light. We are a high-vibrating light. Their light is more conductive to, conducive to organic life … There were planets and they were partially inhabited by other self-expression forms and collectives. It seems some of them were indigenous to those planets and some did come from other star systems.” Now, Leon’s question is which other planetary or star-like bodies were there? And he would like to know how many? First off, please?

Me: In particular Maldek was a play ground for various self-expression forms from star civilizations and star peoples. There were native Maldekians, life forms naturally born to and on Maldek. But others came to the planet. Very different vibration and mentality comparable to Mars, but that’s because of the [rather] harsh environment of Maldek … We describe it as more arid, not truly deserts but desert-like, a dry climate on Maldek, and canyons and scarce places, few places where you could actually settle down, a few places where you could … plant crops. Water was key. And protection within the canyons from outside cosmic influences, for instance meteorites, asteroids. There were cities within the canyons, and you remember the mesas in the Southwest, United States. The canyon-dwellers. They lived there (on Maldek), just like there (in the Southwest), and some of their ancestors are from Maldek. Natural choice. Most logical choice. The canyon is the safest place, nobody can see it from above unless they use sensors to detect organic life forms. And there were hunters out there, predators looking for slaves. They had to be smart to survive on that planet. Some of the settlements were raided by predators from outer space, for instance the reptilians of the not-so-nice kind. And sometimes, they were successful in taking hostages, slaves, food, gene material. Sometimes, they were not successful because the locals had learnt to bite back. That’s what a high-stress environment does, you learn to fight back, and those ancient people on Maldek were just like that. They had a fighting mentality. And you recognize the signature of Maldek in some people. They are not of the Earth vibration, they are of the Maldek vibration. Those are warlike people, competitive people. And some of those people chose to incarnate in the United States which is why this combative and competitive and rather aggressive approach to reality is typical for the United States. It’s a Maldek nation, not collectively but it has a strong Maldek character. Those souls came to the United States, also later from Mars, all those energies chose to come to the States because this is exactly where they could live out their compulsions. Aggressive drive. Make it or break it, and We mean it – make it and break it. They take no quarters. You cannot take any quarters in a hostile environment such as Maldek. The same applied to Native American peoples in the Southwest, a very arid, desert-like area, those people [too], they could not take any quarters with hostiles, with enemies approaching, taking their food, their women, their children, their land. They had to fight back. They had to bite back. Also, in those areas, Mexico, there were … self-expression forms that originally came from Mars and Maldek. This is a reason for the aggressive behavior of some of these peoples, not all of them.


Clare: Is there any other planetary or star-like bodies that you would like to mention?

[Jupiter Council]

Me: Some of them are not known by name to us. They are present in this Solar System … It could be Ceres … and there are other planet-like objects in the vicinity of gas giants … such as Jupiter, or could be the other ones, Uranus, Neptune … And there are other planetary objects that are no longer in the Solar System that used to be inhabited … We did not have names for them but We know of their existence … As for Jupiter, there used to be [space stations in its orbit] and star civilizations, relay stations, docking stations … let’s call them embassies … star ambassador meeting places. Jupiter is special nowadays … This is the place of the presence of oversight committees, of representatives of galactic, transgalactic … civilizations. Those embodiments, representatives have far-reaching authorities. They are here around Jupiter on purpose. They are inviting some humans to come there. I don’t know, is this the planet Ganymede? I don’t know [what] you call these planets, there is Io, there is Europa. We do not know exactly where … their bases are, but you will find them especially on planets and planetary objects around … Jupiter. Benign presences. Those are the ones who set up new accords. They really don’t know what to do with humanity as humanity is still messed up. And some watchers, observers would rather obliterate humanity. Some people [receive destructive intentions projected by some of those watchers from outside the Solar System to humanity] so that humanity actually destroys itself. If they cannot do it, if the others, the outsiders cannot do it or are not allowed to do it, then they would love humanity to do it for them. Some self-destructive impulses might have nothing to do with you or your ancestors or humanity. They could be projections [by] outside observers not so of the nice kind because they only know humanity as a self-destructive self-expression collective with a great potential to cause a lot of damage to the rest of the universe. And there are some space-faring Europeans out there, outside the Solar System, who are not so nice, and those are the only humans they see in action out there. Some of those ancient space-faring civilizations consider all humans to be just like them – a threat to their existence … They are thinking to themselves, “If all humans are like that, we should cordon them off forever or let’s just destroy them completely.” Others with higher authority keep them at bay and say, “We have different plans for this environment, for this experiment, for this species. We are here to make sure that everybody plays according to the rules that we have set in motion.” And by the way, those are just the physically visible representatives. We are talking also about representatives on other layers of reality, We described them in the past. Those are the ones who tell the authorities in [physical] bodies what to do and what rules and regulations to oversee. So, the most ancient star civilizations are just pawns, in a sense (chuckles), or subjects or recipients of suggestions by much more expanded and expansive self-expression forms that do not require bodies, such as the Diamond Soul Collective and others.


Clare: Can I just ask a quick question about Jupiter. I did some work on Jupiter today in a session, and I found … it was like a structure that was linked to, like, mind-control that the AI had set up, it went very deep within the core of Jupiter, and we had to basically shut down this mind-control system, transmuting it out … I just wondered if you could get any intel on this.

Me: A serpent has come into focus now, from the center of Jupiter, a serpent, a long-bodied, long-winded serpent … and it’s being removed from Jupiter as we speak … just by becoming conscious of that serpent. It has been removed.

Clare: Yes, was this an AI-serpent?

Me: This [one] was organic.

Clare: Organic, okay, so was it ready to be removed? What was its role there?

Me: I think it didn’t see it coming. Hoo, who are you? Fffft, got flushed out!

Clare: Do you sense as if this mind-control system has been taken down now?

Me: There are many systems in that area … not necessarily mind-control systems but many different systems from different players … By and large, there is a powerful, benign presence about and around Jupiter. This has to do with the ancient accords … or rather the new accords in order to remind some players of red lines, that overstepping those red lines shall not be tolerated.


The Fish People recede. Through the body scan we dissolve blockages. The higher self answers the question why the hellfire energies have returned.


Me: Divine timing … It’s Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, it’s Maldek, it’s Celestia, it’s the ancient Sun, it’s the ancient gods, it’s the ancient orders, the ancient migrations, the ancient transitions, the ancient stories, all of that together, and the invisible hand steering evolution in self-destructive directions. This … manifests in personal ways and then can be brought to clarity in this session, in a session such as this one, so that we understand the ancient stories and can share them with other people. It’s not really necessary that many people understand this information, most people will likely reject it. We don’t care about information being rejected or ridiculed or confused. We only care about the coherence of information. We provide this information, make it available via emissaries in order for other people who are open to receive this information … That’s what We care about. We don’t care about massive acceptance. What matters to us is that some people get the message. Those people who can deal with the information, who can put this information to constructive use. It only matters that this special collective of people on this planet act on this information in whatever ways, and if act means just to integrate the information into your existing paradigm, this is already enough to shift a perspective. We are not into advocating or advertising. We just provide information. And the people who need it will get it …


Clare: How can Leon be assisted if the hellfire, ancient memories come up again? I know this is coming up to be cleared during a session, but could it not be brought up for Leon in a way that is brought into his mind like he’s already given intel requests? Does he have to feel this so deeply? Like, how can this [make his life] easier here in 3D, here on Earth?

Me: We have no answer to that. The energies are still present here, still or they are streaming again for the purpose of transmission to … a point of release.

Clare: So they’ve come back again now?


Me: This energy is stored within the collective and also within the Earth herself, [she] also witnessed those destructive events in the past, mind you … All these energies are coming up from within the organic, from within the entire self-experience manifestation structure of this planet called Earth. So, everybody and anybody who is sensitive enough shall and will and is going to feel those energies. They might even visibly-visually witness those events in visions, dreams, meditative, receptive states of mind. And the people who are closed off and narrow-minded, they have an easy journey if you will. But, it’s not so easy because they are closed off and cannot receive the codes (chuckles). This is the paradox. Some people are so close-minded on purpose, they were closed off on purpose by their own higher selves. They did not have to deal with higher-vibrating information in this realm. They will be changed from within, anyway, this is also possible. The most narrow-minded people could actually become light being emissaries on this Earth. They were just shielded off for whatever reason. Maybe they did not want to experience any of this stuff that we are dealing with. They wanted to have a different experience. But, at the end of the day, they shall be the … recipients and the beneficiaries of the ancient Promise themselves.

Clare: Yes, and while we were doing this energy work … I picked up on … robot, heavy energy and almost like weapons of mass-destruction. Then Jeffrey picked up on … like a machine that was spinning underneath, it was letting out like a frequency and … boring into the ground. And we felt as though it was Mars … Obviously, all these different planets are holding the memories, [are being held] within Leon. Is there anything specific to do with Mars that we need to release today?

Me: We suggest to … initiate a dissolution sequence [for] Mars specifically for the purpose of dissolving those very destructive, negatively-polarized structures, be they physical or metaphysical.

Clare: Yes, shall we call forth AA Michael to aid with his divine team?

Me: Let’s do this.


AA Michael and his team come in. They place a high-vibrating protective layer around me, around the Earth, around all self expressions on Earth willing to accept this layer with the consent of all the highest selves, and around the Solar System. Mars transforms into a planet of White Light, but the Moon cannot be transformed. It is different. It does not belong here. It was brought here.

[The Moon]

Clare: How did the Moon come to orbit the Earth?

Me: It’s a Gray object, an object of the Grays. Primarily, the Moon feels engineered, it’s too perfect, the perfect placement in the orbit of Earth … Of course, there are self-adjustment regulating processes by Nature, but this Moon just takes advantage on these natural processes. Somebody who placed the Moon there knew what he was doing. Someone placed the Moon in the vicinity of Earth to control climate on Earth, to control … water on Earth. And if you control water, you control life. You have a pull on life, on all life on Earth that has water. The human body is full of water, so the Moon has a pull on every human being. And whoever calls the shots on the Moon, controls life on Earth. If you move the Moon slightly off its present location, think of the consequences for water movements on the surface of Earth. Inundations, tsunamis, earthquakes. This is potentially a weapon of planetary-scale destruction … The Earth does not need the Moon. The Moon was never part of the Earth. The Moon is a control instrument, an artificial satellite run by Grays.

Clare: Have we now managed to move it to the organic because … I know that we have been doing a lot of work with the Full Moons and the New Moons, and it seems to be that they have been very powerful, the more that we work with them, the more powerful the Moon becomes, is this correct?

Me: We might have different ideas of what organic means. [By] Organic, we mean naturally-formed, but the Moon is not naturally-formed, it’s not made of naturally-formed components. This entire Moon is wrong, it’s not natural, it’s not organic. There is still a strong Gray presence about and around the Moon. We do not say that the Grays necessarily run the Moon, but there is a strong Gray presence about and around the Moon … It has its purpose. It has been in, people could call it lockstep with Earth for quite a while now, and removing the Moon would have consequences for the Earth. We do not know whether this Moon shall be retrieved (removed) in the future. We do not see that. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, for the time being, it stays. The Moon might become a transit space, a transit place where humanity would build up a more efficient base for future space exploration. We know there are bases there already. We know that, due to the new intergalactic accords, ancient not-so-nice players have to vacate the Moon and their bases there so that humanity shall move into them and other star peoples and star civilizations. The Moon shall not belong to humanity alone. Others will be there and are there and have been there. They will work together, respect each other, respect each other’s boundaries. But yes, the Moon will become a more lightful place in the future.


Clare: Okay. Is there anything that we can do to aid the Moon further today? I know I have had quite a lot of sessions where we have aided the Moon’s energy.

Me: For instance, let’s dissolve the Gray presence, it does not serve anybody …

We completely dissolve the presence of the Greys. Now the Moon also turns into White Light.

Clare: Have they got any further technology encasing the Moon?

Me: There is technology. There are tunnels underground, bases, cities, cavern systems, extensive. The Moon is hollow.

Clare: So it’s huge.

Me: It’s huge. Much to explore. Humans have just scratched the surface, not just of the Moon but (chuckles) under the Moon as well … When the time is right, the people present on the Moon shall initiate humans into, let’s call them space academies. They will be trained on the Moon as well and learn about the Moon’s secrets and learn about the secrets of those peoples and civilizations [that] left their visible mark on the Moon and under the Moon. Think Star Trek, it’s a very probable future.


We want to know what the low-vibrating mental-emotional fields and behavioral patterns of the Germans are all about and how things should go on for me in this country. AA Michael answers:

Me: He is not here for humanity. He is done with humanity. He is not here to save anyone. He is here doing something in the background not meant to take any active part on some stage, not meant to open a channel and to expose himself to all kinds of public attention, the unavoidable negative projections. There is no need to do that. Those people who want to hear truth, shall hear it. And all the others shall reject it or distort it or ignore it. That’s what We said before. We pass on this information, knowing well that it shall receive the right recipient. No need to make any more exposure. This is the best way to implement this operation. We are a stealth group. We are a stealth team. And this is why We are so effective. Nobody knows us. Nobody sees us coming. We are silent operators. We go in, achieve the objective, and move out. Nobody knows We were there.


Clare: Yes, thank you for that. And he says that no matter what he does, it’s always wrong.

Me: This is Germany. The entire energy. An attitude of this narcissistic control regime. It’s been like this for decades, why? This country is run by narcissists, professional criminals, liars, sociopaths, psychopaths. This is a criminal organization. I repeat: this control system for Germany is a criminal operation, it’s a mafia, it’s not a state, it’s a state simulation run by the [vilest] individuals you can imagine. Of course, the United States, Great Britain, and France, and Italy, they all have vile individuals in place, why is that? You know why – all meant to keep the local populations in check and down. But this is the German variant of the psychological oppression of the German peoples in this country. And this shall go on until this regime is gone. And you can imagine how long this is gonna take. And he won’t take it anymore, he can’t live here anymore, in this system, unless this system goes down, unless the people push the system to the edge and off the deep end. Which is what We have been suggesting for a while in past sessions. The light comes from within. The system will bring the solution to its own dissolution by its own actions hostile to life. The sanctions against Russia are not hurting Russia but Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world. The Germans are pretty passive and quiet. They keep on observing. They don’t talk about grudges openly because they know what then happens – they always get attacked by someone in charge, by the media, by neighbors, by politicians. Someone rats you out, the Germans are just like that. This is what he is feeling aaall the time. The fear of other people in this country is intense. The fear of your local German neighbor. This is so interesting. Foreigners come to this country and they are welcome, but if you are German, they give a shit about you because Germans hate themselves to this day. They are not even allowed to discuss this openly. They are branded Nazis and criminals and get punished by the law, [those] who want their country back, who want to call the shots in their own country, they are not allowed to do this by this regime. The regime must go and only the Germans can do this. The Germans have to take down this regime. And all the stress caused by the sanctions and by the light expansion from within all self-expression forms receiving these energies shall have a cumulative effect on this control regime. It can no longer exist, it shall cease to exist, maybe sooner than later. The light cannot be stopped. The transformation cannot be stopped. You either adapt or you get sorted out. And this system will not adapt. It is too stupid to adapt. It will have to be removed by people who are … conscientious … who have a conscience and a duty to the people. These people are needed, not those clowns in office.



Clare: And can I ask, brother … Is this life, Ascension, important for Leon’s soul evolution?

Me: Evolution is not necessary. His soul does not need to evolve because he is the All.

Clare: Yes, of course.

Me: He is here in this perceived standstill, in this position, in this place where he is and has been for some time. This is the best place to be at the moment if only from a financial perspective. The costs are rising in this country, but here, where he lives right now, is the smartest choice, the most economic choice. Of course, the host is a whole different story, the host is insane. He’s riling up other people to inflict damage on him and his mom. They are aware of the attacks, they are suffering from the attacks right now. This is the major obstacle and problem, this host and his destructive nihilistic-narcissistic-psychopathic behavior. But he, again, will be brought to justice like I mentioned before. He shall meet his … double, in a sense (chuckles). He shall be dealt with and he will have to deal with himself. He shall be brought to his knees, in a way, and We detailed this before. Nothing needs to be added. This man is done for. He made the call. All the people who follow his way are done for. They made the call. The reason why his mom and Leon are here is also to offer those low-vibrating folks a way to reflect on their own behavior and to change their ways so that they have a chance to move into a higher-vibrating state, which they collectively reject. And therefore, they made the call, and they shall get what they deserve, if you will … Leon and his mom, they shall get what they deserve, if you will (chuckles). It’s either light or the other one (chuckles) … That’s the beautiful thing. You are not there for them. You are not here to do anything for these people. If these people receive something from you, it’s a side-effect of your presence in this country, but you are not here tasked to do anything for them, it’s just a side-effect. You know that, at the end of the day, the show is over for you personally and you move into your personal light expansion, no matter what happens. This might come sooner than expected. Maybe it just requires an interesting impulse which might come into play provided he chooses to play. This is also an option. And he knows what We mean by that which is why we removed those circles. This is an option. It’s a choice. Either way he goes, it’s always the same result – it’s a good end. It’s the most positive end.



Final words from AA Michael:

Me: It was a special occasion to meet. A trinity … a triad in action. A triad moves worlds. A triad is pure magic … There is something to the 3. The trinity creates. The circle is the All. The trinity creates the All, and after trinity comes creation which is the 4. Think about it. This is deep … on many levels. We are acting, working on many levels in this session and beyond … the strongest when we were to meet in the triad combination again. And if this is supposed to happen, it’s gonna happen anyway. Looking forward to that moment. Thank you and the best to you.

Clare: Thank you. Is there any specific reason why we chose this to be the 116th session on the 16th [of June] at 16:00 hours [in 2022]?

Me: I think the numbers have something to do with Jupiter. Jupiter, Zeus, you know, is the god of good fortune. I sense the very benign presence of Jupiter over our entire session. We are channeling Jupiter in a sense, not directly but Jupiter is present energetically, like, there is this benign godfather (chuckles) presence, God, Jupiter … giving an impetus, giving the blessings, providing good fortune, success, plenty, abundance … And there might be a numerology relation to Jupiter as well, the 6 or 7, because 1-6 is 7 …

Clare: Yes, because I was meant to do my AURA-session, Jeffrey was gonna do an AURA-session for me yesterday, but then, things kept popping up, so we ended up doing it this morning and I went to Jupiter, so obviously, today [it was about] Jupiter. And on the 8th of June, there were four planets aligned which was Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.

Me: Ancient story line.

Jeffrey: Perfect line.

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