Sirian Starseeds

These Sirian starseeds are not only beautiful, but also serve as protectors and guardians of Earth and humanity. With their creative energy, they bring forth new life and are loyal, intelligent, and sensitive beings.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky commonly called the dog star, Canis Major. 

Sirius A is closely linked to feline and canine humanoid beings. They may resemble the image below. As ethereal beings in higher dimensions, they are able to manifest an appearance to help us visualise them.

 Sirius B is connected to water beings such as merpeople and dolphins. 

Sirius is a highly protected planet, similar to the Pleiades, that supports and facilitates other galactic races. It serves as a centre for councils and is essential to the overall functioning of the universe. 

Sirius connects to the pyramids within earth and other star systems, which serve as birthing points for new souls entering planets. These souls go through a process of creation of their blueprint and are then birthed out into their designated destinations. They may be destined for earth and are assisted in their journey, entering the mothers womb through the pyramids on earth, for example.

Another example is souls that are like tiny fairies, created to aid in clearing negative energy from other star systems. Many of these beings come to Earth to help the environment, purifying crops of harmful chemicals are birthed out here.

While other souls may originate from other planets, Sirius plays a vital role in the creation and rebirth of energy.

 As guardians and protectors, many sirian star seeds have the power of transmutation. They can turn negative energy into zero point (source), similar to how fairies do, and then recycle it within the star system. This helps with the cycle of rebirth.

The birther and transmuter energy can play out in many ways on earth. 

A Sirius starseed connected to their mission may be in a role of midwife, counsellor, birthing souls and assisting with birthing new organic timelines for people, farmer, gardener, forestry, work in the environmental sector due to their birthing and creator energy.

They may be in a role of transmuting energy, either within the system, govt, IT, police, or prison officer for examples. 

The way I see them removing negative energy is connecting to their sirian aspect and opening a positive portal of energy this pulls through the negative energy and transforms to zero point to be recycled.

Sirian Attributes

Connected to animals and nature and their environment. Grounded energy. 

Loyal friends and partners 

Intelligent, puzzle solvers 

Guardians & protectors 


Birthers of energy & new organic timelines 

Great manifestors 

Driven and focused on in their life and soul mission 

The fire element is connected to transmutation energy, while the water element is linked to Sirius B and the flow of energy 

Crystals connected to Sirius - sapphire but also a multitude of crystals. With a deep love and affection for crystals and nature.

You may find that you embody qualities of these galactic beings, indicating multiple aspects. Begin connecting with those aspects that resonate with you.

Channeled by Clare - Circle of Light healer as part of the Starseed revelations workshop they offer at Tranquil Waters Retreat, Nottinghamshire. UK. 

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