Animal R.A.A.H Reiki

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Empower your pet to reach their full potential by helping them eliminate negative energy, purify their energy, and unlock their true potential!

Embrace their powerful role on this planet and gain a deeper understanding of their energetic duties. Our pets take on in many cases our own negative energies and illnesses.

Take charge of their ascension by purging their energy for ultimate transformation!

Your cat's purr for instance carries a healing vibration. Have you ever noticed how protective your pet is of your energy and well-being?

In many cases they have a soul connection to us.. want to find out more? we can ask their higher self more about the connection with you & you're family. 

They too can have negative cord attachments, trauma from this and also their own past life's, their chakras and auric field can be blocked causing physical issues. 


This can be done via a video clip or photo of your pet. Or if you prefer they can be onscreen for us during the 40minute - 1 hour session. 

The session will be recorded and information found sent after the session. 

Sessions are with both Clare & Jeffrey 

Clare is not a licensed medical professional., 

Healing and medicine are two separate disciplines. The modalities I use are the art of healing, not the practice of medicine.

Please seek assistance from a licensed medical professional for any serious psychological/physical/emotional ailments that you're pet may have