Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading

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Quantum Galactic Akashic Reading (QGAR) 

Session is with Clare & Jeffrey 

Let us help you gain a deeper understanding and healing from your higher self and Divine team, who are eager to share their wisdom with you in this present moment.

We are multidimensional beings of source love light with many beautiful aspects of self. 
The akashic are the records for every single soul birthed within our Universe.
These records contain our every thought, deed, word, feeling, and intent.

An Akashic records reading offers soul-level truth and insights from the universe's records, protected by Archangel gatekeepers. It provides channeled guidance from higher self, guides, our multidimensional aspects, and Archangels who can reveal information about clients life purpose, soul origin, galactic aspects, relationships, career, and current/ past life situations.

The hour-long session includes five questions and a recording for future listening.

Discover new dimensions and deepen your understanding of magical creatures such as dragon companions, Unicorns, and Fae. Let them guide you on your journey of ascension. Explore your current animal totem and learn how to enhance your abilities to walk your most organic path.

This session is an 1 hour, either online via zoom or in person at Tranquil Waters Retreat, Upper Hexgrave Nottinghamshire. Please note unperson sessions are only available Mondays & Saturdays 10am - 8pm 

A few reviews from  Akashic readings below, more reviews available under main menu/ reviews 
"Wow, I had an Akashic Records Session with Clare and Jeffrey. it was incredible. So much of my life made sense. I  get comfort from what I was told. Since my reading, life has been “different”. Old contracts have been severed - I truly feel this. I feel “free”. the info that Clare gave me was astounding. i have listened to the recording a few times now and each time, I hear something different. i would highly recommend Clare. Absolutely astounding!" 
Susan UK 
"I had an Akashic reading with Clare around a year ago, a lot of what she mentioned has come into fruition and I really started my own spiritual journey once we met. She told me that I was having an awakening. I didn't know what that entailed or meant at the time but it's all come to light now. Clare communicates really well in an understanding way. She is clearly very knowledgeable but can adapt that and put into simpler terms for someone who was new to this at the time. I've seen Clare since and her guidance is is lovely and supportive. I can highly recommend Clare as a guide and healer" 
Dan Nottinghamshire Uk