Apollo & Athena Line Energy Work in Corfu, On a Planetary Conjunction.

Trip to Corfu/Kerkyra working on the Apollo & Athena  Energy Ley Line 


Apollo Athena Ley Line  

What are Ley Lines

Ley lines are properly defined as straight over-ground energy lines that echo the sinuous paths of larger underground rivers.   They carry Yang Qi relative to the Yin Qi of underground water, and are associated with Heavenly consciousness and human spiritual ceremonial sites.  These straight (at least over dozens of miles) spirit paths are found equally in China as elsewhere in the world, and frequently define the processional routes to major palaces, temples and cathedrals.  Appropriate for sacred sites, these energy pathways are less comfortable for secular living, and houses built on them are generally a thoroughfare for all manner of spirits.

They can be compared and contrasted with the more yin underground water lines as a yang energy matrix associated with a more heavenly consciousness, and are frequently worked by human ceremonial practice at sacred sites designed and constructed at key points in the landscape along these lines.




I was guided to go to Corfu or as the locals call it Kerkyra for a holiday with my girls. Once booked all the synchronicities started coming the cost of the holiday was in angel numbers. 


I was also shown how I was there for a key planetary conjunction Uranus, North Node & Mars, which bring with it huge change for the collective energies. We received the apartment number 10 (completion)& information including wifi password 11111 11111 number sync’s.


We landed in Corfu & I realised straight away that the airport was situated around a 5 minute walk to the Temple of Artemis where the Apollo|Athena line meets. 

This straight would be effecting the energy lines and the connection to source. 


I called in the divine team including Archangel Micheal, Haylel, Metatron, Rapheal, divine Mother & Divine father and the benevolent dragons to assist my higher self in transmuting negative energies from the airport and placing a protective shield around the sacred site. 


Location and a little about me  

The small apartments in Archilleion on Stavros mountain was an  authentic greek, family run apartments. This is my ideal location and I love the Mamma Mia type feel to the place. 

This was a travel sustainable apartment with a fresh water pool, no chlorine they used electrolytes and salt to clean the pool. I can honestly say this was the best pool i’ve been in and my two daughters agreed. 

On our balcony there were grape vines all ready to pick and we had the most beautiful view of the Ionian Sea. 

The beach was a 5 minute walk down the hill, I shield my energy and my families from outside negative energies due to my energy work and role as an AURA and RAAH reiki practitioner I am more open to energetic attacks until I started shielding and placing an invisibility cloak over my light. 

So I shielded, did yoga and meditated on the beach early in the mornings. This was a great way to connect to the aspects of me in the quantum within Corfu and surrounding islands. This meditation in the mornings would give me guidance to help me on my adventures. 

greek culture, grapes on the balconyfresh water swimming pool, no chlorine Yoga on the beach

I went with my two beautiful Daughters and most of the time my work was in the subconscious and sleep time while I enjoyed a break with them, swimming in the sea, pool, going on a boat trip and visiting Corfu Town. 

I am vegan, I also don’t have caffeine, eat sugar, no alcohol and I try to stay away from bread also, I thought this may be a task however there was always at least a few vegan options or I could take off the cheese. 

I had a scrumptious roasted vegetable tower, stuffed tomatoes & peppers and various salads to drink mainly freshly squeezed orange juice and water. 

Its do-able put it that way!vegan food



We are all not vaccinated so travelling could have been tricky, however nothing covid related came up, no masks although a few choose to wear them not many at all.




I even pulled out the founder of AURA and RAAH Reiki book Galactic soul history of the universe on the plane. Ive read it before however it holds so much knowledge its hard to take it all in in one go. 

Rising phoenix aurora, book Galactic soul history of the universe


 The trip & energy Work 

Day 1.

The first night I couldn’t sleep very well I had energies in the room with me requiring aid, I aided the ones in the room, I was told there’s many trapped souls under the Stavos mountain your on. So I set the intention that to respect my space here and that I would connect and aid the energies in the mountain in the morning. That all calmed down and I fell asleep. Off I went at 7am to the beach to do my shields, yoga and meditation. 

During the meditation I was told a ruler of Corfu around 1000 - 1100 AD placed an curse on some of local people which trapped a soul fractal piece of them in the mountain. 


I removed the curse with the divine team & we aided the trapped souls from leaving the mountain. I placed a positive energy near the apartments for any trapped souls to be guided through the the duration of my holiday. I do this at home also, aiding souls all is required is setting the intentions to aid, set you're clear boundaries such as they don’t come to you during sleep time or in your leisure time. 

I then felt a mermaid aspect of me in the ocean connecting to me, I felt her energy and knew there was more work to do on this she felt like she was deep in the bottom of the ocean.  Ive been doing work on Mintaka which was a Utopian water world in the Orion belt, this was destroyed by the draconian race many aeons ago. I have have over 6000 lives before it was infringed. Myself, Cora my friend, & Jeffrey my Twin flame have been doing meditations and AURA sessions this is a whole other blog which will will share once the work is complete. I knew when I felt the Ionion waters that this was linked to Mintaka & the mermaid  energy was connecting to me.


On the way to the apartments from the airport I also saw a hotel with the Triskelion on  this is the symbol I saw on Mintaka. 

 Triskelion Triple goddess

 By this time the sun had really picked up and I went for a walk into nearby Benitses to get fresh fruit for breakfast and took a few videos to show the girls ( still sleeping) the beautiful location. 

The rest of the day was spent with them enjoying the pool and a lovely meal in Oi Oraies Benitses. 


Cora my friend who’s also an AURA Practitioner had a message for me.


Cora -Golden Pyramid and tinker bell trapped in a dark cube under the sea, in a cave.     The Medusa energy is trapped in the sea. 

I saw a rocky cave, dark linked to underground cave system.

The cave is linked to dark energy feels like a poison vein. 


What shall Clare do?


She will know.

Is it under the water in a box or cube?


I see a dark box and inside is a shining golden pyramid and what looks like tinker bell. Perhaps this links to the souls of children?


It was used to transport human slaves by boat. There are bright souls in the cube to the released.


Soul fractals?


Yes but more than this. The pyramid has special powers N S E W, 4 corners, 4 elements Clare will know. 



Corfu has 213 caves and I had booked a boat trip to visit one of them before I had read Coras message. 


Day 2 

I set off early to the beach for shields, yoga and meditation it was just glorious.  


 Sunrise over the Ionion sea Corfu

 During the meditation I was ask to be on the point where Apollo & Athena meet for the Planetary conjunction of Uranus, North Node & Mars starting on 21.23, 31st July through to early hours of 2nd August. So I knew it was important to go to the Temple of Artemis within this timeframe. 

 The Boat trip will connect you with the Cave work & the mermaid energy.

 Are the caves linked to Mintaka? 

 No, directly to Corfu, inner earth  and portals linked to the energy ley lines. The Apollo & Athena meeting points were a key structure in the making of Gaia. Think spine &  kundalini of Gaia. Then I saw a caduceus with the serpents around the Apollo & Athena line. With the meeting points being key centres up to source the zen star or Zion as its also known.

 Serpent God, Caduceus


I thought more will be explained and finished the meditation went to the apartments. 

We decided to go to the beach, the waters were clear turquoise, greens and blues, we swam a little out and upon looking down I saw what looked like an old entrance. My first thought was a cave entrance and that this would of been land rather than water in ancient times.

 I felt the mermaid energy again but knew it wasn’t time to fully connect with her. 

 Day 3 New Moon 

 Morning meditation I went into the shade as I knew it would be a longer meditation. 


meditation by the ocean

I was told the Mermaid would like to connect with you, she is an aspect of you and the moment you landed on the mermaid isle you started to activate her energy once more. She’s is trapped in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean in-between Corfu and mainland Greece. Poseidon was a good energy and was linked to Atlantis, Mintaka and all the water world energies. He was turned negative. 

He felt like a sorcerer type energy he placed the mermaid aspect of me in black magic energy. Still trapped in this now time, she holds key to Mintaka. You are to free her energy please. So I will aid from the divine team removed the black magic blanket of energy she was in within this cave under the sea. 

I felt her light up blues, swirling around, I saw her energy walking around free within what looked like a positive Stargate. Her energy activate the Stargate this was to be placed in an invisibility cloak until the conjunction on the 31st-2nd and this will then aid. 

Today the new moon energy will aid in her release and the activation of the Stargate. I felt a blue trident energy radiating out and felt the new moon energy aiding. 

Cora then also received a message in her meditation a few hours after my meditation. I hadn’t sent her the details. 

New moon new beginnings, the zen star links to Corfu. The connection to Zen aids all. 

I was given the number 11:11 and told the first star and first universe. The birth of the new moon, new light the waters are cleansed. Go to the beach today. (I had been there in the morning)

 Cora sensed she was swimming as a mer person. It seems dark under water, the darkness is spreading. Im being pursued, something is trying to get me. I feel a web, net and archon spiders. They have the young ones. I see the trident of the king. They have the king, I feel im the queen. I sense Thors hammer. Thunder & wrath. 


I am being told you are being released from these age old bonds and confines. The web and net that binds you, as spiders wrap their pray in white silk threads. These cocoons all lined up. They have killed the water and turned off the lights. All life is bound in chains the black virus/web spreads through the whole ocean. 

 How do we heal this lifetime? 

 You require Thor and his hammer, Thor and the king are one of the same energy.

 Cora called in the divine team, she sensed all holding holds coming in a ring around the planet. We are sending our light forming a sphere or ring or shield. Shining  fire now to transmute to zero point to transmute the virus. 

 She sensed the mer people in the cocoons awakening out of their pods, like they had been placed under the same spell I felt the mermaid I saw was placed into. 

 This links to Mintaka, all is well and complete. 

 Full circle, ring of fire all complete.

 The pain the trauma can be felt now. This sadness is what you have been connecting to. Its aeons old coming up to be released, to be felt. Today is the day of freedom for all. Freedom comes from within. Theres a whole world inside of us it is endless.. infinite. We each contain all there is. 

 Claim your freedom now .. this is for the collective ( from the new moon energy Jeffrey also was struck with a sadness, tiredness this was through till the 3rd August So the full release was from the new moon till after the conjunction. 


I felt as I had activated the mermaid energy and the Stargate then a few hours later it was Coras role to aid the collective of mer people. 


After my meditation I decided to walk up Stavos mountain to the Archilleion Palace built for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria.    

Archilleion Palace, Corfu Empress Elisabeth of Austria Achilles statue at Archilleion, Corfu


The Palace was being refurbished inside but I could walk around the gardens, I got a sense of sadness and was told the empress souls in torment. 

I researched and found that her son had died in a murder-suicide in his hunting lodge with his mistress and the empress had built the palace here to aid in her grief. Then she was assassinated only 8 years after building the palace by a an Italian named Luigi Lucheni.

Elisabeth soul fractal piece had been left in torment, so Archangel Haylel retrieved it back for her. She had a love of Achilles and statues of him can be found all over. This mountain in Corfu is a sacred location and no coincidence that this palace was build here, before the palace many sites were placed on this mountain. 

It has had many uses since 1898 when Elisabeth was killed including a kings resistance, and a casino … it was ready for some aid of negative energy release and some love light from the divine.    I also could connect to the mountain energy of the serpents from the mountain, this was required for the conjunction also to free the serpent’s and dragons ready for the new beginning… I was told light codes collected…

Archilleion Palace View over Corfu Town  Circle of Light Healer in Corfu

I walked back down the mountain to find my daughters playing in pool, we decided to go into Corfu town in the evening  and it worked for me with being the New Moon, being nearer to the Apollo & Athena line. 

We went in on the bus it was around 20 minutes from our apartments, when we arrived we felt the town energy compared to the quiet location we were staying in… but the old buildings were mesmerising.    

Corfu town buildings Statue Corfu Town Palace of St Micheal and St George

We wondered through Corfu town to the Old Fortress area and found a restaurant near the Palace of St Micheal & St George, see photos above. 


Palace of St Micheal & St George, Corfu

Ive been given work to do on the dragon slayer St George before, he wasn’t a saint this was an infringement. St George actually replaced St Edmond who was of the light. We have to be careful what we believe in history. 


The palace was aided of trapped souls and negative energy & portals. 

Old Fortess Corfu Town


We then walked round to a beautiful spot for the sunset, the energy was perfect.  This was near the old fortress and you could see in the other direction the grand site. 

Sunset Corfu Town


We made our way over the fortress & usually closed in the evenings to my surprise it was opened for an orchestra performance for two evenings only. I thought the divine have been at work again, on a new moon I decide to go just when its open.    

We walked into the old fortress it was lit up with an orchestra playing, I walked over to the ocean and placed my white pyramid down.The white pyramid I brought when in Avebury, UK on the lions gate portal 2021 it comes with me all over collecting light codes & aids in the energy work amplifying my pillar of light. 

Old Fortress Corfu White Pyramid Crystal Energy worker


Theres also beautiful flock of swallows which fly all around corfu town, they aid in the transmuting and connecting back to the light with the energy lines. They are also said to be messengers from other dimensions. Listen to the birds, what message do they have for you?

Old Fortress Corfu, Orchestra


I was told by the Divine Mother just before I came away the trumpets will play for you and surely enough they were playing. The music was dramatic a moment in time with the energies going in I will never forget. Mine & the girls energy on the new moon there acted as an anchor into the beginning of cleansing the Stargate. (More on that later)

 Day 4

 Today was the boat trip we had to get up early so no meditation. 

 Cora messaged with her meditation.. 

Send love & Light Athena 

 This morning I asked is there anything I can do to aid?

 Yes send Clare love & light for her role.

This I do 

 As I send love light & healing to Corfu I see a black pyramid like Clare’s white pyramid. The shadow side of the core. The white & black pyramids are merging. The white is now the core and the black is the shadow around it. I hear snow. Zero point. Freezing all darkness. Transmuting out the negative polarity entities. The sun is returning to the Athena line.

 I see Athena as white skinned with a white flowing dress, long blonde wavy hair.  She is the goddess raising above Corfu. Graceful pale & beautiful. Just like Tahiti rose in Moana, she rises the heart of the island is to be resorted.

The 3 feminine energies, triple goddess form the trinity for the pyramid ( this links to the triple goddess work at the end of the blog) Their energies combine. Athena is now guardian again. All is well. 

This was a lovely confirmation of the work me and my daughters energy had done  the evening before. 

 The boat trip to the blue lagoon. 

Blue Lagoon boat trip corfu Blue Lagoon, Corfu

Linking into the caves my intuition feels like Poseidon is infringed & I knew there’s work to be done regarding this. I felt the energy of the caves linking together & as we went to a beach on mainland Greece I connected to the Athena energy. Feeling her rising up. 

We had a lovely day out, when we got back to the apartment we went straight in the pool to cool off. 

I met a lady who had been there 2 weeks but we hadn’t yet met, we started chatting and she explained it was her last day. 

 It turns out she’s has a women’s circle and is a shamanic practitioner, she had also been connecting to her past life’s on the island. I knew that we had been connecting in together in sleep time in that location to do the work together. 

She also does work in Glastonbury, like I do very interesting and we were both being an anchor for the light as well as our starseed children. Im sure many others were called to that location also. 

 Day 5  

 Morning meditation on the beach 

 I connected to Athena 

Now is the time to rise the feminine Athena line in this location. Work work is complete now & ready for the conjunction energy tomorrow which will connect up to Skellig Micheal in Ireland ( we have already done work here) & will prepare the line for the rest of your adventures. 

 Jeffrey has been tired and and much anger coming up why is this?

He feels the pain and suffering, the war the archon energy is being transmuted on the Apollo part of the line, he is aiding this clearing. He has since the New Moon energy.

What time period am I connecting into?

The days of Thunder.. the times of gods & goddesses before the fall. Poseidon was the ruler of Atlantis, the seas including link to Mintaka plus much more.. the water utopias you were visualising last night was your and his home for a time.

When did he become infringed? 

When Mintaka became infringed, the sacred waters were poison, The gods & goddesses were the ultimate target for the archons. If they controlled them they controlled the collective. 

He has many negative threads, cords, contract and portals linked to his energy this is lengthy. Cora will aid you also.

We ask you all to aid him.. 

I wanted to wait to see what information Cora received on this.

Cora -

Poseidon energy is thunder. He feels very angry & stormy. I was told to place him into a AI with consciousness cube to start transmuting the AI energy within him. 

We set intentions of harming none to transmute the AI to zero and aid him in becoming positive if he wished too. If not in this now time anyone with cords linking to him was asked if they required aid. Cords cut, contract removed and AI energy contained to be transmuted. 

Cora then received information on the conjunction 

Draco, Hercules, Aquila, Lyra & Cygnus were all in the north, this seemed significant as her phone star app opening by mistake and pointed to them. 

She then asked what role does she play in the conjunction tomorrow?

Transmuting sadness, as you are now in preparation for the increased energies. Transmuting for the collective.

 (Jeffrey my twin flame has been holding space for me to do the work in Corfu so the transmuting as been intense for him also)

The revelation of truths, the realisation of criminality. The shock horror & sadness. This fast approaches. All truth will be revealed. 

We have been waiting for this for ages, it was spoken of a long time ago. How long will this take to come to pass?

 You feel it now, its here in your energy field. The time is now. 

 Will all be aware of this? 

 Yes, it will be unavoidable

 What is it about?


 The energy felt a little lighter after the Poseidon cleansing. 

We had a lazy day by the pool and went out for a lovely Mexican meal in the evening. 

 Day 6 Conjunction begins 21.23pm Corfu Time 

I woke up with the words the Oak tree has been restored.

This Oak tree is linked to the Apollo line. I had read about this in the Dance of the Dragons book.By Paul Broadhurst & Hamish Millar.  See text from the book below. 

They had travelled to Dodona in mainland Greece. 

“When the site was dowsed the Apollo current was found to run straight across the amphitheatre, missing the Christian basilica but passing through a depression in the ground below the remains of a collection of temples. It carried on the flow, at an angle, through the site of the Hiera Okia or the Temple to Zeus, now with only a fragmentary lower course remaining. It passed through the oak tree beneath which we had instinctively lain, and continued uptake hillside to the apropos above.

The oak tree was planted on the spot within the precincts of the temple above where probably the most famous tree in ancient Greece once stood. The original oak tree was believed to be the abode of Zeus, and the God spoke through this living oracular shrine in a unique way. A ring of bronze tripods supporting caldrons surrounded the tree, each one touching the next. Whenever one of them was struck the sound reverberated through the circle of the caldrons. Producing a continuous ringing that went on until a hand was laid on one. This melodious resonance was the means by which the oracle conveyed its messages to the entranced priests, whorls took special account of the sounds made by the rustling of the leaves on the sacred oak and tiny gongs suspended from the branches. 

When Herodotus visited Dodona he was told that two black doves, sent by the earth mother, had flown from Thebes in Egypt , one landing at the sanctuary of Zeus  Ammon in Libya . The other alighted on an oak tree in Dodona, announcing in a human voice that an oracle should be built around it dedicated to Zeus. The shine was originally the abode of a chthonian cult of the great goddess, who according to Hesiod, lived in the roots of a great oak whose roasted acorns, as befitting as a Goddess of vegetation, nourished her followers. 

The priests slept on the ground of the tree and never washed their feet, so as to be in contact with the earth and draw their oracular powers from it, interpreting the will of the Gods to morals. The cult of the oracular Serpent Goddess this became dedicated instead to Zeus in his common form was a bearded serpent. 

The Temple of Zeus and the sacred oak naturally became the target for invaders and despoilers in the 2nd century the oak was burnt” 

So I knew the work me and Jeffrey had been doing along with many I would think, linked to aiding the oak tree back to its organic energy. There is a replacement tree there so the energy current was needed to link back together. Cora received a message also this was complete. 


I set off to the beach for Yoga and meditation but a little later than normal so people started arriving on the beach before I started mediation, I decided to walk up to a location I had spotted behind the apartments. The mountain is covering in olive trees, this one I found a heart shape leaf and placed within the trunk. An offering to the elemental energy around. 

Olive Tree with a heart shaped leaf inside Meditation spot on Stavos Mountain corfu


As I connected in I was told Heracles, he was to be aided today for the conjunction. The pain on the lands also from the many wars there and mainland Greece. I was told the archons (dark souls with no soul from another universe) manipulated the wars as it always brought pain and destruction. Fear in the collective. 

 He seemed good but was infringed by Hera his stepmother who was jealous of him.

I aided his energies much like have previously done. 

I was also told that Medusa being bad is all a myth she’s actually the beautiful serpent goddess that the Temple of Artemis I would connect with the serpent goddess other wise know as medusa. She is a serpent goddess of all. 

 I told Cora of my findings and she received more information. 

 Im told she needs releasment from bondage. Now is the time to set her free. Im seeing a white angel with large white wings. Very pure white. She’s been seen as the ugly duckling grey feathers but now she rises in glory. Her true beauty will be seen again. She has been waiting for this moment to take her true place and by recognised in her purity. She had been masked with black ink. 

 How do we clear this for her?

 This will be done through intention now. Clare will be given the same message. Clare’s energy is clearing this evil as her light radiates out from where she is. This will continue throughout the day in key locations. No more is needed she has her team of light working with her. I see her twin flame Jeffrey with a serpent around a staff the caduceus.

 Later in the day the we read the Dragon book…  

A carving of Hermes, Apollo, Athena and Artemis had once adorned the house of the sacred lake. Hermes was carrying his magical serpent - staff the Caduceus. 

In Greek Myth Hermes fashioned a Lyre (musical instrument) from Apollo and in return Apollo gave Hermes the caduceus.

 Cora then started seeing a red cave 

 What’s in the red cave?

 Rubies under the ocean.

 Are these significant?

 Yes they have been held captive. They must be returned

 Who were they taken by?

 Perseus. Using black magic. He removed them and masked their location, with the same technology that masked Medusas true image. We are ready to transmute this energy from this moment in time.

On researching after Perseus beheaded Gorgan Medusa. 

 The red rubies were then released also. They signified the beheading. They were transformed into diamonds. This is healing her heart now. 

 That evening me and girls went back into Corfu Town we walked round the streets enjoying the culture and I was setting intentions with the conjunction energy coming into aid Medusa the serpent goddess I felt she was a triple goddess. This i’ve been working with in this current life going through the maidan, mother and crone energy. 

 I felt that the energies were building ready for tomorrows trip to the Temple of Artemis and the museum. 

Day 7 final day, all the work we had been doing was to all come together today Conjunction continues. 

 About the Uranus, North Node & Mars conjunction  

 Uranus, North Node and Mars Conjunction

Triple conjunction.

Mars is associated with all kinds of challenging things like riots, chaos and destruction. 

Uranus is associated with the principle of change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform and revolution and the unexpected breakup of structures with sudden surprises, revelations and awakenings. 

North Node also known as Rahu is linked to the snake serpent energy. Rahu and ambition go hand in hand. Rahu’s energy is wild, serpent like kundalini force that shoots up the spine and is best controlled through spiritual practise. 

 How will the conduction effect energy on Gaia?

 A new era, this will aid in the change of the current negative systems in place. 

 This conjunction brings with it intense conflict, instability and disruption you may have been feeling sadness in-between 27th July to the 3rd of August while we were doing this work in alignment with the collective energy and the conjunction. 

 The collective aid at a subconscious level, you all aid in this work. 

The last time Uranus, North Node and Mars perfected three conjunctions between them in Taurus was in 324 BC when Alexander the Great laid the foundation, via his conquest, of the hellenistic era. 


Temple of Artemis & Museum

Today was the day to go to the temple & I got up early shielded and off I went.. the taxi I had booked to go straight there didn’t turn up. The gentleman who runs the apartment said he would book another but that the taxi didn’t know where the temple was… 

 Its sad that such a sacred place has been forgotten I thought, he had lived there all his life and didn’t know where it was. 

 I knew there was a divine reason it hadn’t come and knew I would have to catch the bus and walk to the location, it was around a 40 minute walk from the bus. 

 As I got off the bus at mouse island I started to see a beautiful white monastery on Pondikinisi. 

St Mary Church 13th century  Mouse island, corfu

Absolutely stunning!!! I knew I must go there. As I walked through the little arched doorway the attended there said “oh I will just open the doors for you” I had just arrived at the right time, I thought as I missed the first bus and as I arrived it was 9am. 

St Marys church, mouse island, corfuPondikinisi Church, Corfu, circle of light healer


There was cats walking around, little dragons as we call them protecting the monastery. I knew I had light codes I had left here in a previous life to pick up. On reading the Dance of the Dragon book when back at the apartment I realised it   was the 13th century  St Mary the virgin Church which the Athena line went through. So I knew then I had been guided there on purpose. 

 Off I went again on my adventure to find the temple.. on the way I came across many like white churches and monastery’s 

Church, near temple of Artemis, corfu Monastery, near the temple of Artemis, corfu

 I collected codes from the little white church however the larger one was all chained up and not accessible.   

Finally I made it to the Doric temple which was in a residential area away from everything.. barely any signs, I could tell this wasn’t a place tourists came. 

As I walked closer there was a monastery & I saw the temple site was chained up also. I though no what shall I do?

 So I rang the monastery door bell a few times no answer. 

Sanctuary of Artemis

 I walked around the site to find a way inside. Luckily there was a gap in the fence so I risked it and went through.. well I had walked along way. The Dance of the Dragon book had said that the Apollo & Athena line met in the middle in a dip in the land. I sat on a rock at the side, not brave enough to be in the middle for being seen.    Originally this had eight columns in the short side & seventeen in the long sides, while the exterior was divided into a pronaos, cella and ospisthodomos.

Temple of Artemis, corfuSanctuary of Artemis

I got the message to extend my energy out to the centre point using intention, my white pyramid, super seven crystal and my amulet. 

Temple of Artemis, CorfuTemple of Artemis, Corfu


So I connected my energy into the Apollo & Athena line.

I saw me & my TF Jeffreys purple & green energy like a Helix expanding out and upwards. It was magical I looked at what I was wearing and it was a white flowing dress going over the shoulder with lots a golden jewellery, Jeffrey’s energy had a muscular body and distinctive jaw line dressed in a similar garment to me. We were holding hands  

Our energy spiralling up, I noticed adult like angels with long hair then little cherub angels forming a circle around us. They placed a laurel leaf crown I was told from Thebes. 

 Later in the day I looked in Thebes, now called Thiva is a city in Boeotia, central Greece. It played an important role in Greek Myths. It was one of the chief powers in ancient Greece. This site is part of stories such as Cadmus, Oedipus, Dionysus, Hercules and others. 

I don’t know yet why I was told it was from Thebes but id never heard of it before so must have some relevance to ancient Greek times, I would say from aeons ago. 

 As we swirled up I saw a golden blanket forming above us, thin threads of organic ethereal golden energy. We went through the golden blanket like it was a organic Stargate. Once through we were in space and greeted by many different galactic races just magical energy. 

 I was told as we approached a huge star, the divine mothers bosom. I felt such energies but I was then reminded of where I was & the rays of the sun were beating down. I could have stayed longer. I knew the next stop was the archeological museum in Corfu which was about a 20 minute walk so I set off. Going the wrong way first I found a another little white church on the way.  

 Walking along the Ionian sea edge was definitely not a chore even in the midday heat. 

 This picture is from the other side of the Old Fortress. 


Old fortress, Corfu  

I arrived at the air conditioned museum, which was a blessing. Walking around the museum was fascinating after learning so much about the energy of the land, meeting the locals & visiting different historical sites. 


The main place I knew I had been guided to was the western pediment with Gorgio the serpent Goddess in the centre.  

western pediment with Gorgio the serpent Goddess in the centre.

western pediment with Gorgio the serpent Goddess

Notice the swirls like the Triskelion symbol, on the Lion. 

western pediment with Gorgio, one of the lions

I went forward & stop directly in front of her, I felt this huge sharp pain in my sacred womb space. I was told she’s been waiting for you, in this now time. Very emotional she had passed me some energy for a part of my work I can’t yet share. But I knew in that moment my work here was done. 

 A little background on the serpent Goddess from the Dance of the Dragon book. 

“ In the beginning Eurynome, the Goddess of All things.. rose naked from chaos, found nothing substantial to rest her feet on , and therefore divided the sea from the sky, dancing lonely on the waves. She danced towards the south, and the wind set in motion behind her seemed nothing new and apart with which to begin a work of creation. Wheeling about, she caught hold of the north wind , rubbed it between her hands and behold! The great serpent Ophion. Eurynome danced to warm herself, wildly and more wildly, until Ophion, coiled around her and coupled with her.. next she assumed the form of a dove, brooding on the waves and in due process of time, laid a universal egg. Option coiled seven times around the egg, until it hatched and split into two. Out tumbles all things that exist her children, sun, moon, planets stars, the earth with its mountains and rivers, its trees herbs and living creatures “ 

 What a lovely Myth that has been forgotten on the way the serpent energy was the first of creation. The Divine Mother first then she created the Divine Father. 

The Pelasgi were a prehistoric race inhabiting islands of the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean. They believed the universe was originally created by the ultimate female divinty, who mated with a cosmic serpent. Parallel cultures also have the same Myths, which sounds like they are connecting to the divine mother energy. This has been forgotten by many. 


One point I would like to make is that she couldn’t create until she mated with the cosmic serpent energy. Always a balance of feminine & Masculine energy required like today at the Temple my meditation at my counterpart with me in balance. 

Ancient Greek Pottery


I left the museum and headed to meet my girls who had come to meet me in Corfu Town. 

 This was the end of my trip I travelled home early hours on the 2nd August just as the conjunction energy was ending. 

 I had had a very interesting flight home as soon as I got on the plane and closed my eyes I was getting constant visuals minds eye but coming thick and fast I was like oh wow so many.. 

 It felt like different life’s I’ve had ... some in 5D some in 3D, 

I saw various Greek monuments  and then the 5th dimension before the fall I was in a cave it had a Yoni shaped entrance into another realm, I walked through to find endless mountains on the other side it was colours I had not seen before. Then one was going into deep dark blue waters…I then looked at what my youngest Daughter was watching. 

It was called the blue lagoon film & that’s where we went on the boat trip 

I thought that’s weird 

Then I watched it for 5 mins or so as a boy swam down to bottom of the sea he opened a shell and took out a Pearl. Well we have been working on pearls linked to Mintaka and also the Pearl activation within linked to Atlantis.

 Thought I was dreaming but it was real.. 

 Cora then messaged before I had woken up in the morning, she says

 Mutal. third eye. it is time 

 So Clare has been in Corfu, visiting sacred sites. I am woken in the night with this message. A while ago I was given a message about the pearl activation aiding the third eye, but nothing much seemed to change. Today, tonight I am given this information. 

 I see and sense my higher self smiling, she is of the element water, I sense water, blues, she has this message for me. Drink water it will aid the activation. 

 From a thousand light years away i aid you. We connect through our hearts. Love is the universal key to true communication, when you feel the love you connect and the minds meet through the aether. Hearts and minds of man make this physically connection possible. We are one across the infinity of  time and space. Prepare to be amazed…… 

 You will never consent. We stand in solidarity. You have my support as you state your desire for true freedom of the soul. freedom to see all and travel through the minds eye. Freedom of the heart and mind.

We are one. I hear the call of your heart. All is well.

 How will the activation happen?

 Clare has initiated this through all time and space for the collective.


 Her own activation through the tunnel of time, in the museum and on the sacred site has been the catalyst. Now we wait. 13 days. This is the time it requires to initiate. 

 Drink plenty of water night and day. 

There is nothing more you need to do. The rest is organic and set in motion. 



We had received  a third eye activation from doing the energy work! Plus aided the collective. 

Third Eye Activation

Since i’ve been home i’ve had an out of body type experience & lots of work in dream time linked to the work were doing. 


I felt the the serpent Goddess was linked to the tripe Goddess energy and I sent the Triskele photo again to Cora this sparked some downloads for her which see has written about in her blog. 

triple Goddess


Please click the link to read her blogs many link into work we do together with Jeffrey also, She is an AURA Practitioner like we are. 



 I am an AURA, RAAH Reiki & Quantum Galactic Akashic Practitioner, Jeffrey is an AURA & RAAH Reiki Practitioner. We also offer session together. The balance of the feminine and masculine energy. Please check out our services on this website. 


You can also follow our adventures on Instagram or You Tube Circle of Light Healer 

 Our Infinite Love, Clare, Jeffrey & Cora  








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