Circle of Light

My Circle of Light Meaning

“The circle of light is the cycle of consciousness to find spiritual enlightenment/ oneness/unity within the physical form. At the centre of this circle is Love”

The Circle

Looking at the cosmos, you can see that everything moves in circles, and is shaped in spheres. No naturally occurring straight lines exist in space. Our entire universe shifts and forms in the shape of a circle.

The Circle on a larger scale represents the divine which keeps moving in spiritual law and order. The Divine Father & Divine mother in their oneness.

The Circle on a smaller scale represents our own individual life force which keeps us evolving through the cycle of life.

Individual life force Circles

Your soul was created from a fractal of source energy, your soul evolution began as a new soul. Your Soul starts its self-mastery process by mastering the elements. This takes multiple lifetimes in which to grow, learn and mature. During this self- mastery process each life will be based on the level of advancement your soul has obtained throughout its incarnation journey.

The five point star has been used in dark ways over time, this was done so some people see this sign and think they shouldn't connect to the meaning. When actually this is a very important and positive part of Soul evolution. 

  • The five points of the star represent the four classical elements, along with the fifth element, the spirit/aether and the Divine Mother. The pentagram can also be seen as a human body. Always shown in the masculine form however, this is both  masculine & feminine body.
  • The human body as the star representing two outstretched arms, two legs and the head.
  • The five senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. 
  • The five elements spirit, fire, air, water and earth

The journey begins here with the Earth element. 

Earth/Sophia – The physical Body a feminine element 

Material, 3D, where you learn basic life skills, survival, mortality and life in the physical which for many can be very hard. Many new souls will form a contract with an older more evolved soul as a protector they will generally have a gentle first life in the physical as they find it hard to adapt. The Earth Element takes many lifetimes of evolution to master.  

When mastered you can move through the circle into the Air element. If you move into Air without grounding and balancing, you may face sickness or become out of balance.

Air/ Isis  The mind a masculine element 

The Air element is the breath within us & the wind within Mother Earth.

Once grounded you work on deeper life lessons of the mind.

This element represents our mind activity such as wisdom, higher self(soul) the ability to reason, memories, intelligence, creativity, thoughts & knowledge 

It also rules new beginnings, messages from spirit, friendship, clarity, and positive expression. 

The Mastery side of this element after many lifetimes is living a spontaneous. Peaceful and loving life through self. Simply being able to go with the flow of the Universe. 

Once you have mastered Body & Mind you are now ready to build on your identity go deeper. You move into fire and water.

Fire/Aurora as the phoenix a masculine element

This element is associated with strength, activity, protection and life-force. It is also seen as highly purifying consuming impurities and driving back the darkness.

This element is the test of what you have learnt. If you have mastered the Earth and Air elements the fire element changes from a force of suffering or sickness to a positive change in your life. It’s the part of your life which can be light & dark. The organic light & darkness within. 

How it appears depends on whether the Earth & Air element has been mastered.
If these elements haven't been mastered those lessons will return to be healed from any trauma, released and mastered.   When in the Fire element this is the chance we start to ascend through consciousness, accessing the knowing of who you truly are.  Learning to love completely without attachment. Balancing your Masculine & Feminine within you. Once mastered your soul is ready to move to the water element.


Water/Astraea Feminine Element 

During the water phase the ascension carries on through cleansing, self-love, healing, Intuition and reawakening.

The water element is very much related to the emotions

All life is dependent upon water and it’s therefore the symbol of life, spiritual regeneration can’t be done without it. 

Being at one with the water being fluid will prepare you for the next phase of enlightenment 

Spirit or Aether/Divine Mother 

Spirit is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. The body & the soul 

Reaching spiritual enlightenment within your consciousness

Spirit is oneness/unity. 

We are being pulled back to source the duality of the Divine Mother & Divine Father in this golden age of Aquarius. 

To come back to unity on earth we have in aether and once had in ancient civilisations on earth. 

We are being pulled to reach unity & lift up to the 5th dimension of New Earth and beyond 

Love is all there is 

Love is the centre of the circle, the seed of creation and the spark of source (divine mother & divine father within us. There’s no separation love is all there is once we come back to oneness with all & remember the truth. 

When we realise the deeper layers of why we are here on Earth this school of life it’s much easier to go through these elements and reach enlightenment