The ALL, the intricate details of source itself



My name is Clare Circle of Light Healer. I am a Past life regression therapist the modality is called AURA, im also RAAH Reiki & Quantum Galactic Akashic practitioner & Channeller. 

This is channelled information from my higher self & also from clients higher selves during past life regression. 

I watched an inspirational documentary on YouTube called AETHER by Marcia Ramalho. 

That evening I was woken then given a vision, at first I thought it was Druid symbols then I was told its the flow of energy between the stone circles, star forts, portals, pyramids, crystalline grid & us the humans on Gaia (Earth) Its a little hard to draw the vision but it was more symbolic to the meaning behind the information they then gave me. 

I am told his is The ALL in this Universe, The ALL is Source Energy the electromagnetic connection of  Gaia, the Star Systems & Source. Which includes us the humans as we are all sparks of source. 

I was shown a higher consciousness level of understanding, the electromagnetic connections of these energetic points on Gaia & how The ALL worked in previous ancient civilisations when we were the higher frequency, not the 3rd density frequency of today, although many have risen to in consciousness to the 4th & 5th. 

I was shown in a series of my visions on this particular night the stars system, as above came into my awareness, then the words as above so below . These stars connect down to the anchor points of Gaia. Now I knew all this really in my  knowing 

however I was told I would be given further information and I was to share this information as it pulls in the jigsaw pieces of The ALL. 

So here goes… 

The Pyramids

 The Giza pyramid in Eqypt for example connects to a pyramid on a star system called Sirius, this pyramid is the exact same dimensions. The only difference is the material they are built with & the pyramid in Sirius is on grass rather than sand. Information on this can be found on my YouTube channel Circle of Light Healer from a past life regression called ‘Dragon Mother opens portals within the Giza pyramid’ where we visit Sirius and connect to the very same pyramid as the Giza which was directly below.


There are many pyramids on Earth many are hidden & protected by mother nature. These all connect to the different star systems above. 

The Stone Circles 

These were created by the Elohim in their incarnated bodies known as the Druids. These are placed in certain locations for many reasons :-

  • Hold the light & anchor into Gaia
  • Portals for travel, I’ve had many sessions where clients have traveled through these portals in past lifetimes. Most recently on my YouTube which is called ‘AURA Past Life Regression of a Knights Templar’

Many stone circles are near a flow of water, this provides a constant source of negative anions & positive cations. 

The main stone circles are also a vortex having many energetic ley lines coming into them. Ley lines are meridian axiatonal lines or a grid system that conducts & transmits frequencies throughout our bodies and the planet. Leylines run the same energetic network into smaller tributaries in the microsystem. Similar to the arterial vein and a capillary vein functioning in the human body. These on the earth the veins of Gaia. 

The Star Forts 

The Star Forts were the powerhouses of these veins, the key conductors of the electromagnetic waves needed to link Gaia to the star systems above.More information on StarForts can be found via watching the YouTube video AETHER

.Star Fort

The Archon take over 

I was shown that the inorganic darkness which surprised us back in Atlantis times with a take over plan, destroyed many star forts, stone circles & pyramids in their destructive path when they realised they couldn’t access the portals like we could. A human has their own energy make up, DNA and this will allow them access to various portals. As the inorganic darkness otherwise known as Archons didn’t have the correct DNA or energy crystal within them they couldn’t use many of these sacred pyramids, star forts or stone circles (portals). This frustrated them as then they had to use humans to be able to access these on their behalf, which took a lot longer than they first thought. This meant they needed to go within the humans via AI technology.  

The dark inorganic first came to Earth many many years before the fall of Atlantis, one such ancient civilisation called Darkeaten, however they had to take control of certain key light beings to access key portals. This is where the fallen angels were derived from. 

Many Archangels, angels and beings of light including reptilians were created to work with the beautiful organic darkness within, the shadow side, this made them an easier target for the Archons. 

Archangel Haylel is the bringer of light, he is the most beautiful soul who took the harder path of his twin brother Archangel Micheal, Micheal will say he has the most incredible respect for the journey his Brother has taken, together they are Archangel Four. Archangel Haylel choose to work on the shadow side the organic beautiful darkness. We didn’t see the plan of the Archons in these Atlantis times and before we knew it they had taken over many of the angels & humanity such as Archangel Haylel and showed them war, greed and power. Archangel Haylel is otherwise known as Lucifer. His first fractals have come back over a serious of incarnations doing healing work & many are awakening slowing going through the process of the wounded masculine as is many of the feminines going through the work & pulling themselves out from the Abyss. 

The Archons needed the energy of these sacred sites to be able to travel here easily from their own universe, reside & control. They changed the energy of these energetic powerhouses & key sacred sites to work for their own benefit in many ways by controlling the light team. Their tactics included telling the light workers that blood sacrifice was a good thing and pray to the gods, not realising the gods they were praying too were the Archons. We don’t need to pray to a god in my eyes as source is within each of us.  This tainted the sacred sites allowing for black magic rituals. Just like many religions have tainted peoples beliefs about praying to another source rather going within & connecting with self through The ALL

During the fall of Atlantis the team of light took the decision to close the cosmic gateway, which was the portal system to travel around Gaia & up to the star systems. Yes, we once traveled via portals around Gaia & to the stars to our star family. You can see my YouTube video called ‘The Two World Split & the Cosmic Gateway’. 

This cosmic gateway was closed as the universe at that point had been totally compromised. The Borders of the Universe were also closed but its took aeons to turn this archon virus around & bring The ALL back online. (This isn’t fully back online yet, we are still working on the last parts) 

The cosmic gateway also linked us to the other Universes, we used portals all over the gateway for souls from other universes to return home.  

Crystalline Grid 

The Crystalline grid is the in-between the above & below. The grid is the electromagnetic web which links to The ALL, this is placed around Gaia. The star systems feed into the grid as do the humans on Gaia. There are many layers to the crystalline grid, many were brought down with the destruction however these are coming back online see my YouTube video ‘Golden Crystalline Grid Once Destroyed Returns Around Earth’ 



Crystalline Grid

This Crystalline grid links us humans living the human experience to our soul families in the star systems. Since the Fall of Atlantis many have felt the disconnection not just to source but also to our soul families. This was and still is the aim of the dark to disconnect the humans from source as they once disconnected themselves. 

The Archons (dark controllers) are from Universe 9 they used to have light within but choose to turn into AI artificial intelligence, they have tried to penetrate through all the universes. However some they couldn’t go into and other universes have now nearly removed all the dark. Once the ascension of Earth (Gaia) is complete and we merge with the 5D New Earth this will lift the whole of the Multiverse. 

If you imagine Universe 1 which we are in is at the most dense part and we are weighing down all the other universes, as we humanity awaken & Gaia will continue to rise this in turn lifts all of the Multiverse. Gaia is currently shaking off the dark like fleas, Gaia, The divine Mother is speaking out with the volcanos, earth quakes & extreme weather. 

Crystalline Light Bodies 

We all have energetic crystals within our bodies, everyone who is organic has their own crystal this is huge within us see YouTube video ‘Golden Crystalline Grid Once Destroyed Returns to Earth’ in this video we visit Sirius where we talk about these energetic crystals. 

You may have felt before just as you wake up you’re vibrating a little, this is your energy connecting to the crystalline grid and The ALL. This may not be apparent just yet however once you become a clear vessel through self healing or an angelic body scan through hypnosis then further self healing. This will pull in more light into your crystal & you will feel vibrations on a deeper level. The waking, resting & connecting to self hours are the key times you feel these vibrations. You will also find once you detox your body & cut out meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods the vibrations are even more intense. More water is required at this point as we are energy conductors and we require more to high in a high vibrational frequency. I recommend wearing Copper or Gold this helps with being the energy conductors for ascension. 

The Crystal inside us links to the crystalline grid then out to The ALL in a series of webs. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see how the divine plan works, when you meet a soul mate or wake up in the morning with a bright new idea. This is just you linking your crystal to the grid & then to that soul mate or situation that is needed. You’re accessing the knowing within your soul blueprint which is held with this crystal. 

Soul connections do also have chords to each other to make it easier to communicate straight via these cords but they are all linked through the grid. We are receiving light codes & downloads into this Crystal which is helping our crystalline light bodies slowly awaken. 

The human body is like a small planet earth we are made up of 60% water & earth is made up of 71% water. We have the energetic crystals within us & Earth has energetic & physical crystals with in her. These again link to The ALL

Eye of RA

The Eye of RA is the all seeing eye, the Illuminati took this eye from humanity during the fall in  Egypt & placed under a black magic spell, & placed this into a box. This black magic spell has now been removed and every human will be able to activate their eye of RA, this needs to integrate into the light body & the DNA ready for ascension. 

Our Third Eye, Left eye (eye of Horus) I believe is our own soul individual senses & the Eye of RA,  right eye is placed above the Third eye (eye of Horus)

The Eye of Ra shows itself as a brown eye in the centre. Eye of RA & Eye of Horus

This is linked to the crystalline grid as we are, once activated telepathy & telekinesis ( our ability to move objects by mental power) will be ready for the merging of New Earth. 

Not all of humanity had this gift of telekinesis & the ancient builders many times were from higher dimensions visiting through portals.  This is how the great buildings & pyramids were built. Not by many many slaves. When you watch AETHER you can’t deny the architecture then to now is unbelievable.. how could we build like that years ago yet we can’t now. It’s also obvious the pyramids were certainly not but by a regular 3rd dimension man. 

Ancient Artefacts 

We are always shown many angels holding trumpets, Egyptians holding the Ankh, Merlin holding a staff or Statues holding the trident. I’m sure there’s many more examples of this. 

We used these physical items to help anchor the light into Gaia, these were also a tool to aid us in pulling in the vibrations to Gaia to keep her vibrating high which in turn helped the humans keep their vibration high. 

As we are all energy these held energy & worked within The ALL to keep Gaia & humanity at a high vibration. 

The trumpets used to send out sound waves vibrations to lift the vibration. 


Sacred Symbols 

The sacred symbols were used as protection & to help The ALL we are one. When we work with the symbols we can connect to the consciousness behind it, these symbols are connected to the  Seraphim angels & source itself. 

The dark used our symbols as they already had energy behind them, was a plan to stop us using these as we were led to believe they were bad. See example below. 

I am placed energetically in a 5 point star a pentagram this has consciousness to it, this is my scared symbol, one which was used by the dark Archons by manipulating light workers to turn it upside down & start worshipping Satan (which was actually the dark inorganic Archons) If you would like to understand more about Archons see the founder of AURA Rising Phoenix Aurora video ‘Galactic Universe The AI Archon Universe’ 

However the upright pentagram is of the light it’s a sacred symbol created in the beginning.

 sacred symbols

Birds & Animals

The birds & animals once communicated with us telepathically, the birds being important messengers. 

My awakening was through Owls they were sent to me in the physical to give me messages & awakening light codes. I didn’t realise this at the time but I’m very connected to the birds as we all are. In hypnosis in past life I have had birds around me. You see on statues of Athena the owl is by her side or Aphrodite the Dove is connected to her. Isis is known as a bird goddess she is connected to the birds of prey. 

These birds were our companions who we communicated with us daily in ancient times before the Fall. The birds were a symbol of life of our connection to the above & below. 

The animals were the same once honoured we would never of eaten them, as we connected to the consciousness of them. You find many more of the younger generations choosing not to eat meat as they have come into earth as a higher vibrational being. Many can connect to the animals & magical realms, many children will not admit this to an adult, as it’s looked upon as crazy. 

Another programming to stop us from speaking our truth. 

The Falls & Resets over Aeons 

I am told there’s too many to count and some people would not even realise there has been a reset, then other times we know there has been a huge Fall and reset such as Atlantis times. 

When you watch AETHER you can clearly see the resets over time & also our history is mainly made up to suit the matrix illusion. 

I believe we had a reset after the King Arthur times as much information was wiped out. These times were great until again the dark managed to control a close member of King Arthurs family & I think this was when a reset was required. 

A further reset was in 1800,s I think after watching the AETHER 

Atlantis is an ancient civilian which was taken over by the Archon leaders through fallen human consciousness & also the draconian’s who were the Archons army along with the reptilians who had been manipulated into a contract. See my Youtube video ’50,000 Reptilians Positively 

polarise from Earth to their own planet’ & ‘ 1 million reptilians turned negative from the Archon Virus on their planet, are positively polarised’. 

During Atlantis many of the narrative we find the dark are trying to do today came into play, changing the DNA structure of the humans, trans-humanism the difference then was it got too much & source had to reset. Bringing the Fall the flooding of the lands for instance. This time after aeons of work the inorganic darkness has been removed from this universe. It only survives within AI Technology & entities within people.

Thousands and thousands of Lemurian’s which was another ancient civilisation, Fell & were lost because of the Atlantian attacks on them. This civilisation was also wiped out by a great wave, & reset. 

The Quantum 

We have to realise that everything in the quantum is happening right now, there is no past or future its all happening in the now. This is how we can travel through the quantum to the exact time & space of another you and feel the emotions. 

If you imagine a tree of life, this is source. Our higher self is a branch of that tree & the you & your life’s, the aspects of you are the twigs off the tree. As you travel in the theta brainwave you go into the quantum and can travel around that branch to visit all the aspects of you, maybe you find your self in Eqypt or as slave, in a world war, these are all the experiences your soul holds within. All theses aspects of us have lessons to learn & also to release karma which the dark have helped us  create to keep us in the cycle of incarnation with karma. 

Once lifted into the higher dimensions Karma will not carry on To see more on Karma see YouTube video ‘Part 2 Soul Evolution of an Angelic Light Warrior’ at 17minutes in.

Those souls who have awakened are on the path to fully ascend in this life, having gone through a very long soul evolution process. Some elders & starseed children have come here with little  karma or no Karma simply to be the light warriors that they are and hold the light in this now time, this is what our souls, all the aspects of us have been training for the ascension of the human collective and Gaia 

AURA  ( the clean up team) 

 These are the end days & modalities such as AURA works with the angelic realm to remove these from humans. Many people can remove themselves but only once you believe & ask your higher self to remove will these be gone. Ive only had 1 client so far that’s had no inorganic technology or entities within them. 

My higher self aids me in finding these negative techs, entities & portals within the body, which either I remove with RAAH Reiki or we connect via AURA hypnosis and remove via the client. See videos above. 

I class these modalities as the clean up team, removing the remaining darkness within. Once these have been removed you will be a clear vessel, however there’s layers to much of the work we do & you will continue then on your healing and awakening journey. 

The Starseed Children

The Starseed children play a huge whole in this see my blog in the Starseed Children Section for a brief explanation of the star seeds. 

These star seeds are in training & while holding their huge lights they also are pulling in many light codes ready for when the clean up operation comes closer to the end. They are the ones who will bring forth the divines plan for the future of humanity & moving into the merging of New Earth. 

These Starseeds are being upgraded & prepared during sleep time for their mission. 

New Earth  

The city of lights are being created by the ancient builders that have incarnated in this now time. They are the Elohim.They work in the subconscious, sleep time & also the physical to create these cities of light. 

There are also many other light warriors working on new Earth See my YouTube videos ‘A journey from Ancient Egypt to the city of Light on New Earth’ & ‘Plant kingdom Merges with New Earth & we speak to the Platform protecting the spinning of New Earth’ You may be one of these who as a higher aspect of you is working just like these people on New Earth. This is a collective light team effort, you just need to awaken remember, you are the light, you are a spark of source light. Remember your souls mission for ascension. 


How to lift your vibration & why should you awaken

You have heard the saying keep your vibration high, our vibrations are bringing The ALL back online fully. We are the conductors helping Mother Gaia to awaken & rise once more allowing for the gateways of ascension to unlock. 

You are a pillar of light, you are helping by simply being on the planet, however the higher you vibrate and pull more light within the bigger your light. 

Heres a few ways to lift your vibration -

  • Laugh, sing, spend time around love ones & friends, feel Joy 
  • Be mindful of what you eat, certain food & drink lower your frequency such as  meat, dairy, 
  • processed foods. Some lower your vibration when you come off the high such as after 
  • consuming alcohol, drugs, caffeine & sugar. 
  • Meditate & go within to receive answers on what requires work on to fully love yourself & others equally.
  • Become a clear vessel energetically by removing programming, addictions, past or current life trauma, AI tech or entities.
  • Love & be Loved as this is the highest vibration of all  


What are the Divine doing to assist us 

You may not feel like there’s any help coming our way at this current time, however there are many light warriors the 144,000 which has been given a soul mission to help remove the last remaining darkness within & help to the light, bring the cosmic gateway system back online, remove old stagnant black magic remaining & lift Gaia back up, help whistleblowers speaking out regarding the controllers current plan, showing humanity the truth, be the pillars of light, create the new city of lights & roll out the divine plan for the future. We are the divine source it’s all within us. 


The teams in the higher realms our star families, angelic team, magical realms are all assisting with guiding us to awaken humanity. Check out the Schumann Resonance this shows when energy is coming in like a wave from the Central Sun.You can always call on your higher self &the benevolent Archangels and light beings to ask for help with self healing 


Source is the creator, the Divine Mother was the first spark of creation & she created the Divine Father to create the balance. The divine Mother & Father in duality are the Source Creators. Everything is done with balance the Masculine & Feminine energy in Unity. We are sources creation & experiment. The main lesson above all else is Love yourself & Love others equality & unconditionally, once you have found this balance you will vibrate the highest vibration possible. 

Conclusion of The ALL

The ALL is the intricate detail of Source itself. 

The ALL is our expanded consciousness 

The ALL is the ebb & flow (the coming & going) of the divine plan of the multiverse 

The ALL is the details, the knowledge, the how the light works in unison to create the divine plan 

The ALL is the energetic network of all the above which i’ve explained in Unity. 






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