A.U.R.A Hypnosis Sessions

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (AURA) is a Quantum hypnosis/past life regression modality.

Interested in learning about your past/parallel life’s? Connecting to your higher self for a deeper understanding of self? Removing negative energy from within the body? 
If so AURA Hypnosis is the bridge to enable you to follow your heart & go on this transformative journey 

You first travel in the Quantum to Past/current/future or parallel Lives. We then go to a deep body scan 

List of Things that at times can be self-healed through Body Scan:

Transmute negative cords



Vision, Dental health & Age regression up to 10 years(skin cell renewal)

Remove negative Artificial technologies

Remove negative energy blockages through the ancestor line
Entity removal
Close holes/tears in the auric field
Send healing Love light to the body to aid the higher self heal past or current life trauma, which resides within. 
Cleanse & rebalance of all 13 Chakras 

    Removal of Soul contracts 

    DNA reprogramming & false fractal removal

    Soul fractals pieces returned from past/parallel lives

      Expanding spiritual gifts  the third eye & heart chakra is also possible.

       Removal of the Covid 19  Vaccine energy infringement  


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