R.A.A.H Reiki Session

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing (R.A.A.H) is a sister to A.U.R.A with the exception of hypnosis.

This Reiki Healing uses sacred alchemy symbols to connect to your higher self. The energy work transmutes, cleanses, and balances energies within your mind, body & soul.
You are your own creator being, we are  the bridge to aid you in deeper healing with the help of the Universal energies.
Within the energy work, we can:-


Transmute negative cords
Remove negative Artificial technologies
Remove negative energy blockages through the ancestor line
Entity removal
Close holes/tears in the auric field
Send healing Love light to the body to aid the higher self heal past or current life trauma, which resides within. 
Cleanse & rebalance of all 13 Chakras 
    Removal of Soul contracts 

      Expanding spiritual gifts is also possible.
      Start the process of the Covid  19 Vaccine  energy infringement removal 


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