Andromedan Starseed

Andromedan Starseed 

As a strong individual, you are a freedom fighter who seeks the truth and isn't afraid to break away from the "norm". Your heart-centered nature is ready to help the collective.

Andromeda is a spiral shaped galaxy within the northern sky.

The Andromedans share a special connection with feline Lyran beings and have a love for fur. Some of them have even formed unions, leading to many Andromedans having feline-like eyes. In appearance, they tend to be tall, some humanoid as above and some with larger heads and elongated faces. 

Starseed Attributies 

Their strong will, warrior spirit, and gentle heart make them natural seekers of truth. With their cleverness, critical thinking skills, and knack for trivia, they excel at storing knowledge. And as the Andromedans are known as keepers of knowledge, their expertise is unmatched.

As healers, their path to knowledge is through experience. This often involves difficult life experiences, but it ultimately leads to becoming a more empathetic and compassionate healer.

They are here to assist with the ascension of Gaia, the collective and the multiverse. 

Many were seeded during the 50’s ready for the 60’s freedom movement, their energetic blueprint connecting to Gaia and the collective within activation light codes.

As you listen, the frequency in your ears may shift, potentially indicating Angelic support or Andromedan starseed with light codes arriving through clairaudience.

They are very connected to the heart & communication (Blue  throat and Pink heart) 

When an Andromedan starseed is fully aligned and balanced, it allows for a strong connection and integration with the higher self. As a great communicator working from the heart, this aids in unleashing the freedom fighter within you.

If an andromedan starseed is still discovering their divine mission, they may feel wounded from searching for answers within themselves and others. To reconnect with themselves, they can use the blue topaz and start by practicing communication

All starseeds have energetic crystals within them, Andromedan's can have these topaz crystals, this connects them to their aspect in Andromeda and also the star systems heart. You can also purchase the physical topaz to assist. 

Crystals connected -

Crystals - Topaz Crystals - blue & pink. Also any pink crystals such as Rose Quartz, Pink tourmaline, pink Topaz, kunzite 

You may find that you embody qualities of these galactic beings, indicating multiple aspects. Begin connecting with those aspects that resonate with you.

Channeled by Clare - Circle of Light healer as part of the Starseed revelations workshop they offer at Tranquil Waters Retreat, Nottinghamshire. UK. 

Clare & Jeffrey offer Quantum Galactic Akashic Readings online via zoom or in person if you would like to know more about other aspects of yourself.